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Feature: George Barnett (05/11/13)

George Barnett

George is a 19 year old musician and singer-songwriter from Herefordshire, UK. He started making music when he was very young and hasn't stopped since! He's already self-released two EPs and one full-length album called 17 days. George has been voted UK National Drummer of the Year and has taken part in the BBC Live in Hyde Park Festival. He has just finished touring with Frank Hamilton and has an increasing group of supporters.

General Questions... 

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how? 
I was around 3 years old. My mum ran a nursery school and there was always a lot of music there and I really liked it. One day a lady called Jenny came to play piano for us and it really stuck with me. That was the start. A little while after that we went to a wedding and I watched the band play and from then on all I wanted to do was drum.

2. What was the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you went to? 
I recently went to see Bruno Mars in Birmingham. It was one of the best gigs I've seen because of the showmanship and because his whole band were into it.

3. What have you been listening to lately? 
I've been listening to Lorde and London Grammar and I've been listening to Outkast a lot too - I love Andre 3000 - I like how free he is and how gritty and unfinished and unpolished it is.

3 Questions for George...

1. You play a wide range of instruments, but which is your favourite and why?
Drums - because that's what I'm best at and they're the start of everything.

2. What music video (of yours) have you enjoyed creating and shooting the most and why?
Bewitched was my favourite one because it was the most fun to shoot and edit. We had to plan a lot of it beforehand. Most of the planning was done before the editing stage and usually it's the other way around. Usually I shoot and then edit aroudn the track but this time I had to have all the edits in mind before we shot.

3. What was your inspiration for 'Animal Keeper' and what songwriting process did you go through? 
The songwriting process started with drums - with an electronic beat, then the riffs came on the synth. Then I had a loop that I wrote over. In terms of the inspiration - I was trying to think of an interesting way of saying something but still with a clear message. It couldn't be oversimplified as that would have sounded silly but it still had to be punchy and to the point.

Random Q from a Reader...

You have so much energy on stage - how do you chill out and calm down after a show? (from Francesca) 
It does take ages to calm down after a gig. I never calm down straight away. But a van drive does make you go to sleep! If we went straight to a hotel with comfortable beds straight after a gig we'd be awake all night but if we go in the van we all fall asleep which is odd because the van isn't comfortable to sleep in...

Reviews of 'Animal Keeper' by George Barnett

1. Francesca: 5/5 - love it, love it, love it!

2. Philippa: 5/5 - that's a pretty catchy tune!

3. Haytham: 5/5 - a great video and especially like the stripey jumper!

4. Lailana: 99.99/5 - this guy is CRAZY!

5. Tracy: 5/5 - having seen this guy live too his energy is amazing! keep being drawn to listening to!...

Animal Keeper EP Review:

The Animal Keeper EP has a unique mix of instruments, beats and tempos that all compliment George's vocals. His lyrics are honest and clever, making it impossible to stop yourself from singing along. It's a foot-tapping EP that makes you want to get up and do stuff. A nice twist on the EP is the 'Animal Keeper Remix (Is This How I Want To Live?) more of an instrumental version with minimal vocals built into the track. This EP is reminiscent of some of Depeche Mode's songs and a mix of Freddie Mercury and Justin Timberlake's vocals.'Animal Keeper EP' is a great showcase of George's skilled and mixed musicality. Definitely worth getting! I've had it on repeat since it was released!
George's Links:
Twitter: @geobarnett

Check It Out! 

Chart: Move - Little Mix

'Move' was released on 3rd November 2013, and is already sitting in the Top 10 in teh UK Singles Chart. The first single from their upcoming second album 'Salute', 'Move' is slightly different to their previous music but it's still true to Little Mix and it's still worthy of #1 in the charts! 

Live Performance: Children of the Sun - Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah recently performed at Radio 1 Teen Awards, with lots of energy and proving that his time off working on new tracks was definitely a good thing! 'Children of the Sun' is the second single from his second studio album 'Demonstration' which was released 1st November 2013. 

Cover: We Can't Stop - Bastille

Bastille are very well known for making songs their own and their mash ups, this is a perfect showcase of this! Covering Miley Cyrus' controversial 'We Can't Stop' whilst adding many other sections of songs in... Starting the song with a familiar sound of 'Lose Yourself', a riff at 1.19 from Lion King and 'Achey Breaky Heart, maybe this cover is a song for Miley, with many meanings, it's up to you to get your own interpretation! 

YouTube: This Kiss - Alex Day & Carrie Hope Fletcher

Both Alex Day and Carrie Hope Flecther are well known YouTubers. Alex Day for his geekyness and links to Doctor Who through his trock (Time Lord Rock) band Chameleon Circuit and Carrie Hope Fletcher for being sister to Tom Fletcher (McFly) and her links to the West End, specifically Les Mis at the moment. In this song they show they can both sing and I recommend checking out some of their other songs they've done because they're not just random songs with random music, there are very imaginative songs and Alex's especially have great music videos to go with them!

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