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What I'm Listening To... (26/11/13)

A new series of blogs... What I'm listening to, is a playlist and blog featuring ten songs I've been loving and listening to recently, I'll probably do a blog entry for this series every couple of months...Enjoy!

Dilute - Wolf Choir

I have had this song on repeat since it was released for download. It's a popular choice amongst my friends and family at the minute too, which is always a good sign. The song has so many layers and is probably my favourite off their debut EP, 'Mountains and Other Nice Things'. However, Bichon Frise is also a song that stands out. If you haven't heard these guys yet, please check them out and I really recommend downloading their EP (for a name-your-own-price) if this is their debut EP after only a few months of being a group, I'm really excited about their future.
(I've attached a bedroom session they did, but the recorded version is on the YouTube playlist). 

Bleeding Love (cover) - The Woman's Hour

I discovered this after one of their other songs was shared on Facebook. I personally, really don't like the original but this cover is a much better version. It's chilled and the simplicity really adds to that, as well as the flawless harmonising vocals. If you like Daughter or Vintage Moon, you'd probably like The Woman's Hour!

Young Blood - Saint Raymond

Every time I've been on the computer to do work/logged into Youtube, I've headed to this song first. This track has been listed as Zane Lowe's Hottest Record and is released as the title track from Young Blood EP out on 5th Jan 2014. If you like HAIM and Lewis Watson, I'm pretty sure you'd like this song! His EP 'Escapade' has also been on repeat on my ipod for the past few months. (skip video to 0.22)

Flaws and Ceilings - Frank Hamilton & Lauren Aquilina

Two amazing artists came together and created a song that I always go back to! Their voices compliment each other so well and again it's another chilled song, and one that I can never stop myself singing along to. 

Know About Me - Ryan Keen

When I came back from Kenya, 'Room For Light' was the first CD I listened to the whole way through (I still like to listen to music the old-fashioned way quite often). I really enjoyed the whole album, however this song has stood out as my favourite every time I've listened to it, if you like singer/songwriters, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, Frank Hamilton and good music, this album is the one for you! It's so chilled and a good one to listen to in any mood. 

Animal Keeper - George Barnett

I love most of George's tracks, but this one stands out the most. It's a head-nodding and foot-tapping tune. His new EP that came out just over a week ago is pretty insane too, that's been on repeat. Although, I specifically like the remix of this song on it, more of an instrumental version to start with. I also caught up with him for a feature recently, if you want to find out more about him and his music: http://musicintimeblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/feature-george-barnett-051113.html 

Say My Name/Cry Me A River - The Neighbourhood

I came across this group a few days ago and loved them, typical me went and found a cover that they'd done... Yet another chilled track but another one that's been on repeat every time I log onto Youtube. 

Your Love Hurts - Billy Lockett

Another artist I came across supporting another artist. I have all his EPs and all of them are played over and over again. This is his new title track from his new EP and it's another good one! His voice is one that can be listened to all day and his songs are like that too.

Somewhere Only We Know (cover) - Lily Allen

I usually enjoy the John Lewis Christmas adverts, but this one has beaten all the others for me. Power of Love last year covered by Gabrielle Aplin was top of my list until I heard this. It's breaking me into the christmas spirit slowly... I really loved the original but I think this cover from Lily really beats it. As a big Lily Allen fan, it's nice to hear something new from her too! 


I've really enjoyed listening to this band recently. Another band with their music in Zane Lowe's Hottest Record Top 100... These guys are good for listening to whilst getting things done, their beats and electronic twist on music gets you on your feet. 

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