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Feature: Evan - Music In Time Creator (30/05/14)

Evan, 17, is an aspiring music manager/PR from Surrey, England. In the beginning of 2013, she created 'One Day At A Time Evan', a personal blog in which she would post a photo every day for a year. Her love of music has lead her to set up 'Music In Time', a blog made to introduce talented, up and coming musicians. A year later, a life changing voluntary trip to Kenya, countless gigs, reviews and over 5,500 page views later, Evan is still discovering new unsigned and signed upcoming artists and sharing their talent with the world. In the near future, she hopes to be involved solidly 'behind-the-scenes' in the music industry. 

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I honestly don't know, I grew up listening to music and reading books over watching TV and my Mum can play a heap of instruments. My family always surrounded me with different genres from varying eras of music, which has really allowed my ears to enjoy pretty much anything! 
At infant school, I know I played an instrument called an ocarina, and then went onto play recorder, then at junior school I sang a fair bit (had to stop due to tonsils being annoying!) I then picked up drums and throughout secondary school I taught myself how to play certain instruments; piano, guitar, ukulele. I've always been one to appreciate others playing music over making it myself, I admire people who have a natural skill or put the time and commitment into learning, something I've never been able to fully do myself!

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
It's really hard to pick out one gig/concert I've been to that I've found inspirational, I guess seeing Jessie J in 2011 was pretty inspirational, she can really sing live and her mini speeches in between really spoke to me at that time. But then I've found recently upcoming artists inspiring purely because over the last few years I've been watching them grow and the venues I've been seeing them at have also grown. Lauren Aquilina and her support Benedict was a particularly inspiring gig. Although, Lewis Watson at St. Mary's Church probably wins, still can't get over how amazing it was! 

3. What have you been listening to lately?
Loads of different stuff. I guess in the past month Lewis Watson, Kimberly Anne, Coldplay's new album, Bon Iver, a bit of Sam Smith, We Are The In Crowd I've had A Day To Remember's cover of Since You've Been Gone on repeat as well. Then in the past week Jamie Cullum's 'The Pursuit' has been on repeat in my car. 

Questions for Evan:

1. What inspired you to start Music In Time Blog?
I can't remember what sparked the initial idea of a music blog, but last year I started blogging and I really enjoyed it, I used to put a few songs a week in each blog and I guess that sparked something. Apart from that I have a genuine deep interest in music and I guess it was an opportunity to do something I really enjoyed, on a regular basis. 

2. Which type of blog do you prefer creating and why?
That's a really hard one, I really enjoy creating all the content I upload, although the Rewind blogs take an incredibly long time to research and piece together, so definitely not those! I really like the features because it gives me a chance to share music I really believe in and the general process is quite fun, coming up with questions, editing an intro etc. Spotlights are another good one, for similar reasons to the features, but I tend to listen to a single or a whole EP/album intensely to review it. I also enjoy the process of reviews (purely because it usually means going to a gig/concert and who doesn't love live music?) and choosing 10 tracks for my What I'm Listening To blogs is a fun process as well, but I guess features are my favourite overall because I can put all the elements of each type into one! 

3. How do you discover artists/bands to feature?
Lots of time on the internet and researching magazines/gig flyers. Generally just searching far and wide on Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/Spotify, keeping your eyes and ears open to most conversations/places etc. Recently, I've started getting emails asking for feedback on music and quite often I'll really enjoy the music and believe in it and ask if I can feature them. 

4. When you have more than one artist/band to feature, is it difficult to decide which one to post first?
Sometimes, yes. It can be a really difficult choice, but on the other hand I tend to work by deadlines (surprisingly compared to college work!) If I am faced with 2/3 artists at the same time I will look at if they are touring or releasing new music, if they are, it is a lot easier, because I can schedule them in with when is best for pre-release/tour promotion for them! If not, I generally either ask one of my friends and they help me out with a decision or post who came to me first. 

5. How do you choose the songs for the Check It Out section?
My ears choose I guess. In a weird way I tend to choose what I enjoy out of what options there are. I research the charts and usually choose a top 10 track from one of the charts. Live performances I will pick from TV/Youtube/gigs that I've been to or heard about, these can be really hard especially between Christmas and Festival season as there aren't as many live things happening. Covers are usually through Radio 1 Live Lounge/Youtube, I try to choose ones which are unique to the original, it just makes sure it's a little bit different, which was my original aim. Youtube is becoming harder because I find myself crossing over between the Cover section and Youtube, but I tend to pick an artist/band that is popular/unheard of, two polar opposites but I find it's the best way! Classic section is taken from that list everyone has of 'Top Tunes' either from when they were younger, karaoke nights, leaving school etc. They tend to be tracks that were chart hits and generally well known all over. 

6. Do you ever have a true 'day-off'? 
Haha. I think it's fair to say I don't! I can never switch off, I'm always listening out for music and thinking 'they'd be good to feature'. Every day I read/send emails about MIT (Music In Time), write lists of what I need to do, rack my brains for inspiration for questions for upcoming features, I have 2 notepads full to the brim with notes and lists of artists from Youtube/Spotify/Radio etc. The only time I felt I had true 'time-off' was in Kenya, but even then it was probably barely a day as I was piecing together the blogs for the week I came back! 

7. What are Music In Time's aims for 2014? 
I think I'm aiming to broaden Music In Time's genres covered. I personally enjoy all kinds of music and I think I got too scared at one point to venture past what I knew people were enjoying, basically I think I forgot the key to Music In Time which was to share good music and obviously there isn't just one genre to the world of music, so expect to see more variety! It would be really nice to reach more people in general this year, MIT has been going for coming up to a year and it has grown in so many ways, it would be great to get a few more likes and follows on social media, but ideally I'd just like more people to hear more good music! (Merch is a project for this summer, hopefully to be available by the end of 2014 too!)

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Thank you to Lailana for writing the introduction and Tracy for the questions! :)

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