Friday, 27 June 2014

A Year Of Music In Time Blog... (GIVEAWAY)


Wednesday saw Music In Time Blog's first birthday, it was a year since the first feature (proper blog) went live. In this year, Music In Time has gained over 6,600 views, 150 likes on Facebook and over 120 followers on twitter.

I've decided to run a giveaway competition, which includes:

Signed 'Heal' EP - Joe Lewis-Brown
Signed 'Some Songs With Some Friends' EP & poster - Lewis Watson
Signed 'Solace' EP - April Keen
First item of Music In Time Merch - a notebook
Meadowlark Wristband
The Storm Wristband - Harry Seaton
All you have to do, is go to our Facebook page and LIKE & SHARE the status with a photo of all these items. If you're not on Facebook then RT & FAVOURITE the tweet with the photo! (Links below)

These giveaway items will be split into two or three bundles (dependant on how many people take part...)

Thank you very much and get sharing (especially if you have friends/family that would be interested in this giveaway/the blog!)

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