Tuesday, 4 November 2014

What I'm Listening To... (04/11/14)

I've decided to put in some extra songs into this blog... Usually, I'd stick to 10, but after a month and a bit of not blogging and listening to lots of music, I couldn't cut it down to the usual amount and I felt you'd like all of them! Another big mix across these tracks, but they've all got one thing in common, they're stuck in my head. These songs have been used to fall asleep, wake me up and get work done, so without further a do!

1. Try Happiness - Daniel Gidlund

I came across this track on Spotify as a suggested song (I think?!), I have since fallen in love with it and now it's on repeat on my playlists. It's got a brilliant backing, clean vocals and catchy beat and lyrics. Annoyingly, it's not on YouTube, so I'll link it on Spotify instead, but it's definitely worth getting! 
2. I Found - Amber Run ft. London Contemporary Voices

I recently saw Amber Run supporting Lewis Watson in London, and wasn't disappointed by their set! They have a great overall sound and in particular this version of this song, it out of this world. Be prepared for the harmonies! 
3. Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons

One of my all time favourite songs, this has been performed a lot recently by artists/bands at my work, all in different styles and it's great to be able to sing along. I'm not sure what it is about this track, but it really is my go-to when I'm not feeling great. 
4. Ocean - Andreas Moe

I saw this guy supporting Lewis Watson as well, and again, he didn't disappoint. I also saw him support Gabrielle Aplin a couple of years ago, and loved his music back then - it's only getting better! He's recently released a new EP, 'Ocean' is the title track form it and it's been stuck in my head since I first heard it. 
5. Holdin' On - Flume

I'd been suggested Flume before, but NME gave away a CD with one of their magazines the other week and this was the first track on it - absolutely brilliant! I'm now a big fan of Flume and his work and can't stop listening! 
6. Five Tattoos - Ella Henderson

I went and bought Ella's debut album 'Chapter One' the other day, and have had it on repeat! This song stands out from the rest but is probably listened to less than others, other songs to have a listen to are 'Empire', 'Missed' and '1996'.

7. Sedated - Hozier

Another debut album I bought the other day, I even got it on it's release date. I fell in love with Hozier's track 'Take Me To Chuch' and love his overall sound, it's definitely a vibe needed in the charts right now. The whole album is great, but this song always get me singing along in my car and enjoying it high volume. 
8. You Don't Really Know Me - Jessie J

The other album I bought the other day... I've also been a 'fan' of Jessie J, I'll be honest her second album disappointed me a bitand I felt she was trying to please people with some of the tracks she put on there. Still, 'Sweet Talker', is right back on track and resonates with the pop tracks and slower, more honest tracks that you'd have found on 'Who You Are'. Another car CD. 
9. Carry Me - Wayward Daughter

I may be a little obsessed with this song and I'm really loving their recently released EP - definitely worth getting in. I think the lyrics are really powerful and the vocals and guitar work so well together. Keep your ears and eyes out for this duo, Lydia & Becky. 
10. A Thousand Years - Tom Rosenthal

Nothing beats some piano, wondrous vocals and a stunningly simple music video, this is on one of my (many) sleep playlists and is one of my favourite tracks for chilling out to. 
11. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance

A really chilled vibe in this track, really got into Milky Chance's music recently and this is one of my favourite tracks by him. Big thanks to Ben Brown for the nod on this one, finally got round to listening to it and haven't stopped since! 
12. Be A Nobody - SOAK

SOAK has been mentioned on this blog before, and that won't stop anytime soon. I really enjoy Bridie's sound and this video compliments the song so well, I also can't get this track out of my head, which even though irritating is the sign of a very very good song (the music video is also rather brilliant!)

13. Closer - Rae Morris

Rae's vocals are featured on some of my favourite songs, e.g. 'Up Again' and 'Luna' but I had never really listened to Rae frequently until a couple of months ago, but she had released a fair amount of new material recently and I've loved all of it. 'Closer' is from her most recent release 'Closer EP', on a side not - 'Cold' ft. Fryars is also a really good track! She also announced her debut album today! :D
14. Youth - Daughter

Another one that is mentioned on this blog a fair amount, Daughter is my go to, usually in a playlist with Bon Iver. This song features on my sleep and chill out playlists and was also played on an episode of 'Our Girl', the BBC series (and was probably one of the best placed songs on TV in a long time!)
15. War Rages On - Alex Clare

Thanks to 'Our Girl' (can you guess that I really liked the series?!) this song has now graced my ears. This was the theme song and again, has been in my head for the past few weeks. Very catchy, fast and good for the car, exercising or just listening to.

Thanks for reading and sorry for leaving it so long since the last one - I needed a bit of time out - just a pre-warning I may not be regular at uploading still, however I will try my hardest! Make sure you follow Music In Time on Facebook/Twitter to see when the next blog is uploaded! :) 

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