Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What I'm Listening To... (24/03/15)

As usual, I've been listening to a big mix of music, the better weather has brought about those 'summer tunes' being played in my car as well as chilled evening tracks for sunsets. I've been revisiting songs that I used to listen to a lot a few years ago, so there's a few of those in here too. There's a pretty big huge variety of genres in this selection of songs, and I think it's one of my favourites mixes, so without further ado, here's 10 songs I've been listening to lately!

1. End Credits - Chase and Status ft. Plan B
I think this track has got be in the list of my all time favourite songs and my car has shared many loud singalong moments in the past couple of weeks. 'No More Idols' is up there with my favourite albums and has so many great songs on it, 'Blind Faith ft. Devlin' and 'Fire In Your Eyes ft. Maverick Sabre' are obvious ones to mention as well as 'Time ft. Delilah'. (warning: a few swear words in the music video and violence).

2. Colour - Bright City
Bright City are a collective of song-writers, musicians and producers based at St. Peter's in Brighton. They've just released a self-titled debut album and I've had it on repeat since it came out, it's a great mix of genres to create one overall creative burst of music about faith and hope. Even if you're not religious, I'm pretty sure, the music will keep you hooked. My favourites are 'Colour', 'Broken' and 'I Will Rest'. 

3. Holes In The Sky - M83 & HAIM
I dislike the Divergent series, however, the soundtrack seems to be pretty good. I've always been a follower of M83's music, from his hit 'Midnight City', or 'We Own The Sky' to more emotionally charged tracks like 'Wait'. This song in particular is incredibly cinematic, the M83 trademark soundscape with HAIM added in just makes it ridiculously good. 

4. The Funeral - Nina Nesbitt
I really like the original of this song by Band of Horses (and it's got an atmosphere to it live too), but pre-2013, acoustic Nina Nesbitt, puts a really nice haunting spin on that track and this is another one I've had on repeat recently, ahhh the piano, vocals and drum beat. I've also been playing 'Jessica' a fair bit, which is part of my chill playlist. 

5. This Town - The Skints ft. Tippa Irie & Horseman
As soon as the sun comes out, it's time to get the reggae and ska music out, even if it's still cold - we are in England after all! The Skints are a go-to, I loved their previous album 'Past & Parcel' and they've lived up to high expectations with their latest album, 'FM', I've had it on repeat since it's release. 

6. Just Once - Shura
I'm a huge fan of Shura, I really love all of the tracks she's released and her sound is pretty unique, which is always a plus! I've had 'Touch' and 'Just Once' on repeat and stuck in my head for the majority of the past month (and every now and then before that too). There's a really chilled vibe to it, like perfect for driving with a beaut sunset out the window, it's got that Bon Iver vibe crossed over with HAIM or Jagaara. (Her new track '2Shy' is also incredibly good). 

7. In Too Deep - Sum 41
I'm throwing it back again here to my childhood. I was (and still am) really into pop/punk music. Blink-182, Sum 41, Busted, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, you get the idea! I've been listening to their 'All Killer, No Filler' album with all the classics, as well as 'Pieces' and 'With Me'. 

8. As Life Found You - Tim Neuhaus
Unfortunately, I don't know a lot about this artist, I know that he's a German singer/songwriter and that he makes really good music, but I'm yet to translate anything else. This song features on all my chill and sleep playlists and was introduced to me by a friend a couple of years ago. I revisited this song recently and fell back in love with it, so that's why it's here. 

9. The Vendetta - Myth City
Myth City have created a genre of their own, it's alternative with influences of rock, rap, scream etc. etc. Their self-titled debut EP is really great and it's another one that I've had on repeat since its release. I think my favourites are 'Essay', 'Ingredients of Fatiuge' and 'The Vendetta'. 

10. Bite Down - Bastille VS. HAIM
I think people have missed out on this mixtape, Bastille have gone down in people's ratings purely because overplay on radio has forced their songs to become irritating. However, this album, is just as good as any of their previous releases. The third installation of 'Other People's Heartache' mix tapes lives up to expectations of the others, with a good mix of artists featured on it and brilliant songs. This song in particular has been shouted along to many times in the past few weeks. 

11. Checking It Out - Lil' Chris
I also feel it's fitting to finish this list off with a song from Lil' Chris, who was found dead today. He was only 24 and he had such a great talent for what he did, plus he was another one of those people I loved watching on TV when I was younger, just because he seemed to have such a lovely personality as well as a brilliant talent. So here's 'Checking It Out', which was a top ten hit, nearly 10 years ago. 

What have you been listening to lately?

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