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A Music Tag w/ Evan (24/06/15)

As it's Music In Time Blog's second birthday tomorrow, I decided the 'special blog post' this year would be a music tag, some might find it interesting, others might find new songs to listen to and some others might skip this one and wait for the giveaway post tomorrow, or the rewind blog on Friday, or head back Monday for a feature, whichever you choose, that's cool! It's not a specific music tag it's a mixture of Zoe London and Lily Melrose's 'Soundtrack To My Life', Random-paradise's '20 Qs about music' and a couple of others thrown in, both of the tags I will link down the bottom. 

1. Favourite band/artist at the moment?
That’s a hard one. Quite often I’ll have one CD that I’ll have in my car and that’ll be it, but I’ve kept having my iPod on shuffle, I’m on a bit of a Florence & The Machine hype again (mainly her Lungs album). I’ve been playing a lot of Shura recently as well, her slightly earlier songs like ‘Just Once’ and ‘Touch’ are two I’m really enjoying listening to at the minute.

2. Song you listen to when working?
I don’t have one particular song or artist or even genre, but I guess when I was doing revision I veered towards Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Lykke Li and Sleeping At Last; a lot of dream pop.

3. Favourite songs of all time?
There’s so many! I think over the years I’ve gained a few that I don’t go a day without listening to though. ‘Lose Yourself - Eminem,Little Lion Man- Mumford & Sons, Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap, Kings & Queens- Thirty Seconds To Mars,  Kites - Amber Run, End Credits- Chase & Status, ‘Wait - M83, ‘Closer- Kings Of Leon and ‘Keep- The White Raven are on that list.

4. Musician/band you wish was still around/together?
That’s a hard one, as luckily a lot of artists or bands either ended with a fair amount of music to get me through the years or are still together/around. BUT My Chemical Romance reuniting and releasing new music wouldn’t go a miss and of course one of my all time favourite artists Amy Winehouse.

5. Name five or more flawless albums…
I couldn’t narrow it down to five, there are so many albums I can sit and listen to all the way through and enjoy every single track. Back To Blackby Amy Winehouse is definitely up there, along with ‘Demon DaysGorillaz, Last Night On EarthNoah and the Whale, LegendBob Marley, ‘1000 Forms of Fear’ – Sia, ‘The Morning’ – Lewis Watson, ‘You Really Got Me’ – The Kinks, The Trick To LifeThe Hoosiers, 'From Eden' - Hozier, ‘UnguardedRae Morris, ‘5AM’ – Amber Run, ‘Only By The Night by Kings of Leon aaand Violator’ – Depeche Mode.

6. A band/artist you’ve never seen live but want to?
Again, there’s too many, Florence and the Machine because I’m sure she’d be phenomenal live, Korn because they’re Korn, Ellie Goulding and Bastille for the music and performances, so full of energy and I guess Avril Lavigne for foetus Evan.

7. Song with the most memories attached to it?
I don’t really have songs that I attach memories to and even if there are any, they don’t really have more than one memory attached. I guess ‘One More Angel In Heaven’ and ‘Any Dream Will Do’ from Joseph, reminds me of being little, when I’d perform the whole soundtrack in my grandparent’s sitting room. ‘We Are Young’ - fun. was my secondary school leavers song, but again that was only played twice and I just associate leavers with that song. ‘All I Want’ - Kodaline, has got a couple of memories attached via our uke club at sixth form and the fact that for half a year, every time I saw one of my friends (which was nearly every day) she’d sing it; I grew to hate the song. Also, my friends and I went on a trip, which meant eight hours in a car, we were stuck in traffic on the way home or something, the car was quiet, Little Talks - Of Monsters & Men came on and everyone shouted ‘HEY!’ in unison and that has now become a thing we do.

8. Favourite musical?
That’s changed as I’ve got older. When I was younger it was easily Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, I knew all the words and my Mum would sing me ‘Any Dream Will Do’ to get me to go to sleep. Then there’s Cats. I’d have a film night at my grandparent’s every now and then and I’d get to go to the video shop and choose one to hire, I went through a phase of always choosing Cats, another one I learnt all the words to. Now, it’s got to be Wicked. The soundtrack and technical production is incredible, plus you can’t beat anything linked to Wizard of Oz.

9. Songs you listen to when you’re sad?
I’m one of those people that will usually listen to sad songs when I’m sad, to embrace the sadness haha. Halo by Lewis Watson, ‘Jessica by Nina Nesbitt, ‘Youthby Daughter, ‘Numb’ by SOAK, ‘We Don’t Eat’ by James Vincent McMorrow, ‘Liloby Lauren Aquilina, ‘5AMby Amber Run and Up Again by Rae Morris are on my feeling sad playlist. If I do want to be picked up, Keep Your Head Upby Ben Howard is perfect.

10. First concert you ever attended?
I can’t remember for definite what my first concert was, but I do know it was either Van Morrison at Bournemouth Pavillion or Gary Numan at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Contrast of music I know, but I vaguely remember both being really good, so not a bad start to my live music experiences.

11. Top five most played songs on your iPod?
(I found these surprising, but I guess they have been taken from the past five or so years).
1. SaeglopurSigur Ros
2. Who You AreJessie J
3. RoslynBon Iver & St. Vincent
4. Made Up Love Song #43Lewis Watson
5. Sweet Disposition The Temper Trap

12. Favourite TV/Movie soundtrack?
Hard to pick one, but easy to name two for each. Murray Gold is an absolute genius and has created the perfect soundtrack for Doctor Who and even though I don’t watch it, bands and artists I listen to a lot are always being played on Vampire Diaries, so I guess that’s a natural favourite. Movie soundtracks are easy. Submarine and Where The Wild Things Are.

13. Favourite song lyrics?
Again, there’s so many! I think it would have to be the first verse of ‘Saturn’ by Sleeping At Last, it’s the main meaning behind half of my tattoo and yeah it’s a comforting thought. ‘You taught me the courage of stars before you left, how light carries on even after death. With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite. How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.’Last Hope- Paramore also includes a favourite ‘it’s just a spark, but it’s enough to keep me going’. Whole songs lyrically that I love are ‘Drag Me Down’ - Lauren Aquilina, ‘Halo’ - Lewis Watson,Jessica’ - Nina Nesbitt,Carry Me’ Wayward Daughter and ‘Who You Are’ - Jessie J.

14. What’s your musical highlight?
Depends what you mean by musical highlight, I think one of my biggest has to be Isle of Wight Festival last year, I got to see and review so many of my favourite artists and bands as well as come across new ones. My gig highlight would have to be between Amber Run at Scala (because they were incredible live and Meadowlark supported) and Rae Morris at Wedgewood Rooms, another incredible gig. As for a Music In Time Blog highlight, I think in general being able to share upcoming musicians music and watch them grow has been great to see, but I guess, doing Q&As with artists like Lucy Spraggan, Stacey Solomon and Sleeping At Last have been pretty huge for me and being asked to review James Bay’s album, yeah it’s hard one to define just one moment for sure!

15. Song you’d have at your funeral?
That's a weird one and would depend on what vibe I was going for and I’d probably end up squeezing all three in somehow, ‘SaturnSleeping At Last, ‘One Last TimeFrank Hamilton and ‘End CreditsChase & Status or for comedic value to sum up my rapping skills ‘Lose Yourself’ – Eminem. I don’t know really. What a morbid one to finish the questions on!

Thanks for reading! 

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