Friday, 26 June 2015

Rewind #3 (26/06/15)

With this rewind, we take a quick look back at new releases/projects our previously featured/spotlighted musicians are working on. A lot are on tour or have a full summer ahead of them with festival sets and others are working on albums, like Kimberly Anne,  Lewis Watson and Meadowlark, as well as many others. 

Our second featured artist, Jamie Willetts, is still doing great and his online following is growing. He's uploaded loads of covers to his YouTube channel, and they're getting better and better, he's going in the right direction and I'm really excited for his future. Here's one of my favourite recent videos of his... 

April Keen has been busy with college, but has been finding time here and there to do live sets and post snippets of new songs with Myles over on her Facebook page (here) but for now, here's a live cover from a couple of months ago. 

Next to update you on his Maddy Storm, she's had a string of live dates in the past couple of months, and in April she shared this new track, Maddy's been recording new tracks recently and hopefully they'll be ready for our ears very soon... 

George Barnett, has been very busy in the past few months too. First of all he's now going by 'AKA George', he's also in the middle of a new project, releasing a new song on the first Friday of every month, it seems to be going really well and he's producing great music! There's a free download of his latest track 'Give Your Heart A Gun' here

Another musician working on a new project is Joe Lewis-Brown, who is now part of 'south coast metal' band Nebraska. It's a contrast to his solo music, but it's still bloody brilliant! Get ready to listen to this, it's loud, angry and fantastic! This is their latest track 'Anxsomnia' taken from their forthcoming EP...

Imaginary Future has released a brand new album 'Sunlight' recently. It's wonderful all the way through and features vocals perfectly layered with his own from Kina Grannis. Here's a music video for the track 'Forever On Your Side', catchy and perfect for summer. Enjoy! 

Indie pop band, Lake Malawi, released their debut EP in May, and it's great! It's indie pop at it's best, can't wait to hear even more from these guys! This is the music video for their track 'Aubrey', and if you wanna check out the EP you can download 'We Are Making Love Again' here.

One of our favourite bands, Meadowlark, have gone from trio to duo since we did our spotlight blog on them, but they're still making fantastic music and are even in the process of writing their debut album, exciting times! For now, here's their latest EP 'Dual' (download link here) and their music video for 'Fly'... 

We'll finish off with Summer Heart, May saw him release his latest EP 'Thinkin Of U', it's brilliant, as usual and definitely worth listening to and buying. (iTunes)

Thanks for reading! 
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