Monday, 27 July 2015

Spotlight: Drones Club (27/07/15)

Drones Club are a new post-pop band and art project comprising three members, Rory Cottam, Charlie Dobney and Louis Morlet. After receiving an email a while back and with not a lot of information alongside it, I let the music talk... So there's not much of a biography to give you guys for this one, have a read of our review, have a listen to their music and enjoy! 

Drones Club Review:
Drones Club have echoes of true 80s music but with a modern twist, allowing their sound to stand out  and be enjoyed solely for not reminding me of too many other bands or artists' work... 'Cabin Pressure' is an intense, electronic track with slight elements of funk phasing in. 'Notion' is one of my favourites from their previously released tracks. It's a little slower, led by guitars and keys and the imagery built from the lyrics allows you to be absorbed into the song. The 10 minute wonder track, 'Sphinx' seems repetitive on the outside but if you delve a little further, picking up on intricacies it becomes almost a work of art. Finishing with 'It Rolls On', back to upbeat and harsher electronic base for the track, this one summarises their sound a little more and joins everything together in a sense. I'm really loving Drones Club and I'm looking forward to August and their releases each week! 

Drones Club's Links:

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1. Photograph - Foxes
Foxes took to the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge recently and covered Ed Sheeran's 'Photograph'. It is a wonderful cover and shows Foxes is a talented musician, she has also just released her latest single 'Body Talk', which is just as great but in a different way. If you wanna have a listen/download it head here.)

2. Lonesome Angel - Blitzen Trapper
Acclaimed Portland, Oregon rock quintet Blitzen Trapper, have built a solid reputation for joining their influences from Americana to psychedelic, to rock and to folk and making brilliant music. They're offering a free download from the new album (set for release on 2nd October) 'All Across This Land'. Who doesn't like free music, and when it's great music, it makes that little bit better! DOWNLOAD HERE:

3. Cash - Love Buzzard
Love Buzzard have been on the underground live scene around the UK for the past 18 months and have supported the likes of Slaves, Cerebal Ballzy and Goddamn. The Leeds/Guildford based psychgaragepunk duo have released a video for their latest single 'Cash' from their forthcoming album due out next month. You can get the single here

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