Monday, 14 September 2015

Spotlight: HÔN (14/09/15)

Danish songcrafter Jesper Lidang is HÔN and he is challenging the conventions of pop music. The front man of Danish band The Rumour Said Fire, is now set to release forthcoming debut album 'White Lion' under his new project HÔN. 'Honeydream' follows the introductory track 'Silent Lover' and they're both brilliant tracks. 

'Honeydream' Review:
'Honeydream' is an incredibly melodic track with a solid beat running throughout. With hints of 80s pop and electronica, this is a powerful and beautifully creative track, as well as catchy and full of wonderfully crafted layers of drum machines and harmonies. Jesper and producer and mixer Nis Bysted make up quite the power team, I reckon HÔN and his 'White Lion' album is going to be one to watch, as well as listen to over and over again! 

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