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Spotlight: The Ordinary Boys (30/09/15)

English punk rock / Britpop band, The Ordinary Boys are back with a new album, after a hiatus of nearly 10 years. The re-formed line up consists of the original trio - Preston, James Gregory (bass) and Charlie 'Chuck' Stanley (drums) - plus new member Louis Jones, whom Preston met stage-diving at a Cribs gig. Over the last year they've been busy writing and recording their new (fourth studio) album, eponymously self-titled, The Ordinary Boys; which is now ready for release on 2nd October (2015) and they've announced a 25-date UK tour in this October and November...

'The Ordinary Boys' Album Review:
‘About Tonight’ kicks off the album well, with striking guitar and intense chord progression underlined by a continuous hard drum. It’s a pleasant surprise to hear Louis’ (the newest member of the band) opening on the vocals, instead of Preston. The lead single ‘Four Letter Word’ is reminiscent of their earlier releases, with plenty of layers and thrashing guitar, bass and drum combos as well as intricate under riffs. This track is basically the perfect pop punk kind of song.
‘Panic Attack’ is a little repetitive but brilliant for singing along to and would probably be the song off the album that everyone can join in with on their tour, there’s also a really neat bass line in this song that rounds it off really nicely.
The album closes with ‘Disposable Anthem’, which has a slower pace throughout compared to others, but I think it’s one of my favourites from the release. It’s steady but it still has the trademark Ordinary Boys sound in the chorus.
Overall, this album is a welcome difference to their previous material, the songwriting skill is still showcased through the duration of the album, and there are fantastic layered melody led sections, with guitar, bass and drums all playing their parts and now with Louis up alongside Preston with vocals, the team work amongst The Ordinary Boys shines through. It’s a matured sound and it is very different from the well known sound found on ‘Brassbound’, but it’s been a few years and to be honest, who cares, this new album is wonderful in it’s own right!

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