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Check It Out #9 (04/11/15)

1. Open Hand - Kojey Radical
Contemporary artist and spoken word poet, Kojey Radical, returns with the aid of long time collaborators, The Rest. The product of this collaboration is pure art. Using contemporary dance to visualise his poetry, in this case using Krump, to gesture his emancipation. The intensity and aggression shown creatively in this video left me inspired and in awe. Kojey's words and imagery go hand in hand showing ideas of social separation through class and race... (Caution: video may trigger photosensitive epilepsy). 

2. Forest - Alista Marq

Alista Marq is a Shoreditch based rapper, who also explores his interest in photography and videography. His creativity led him to co-direct the visuals to 'Forest', his first single to be released from his forthcoming project 'Somewhere In Shoreditch'. This is another incredibly creative release, both musically and visually. Alista Marq has created a fantastic track, which tells a fantastic narrative, as well as meaningful underlying tones. This sums up Shoreditch well and I'm excited to hear more from Alista and his project...

3. Zzyzx - Library Voices

This is the second single from Library Voices' latest album 'Lovish', which nearly didn't see a release date... After an eventful couple of years that saw the band return home from months of endless touring and deciding they needed some space. 24 months later they regrouped, Carl Johnson (singer/guitarist) was beaten and left unconscious in the street in a random act of violence, with a long road to recovery. However, he contributed 7 of the songs to this album, the remaining four are fronted by Brennan Ross. The band have created a fantastic album of shoe gaze / fuzz folk and this track really holds its own as a single. This track in particular leads the way for the rest of the album too, it's catchy and just all round brilliance. With elements of all kinds of genres influencing their sound, Library Voices are out there as a unique band - and no-one can deny the addition of a well played sax is only going to add to any song. Enjoy this one and go have a listen to the rest of their album when it's out (6th Nov), it's one of my favourites at the minute. 

4. The Way It Was - Beyond The Break
Beyond The Break are a new rock band from Llanelli, South Wales and came together earlier this year. The band were signed to London's 2p Records, before playing a live show on just the strength of their demo. Their debut EP 'Pictures Of Losing Sleep' was recorded as a live performance direct to tape over the space of two weekends. The result is a fantastic four track release of brilliant alternative rock; gritty guitar riffs, a solid beat throughout, a heavy bass line and strong vocals with catchy lyrics...

The Way It Was - Beyond The Break (link)

5. Starlight - Lights That Change
Hailing from North Wales, Lights That Change, are an alternative dream pop group. Over the past year, they've undergone a reformation, with Mandy Clare on vocals, John Bryan on bass and Marc Joy on guitars. In the past they've received support from the likes of BBC, Drowned In Sound and Amazing Radio, amongst others. 'Starlight' is their latest single, fuelled by an atmospheric and ethereal sound and a hint of optimism, here's one to finish a long day with...

Starlight - Lights That Change (link)

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