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Spotlight: Body of Songs (27/11/15)

Body Of Songs is a groundbreaking music and science experiment that brings together Britain's most talented musicians to create a remarkable collection of songs, inspired by our inner workings; the organs of the body. With a line-up of incredible artists and bands including Bat For Lashes, Goldie, Ghostpoet, and Andreya Triana to name a few. Curated by Gemma Cairney (BBC Radio 1), Llewelyn Ap Myrddin (composer) and Beth Clayton, the album is released today (27th November 2015). 

'Body Of Songs' Album Review:
This is a wonderfully creative collection of songs, which not only shows the talent of musicianship, but the detail of research and interest that goes into their work. Andreya Triana opens the album with 'Branches Of Life', a track about lungs, I think this is one of my highlights from the release, with Andreya's beautiful, soulful vocals leading the way underlined by scientific influence to the drum beat, dramatic instrumentation and the strings offer a delicate touch to the overall spacious sound. 
'Grateful Heart' by Dave Okumu, uses a heart beat within the instrumentation, and is built as an atmospheric, intense, haunting electronica track with distanced vocals. Eight minutes of pure brilliance. Afrikan Boy, Bumi Thomas and Adio collaborate on 'Eje Aiye' ('Life Of Blood' / 'Blood Life'), they incorporate medical sounds, gritty echoing beats and rap; lyrically this track stands out and is incredible clever. 
'Nose Song' by Sam Lee and Llewelyn Ap Myrddin has a positive, mysterious and magical feel to it, reflecting all the unknown uses and connections with our nose... Ghostpoet's 'A Plateful Of Liver' is wonderfully intense and has a focus on electronica with reverbed vocals. 'Follow Me Through' is brilliantly creative, so much goes on throughout this track, and the narrative is highlighted by Maya Carlyle and Max De Wardener, as they focus on the filtration system of the kidneys. 'Play, Pause & Rewind' is another favourite of mine from the release, a funky and catchy track from Scrufizzer & Utters, about the larynx and voice box... I think even if you took the focus away from the organs, there would still be an important underlying message from the lyrics. 
Bat For Lashes' 'Skin Song', is another lyrically fantastic addition to the collection, yet another one that stands out to me. 'Electric Abyss' is an electronic, steady track and another long one, but near impossible to get bored of. Focusing on the memory and sensory functions of the brain, you know there's a lot going on. The collection comes to a close with '(Ooh Ahh) Carolina' by Raf from The 2 Bears' it's a chilled one to finish on. Overall, a wonderful musical creation, full of tracks from incredibly talented musicians, I've listened to some of these tracks too many times to count over the last couple of days and I'll be surprised if it doesn't pick up some more much deserved attention. 

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