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12 Albums of 2015. Pt. 2 (28/12/15)

The second half of '12 Albums of 2015' is here and jam packed with fantastic releases from the past year. There's a couple of EPs in here, as I felt they deserved a mention too and couldn't have missed them out... (albums are in release date order... and all download links can be found at the bottom of this blog post...)

Nowhere Near Old Enough - Chasing Grace

Release Date: 26th January
Genre: Indie Pop
Tracks: 12
Singles: Run

It wasn't really until I saw Chasing Grace at Barn On The Farm Festival that I really thought, 'Yes! I need to get their album', I loved 'Run' when I first heard it earlier in the year, but seeing their energy on stage and really enjoying their set at BOTF left the permanent note in my brain. It's turned into one of my most played albums of the year and I can see it being a favourite of 2016 too. 'Tonight' and 'Free' are also two songs that are a must listen to from the album!

Dual EP - Meadowlark
Release Date: 30th March
Genre: Alternative Folk
Tracks: 4

'Dual EP' is a beautiful four track release from Meadowlark, and I think steps ahead of their previous release 'Three Six Five' purely because of the depth the whole EP offers. Lyrically intense, emotive and honest and musically equally stunning. 'Fly' is easily my favourite track from this EP and the music video that accompanies it is just as beautiful. There is an acoustic version on the release too, which is just as great. The other two tracks 'Eyes Wide' and 'Fire' are also fantastic!

Carrie & Lowell - Sufjan Stevens
Release Date: 31st March
Genre: Indie Folk
Tracks: 11
Chart Performance: #6 (UK Albums) | #10 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Should Have Known Better

Yet another beautiful album to be released this year, comes from American singer-songwriter, Sufjan Stevens. 'Carrie and Lowell' is full of stunning songs, laced with calming vocals and chilled instrumentals lying underneath. Highlights from the album for me are 'Death With Dignity', 'Should Have Known Better' and 'Fourth Of July'

Wilder Mind - Mumford & Sons
Release Date: 4th May
Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock
Tracks: 12 | 16 (Deluxe)
Chart Performance: #1 (UK Albums) | #1 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Believe/The Wolf/Ditmas/Tompkins Square Park

I feel like I'm late to the party with this album, however it's really great from start to finish! A slight move away from their previous two albums, but still holds true to the Mumford sound. 'Wilder Mind' opens with the fantastic 'Tompkins Square Park', followed up by the better known single 'Believe' - yet another great track. 'Monster' is one of the stand out tracks to me, mainly lyrically, but the relaxed tone adds so much more to it too...

Blurryface - twenty one pilots
Release Date: 18th May
Genre: Alternative Pop
Tracks: 14
Chart Performance: #14 (UK Albums) | #1 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Fairly Local/Tear In My Heart/Stressed Out/Lane Boy

I never really listened to twenty one pilots before this album, apart from the odd times when one of my friends would play one of their songs. This release led me to reach back into all of their old albums and find some new favourite songs, as well as listen to 'Blurryface' over and over again, all the way through - it's pretty rare that I don't skip any songs at all... My three favourite tracks from this album are 'Heavydirtysoul', 'Ride' and 'Goner', but they were hard to pick so be sure to check out the rest too. 

Badlands - Halsey
Release Date: 28th August
Genre: Electro/synth Pop
Tracks: 11 | 16 (Deluxe)
Chart Performance: #9 (UK Albums) | #2 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Ghost/New Americana

I only got this album because of the huge hype around Halsey at the end of the Summer. Pushing the boundaries in more ways than one and being one of the big names in 2015's music summaries. This was the soundtrack to two 'road trips' at the end of my Summer and so it stands out as one of my favourite albums of 2015. 'Castle', 'Drive' and 'Control' are my favourites from the album... 

Oh Wonder - Oh Wonder
Release Date: 4th September
Genre: Electro/Synth Pop
Tracks: 15
Singles: Lose It/Livewire/Drive

Easily my favourite project and album of 2015. Anthony West and Josephine Vanders are the duo behind the wonderful, Oh Wonder. All the tracks on the album are brilliant, which leads the release to stand out as a whole on its own. 'Landslide' has been one of my favourite songs of the year, 'All We Do' has been on repeat on the nights I couldn't get to sleep, and 'Plans' is just an all-rounded beautiful song. 

Unbreakable Smile - Tori Kelly
Release Date: 16th October
Genre: Pop
Tracks: 14 | 17 (Deluxe)
Chart Performance: #2 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Nobody Love/Should've Been Us

2015 has been the year of Tori Kelly. Unfortunately, she isn't as well known over in the UK as she is in America, but this album has propelled her up the charts and boosted her music popularity too. Similar in sound to Ariana Grande - but in my opinion, a better sound as she stays true to what she'd like to release, which has resulted in an album full of fantastic tracks. The positivity bleeding through 'Unbreakable Smile' opens the album well, 'Expensive' offers a Christina Aguilera tint to the album there's also a powerhouse note that stands out from the whole album in the last minute of the track; and 'City Dove' is another lyrically powerful and musically fab song. 

Purpose - Justin Bieber
Release Date: 13th November
Genre: Pop
Tracks: 13 | 18 (Deluxe)
Chart Performance: #2 (UK Albums) | #1 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: What Do You Mean?/Sorry/Love Yourself

Another stand out star of 2015 is Justin Bieber - everyone is ending the year as a Belieber - right? There were many moments where I was in the car with the radio on, and either a friend or I would say 'Oooh, this is really good, who is it?'... 'Oh erm, I mean it's alright for the Biebs...' Well, although there are a couple of tracks that have been majorly overplayed on the radio, 'Love Yourself' is a beautiful song, helped by the fact Ed Sheeran wrote it, 'The Feeling' is another fantastic track featuring Halsey, and my favourite from the album 'I'll Show You'... 

25 - Adele
Release Date: 20th November
Genre: Pop / Soul
Tracks: 11
Chart Performance: Top 10 in 29 countries | #1 (UK Albums) | #1 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Hello

This was the comeback of the year. Adele absolutely smashed the second half of this year, whilst 'Hello' created a whole new world of memes and gave Lionel Richie someone else to talk to...  My top three from this one have to be 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)', 'Remedy' and 'When We Were Younger'. Thank you again Adele for some new favourite songs to sing my heart out to... 

Blue Neighbourhood - Troye Sivan
Release Date: 4th December
Genre: Pop
Tracks: 10 | 16 (Deluxe)
Chart Performance: #7 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Wild/Talk Me Down/Youth

Troye Sivan has had a pretty big year too, and this album is full of brilliant pop songs. His EP 'Wild' served as a six song opening instalment to 'Blue Neighbourhood'. This album was created as a big project, an EP into an album, series of music videos with a running storyline throughout and lyric videos for each too. 'Wild', 'Ease' featuring Broods, and 'Youth' are my favourite three from this release. 

Zoo Of The New - Wolf Choir
Release Date: 6th December
Genre: Dream Pop/Indie Rock
Tracks: 4

Wolf Choir releases are always a highlight to Music In Time Blog's playlists, their previous EP went down really well all over the place and now their second and most recent EP 'Zoo Of The New' is just as brilliant! With four fantastic tracks, 'Helios', 'Number 7', 'So Much Blue, So Little Time' and 'Catharsis' (my personal favourite) it really is a short little treat for your ears! 

Zoo Of The New - Wolf Choir (link)

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