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Best of 2015. (30/12/15)

It's that time of the year again when I put together the best songs from 2015 - obviously, these are what I enjoyed/think deserve a place in my Top 20, if you loved any other songs that you think should have made it in here, comment them below! The following are in no particular order and I honestly feel all songs mentioned in this list are worth a listen to, there's also three that didn't quite make the listen noted at the end. 

Hello - Adele

I feel this one doesn't really need much explanation, Adele made the biggest comeback to the music industry this year and this song got everyone hyped for '25'. The day the music video dropped I listened to the song near on 50 times, if not more and that continued for a week, then I got sick of it. However, the album soon came out and there were 10 other tracks to fall in love with. Well played Adele. 

Queen Of Peace - Florence + The Machine (Live at Glastonbury)

When Foo Fighters had to pull out of Glastonbury this year, there were mixed reactions about their replacement. However, Florence + The Machine smashed the stage as the headliners and did a fantastic job, the stage presence was phenomenal and they did themselves proud. 

Let It Go - James Bay

We were lucky enough to spotlight James Bay's debut album this year, and it still stands out as one of my favourites from 2015. Starting the year as the Brit Awards Critic's Choice and ending it with a highly successful debut album and just as popular and well known singles, he's done a pretty great job, I also saw James headline Barn On The Farm Festival, which stands out as a musical highlight from my year. 

Corona - Dutch Criminal Record

Dutch Criminal Record headlined and owned the stage at our first Music In Time Presents... event, they performed a perfect combination of originals and covers and did a fantastic job of getting the audience to sing and dance. Another big thank you to them, and all the best for 2016, hopefully you'll get to see even more of them in the new year!

Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

This is my favourite track from Justin Bieber's latest album 'Purpose', it's beautifully written by Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco, and performed just as wonderfully by Justin himself. I think it's fair to say a lot of people are leaving 2015 'Beliebers'... 

Let It All Go - Birdy & Rhodes (Live for Mahogany Sessions)

This session made me fall in love with 'Let It All Go'; it's a beautifully crafted song, performed by two wonderfully talented artists, Birdy and Rhodes. Lyrically and musically stunning, this song has stood out to me since this video went live, it's a personal musical highlight from 2015. 

Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd

'Can't Feel My Face' is arguably one of the most popular tracks of the year, compared to the likes of Michael Jackson, was a Top 10 hit in 20 countries, and was nominated for two Grammys. One of the catchiest songs released this year, and one that was impossible to escape from, as well as 'The Hills' and a couple of others from his album 'Beauty Behind The Madness'...

The Wizard Of Ahhhs - Todrick Hall & Pentatonix
2015 was a big year for Todrick Hall too... 'Todrick' a docuseries following him premiered on MTV, he worked alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt on two videos, as well as many incredibly popular YouTube viral videos, including this reinvention of The Wizard Of Oz with Pentatonix (who have also had an incredibly successful year) and a mash up of Nicki Minaj songs put to the storylines of Disney characters... (which is also definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it already!)

See You Again - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

'See You Again' was commissioned for the soundtrack of Furious 7, written in memory of Paul Walker, it peaked at #1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 for 12 consecutive weeks and also set loads of records. It's a beautiful song and one that I'm sure will be listened to for a few years to come... 

Lionheart - I.AM.L (Barn on the Farm Sessions)
One of my musical highlights was waking up on Sunday morning of Barn on the Farm to the soundcheck, and heading down for I.AM.L's set and falling in love with her sound. I had this song stuck in my head for a few weeks after and can't wait for any kind of release in the new year - please! 

Should've Been Us - Tori Kelly
This is a fantastic, upbeat, summery track, initially I wanted to include Tori's performance of this song at the VMA's, because it was out of this world and the others that she has done since haven't quite been the same. Enjoy... 

Happy Ending (cover) - Dodie, Zannah & Melanie
We've shared a lot of love for Dodie in particular over the past year, however this cover is probably one of my favourites from 2015. With Zannah and Melanie harmonising too, it's a stunning cover of a beautiful 'classic' by Mika. I'm looking forward to hearing more covers and originals from these three in 2016! 

Drag Me Down - One Direction
2015 was a sad year for One Direction and all of their followers. However, 'Drag Me Down' was the first release since Zayn's departure and was the first single from their latest album 'Made In The AM', it went down really well all around the world, including peaking at #1 in the UK Singles Chart. 2016 will see them go on hiatus, don't get too sad folks... 

5AM - Amber Run
Amber Run are a favourite of ours here at Music In Time Blog, we saw them live twice this year, and both times were fantastic. Their debut album was released this year, and this is the wonderful title track. This has been sung along to very loudly many times since the release and I will continue to do so for a very very long time. 

Hey Jude (cover) - Tyler Ward & Kurt Hugo Schneider
Kurt Hugo Schneider has started sharing covers of popular songs in a minor key and I'm in love with them. This is my favourite of all the ones they've done and to be honest I prefer this haunting twist to the original. There's a fantastic gritty guitar section just after half way through which is worth a listen out for too... 

Keep - The White Raven
Although (unfortunately), this is a pretty unheard of song, I think it's been a continuous favourite song of mine all the way through 2015 since it's release. I was lucky enough to do a feature with these guys, as well as being brilliant at what they do, I'm really looking forward to hearing the new material they've been working on in the past couple of months and hopefully an album soon? :) 

Eyes Shut - Years & Years (Live For VEVO)
Another band that have had a fantastic year, the British electronica trio started the year as BBC's Sound of 2015 and have gone on to win and be nominated for a load of awards, released their debut album 'Communion' and performed live for many TV shows, festivals and live dates. Here they are with my favourite live performance of my favourite single of theirs, 'Eyes Shut'. 

Fly - Meadowlark
Another stunning song that's even more powerful with it's accompanying music video. We've included both of Meadowlark's EPs in at least one blog since their releases and we're looking forward to their debut album, hopefully coming in the new year... I also got to see this fab duo twice this year, both times were brilliant and if you get a chance in the new year to see them live, make sure you don't miss out! 

Landslide - Oh Wonder
Unfortunately I didn't manage to get to one Oh Wonder's live dates (planning on seeing them on their next tour in 2016), but their self-titled debut album was my most played this year and so I feel it's compulsory to include them in this list, and have no obligations either! This is my favourite track from the release, lyrically emotive and musical brilliance; if you like this, you'll love the rest of the album too I'm sure! 

A Bridge Over You - The Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir
I felt it only right to include this in our Best of 2015, as it beat Justin Bieber and whatever the X Factor single was this year, to Christmas Number 1. It's a brilliant mash up of Simon & Garfunkel's 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' and Coldplay's 'Fix You', it's the perfect heartwarming choir song for Christmas... 

3 Other Songs To Mention:
Chemical - Jack Garratt (link)
Blood - HVNTER (link)
What You Don't Do - Lianne La Havas (link)

Thank you to everyone that has supported/read Music In Time during 2015 and here's to (hopefully) even bigger and better things in 2016... 
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