Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Check It Out #11 (06/01/16)

1. Ocean - Patrik Jakubowski
Patrik Jakubowski, member of Swedish 'grunge' band, Riddarna, went solo last year with his debut EP 'Ocean' and this is the title track. This a beautiful release, with the wonderful connection between music and video. The track holds a brilliant calmness, thanks to the acoustic guitar underlying Patrik's vocals, which add a powerful and emotive element to the song, a true song for the sea.

2. Adventure Of A Lifetime - Coldplay
British band Coldplay returned at the end of last year with some brilliant new music. 'Adventure Of A Lifetime' was released on 6th November (2015) as the lead single from their seventh studio album, 'A Head Full Of Dreams'. So far, it's peaked at #7 in the UK Singles Chart (and unfortunately don't think it'll be getting any higher), but it's currently one of my favourites from the charts.

3. Up Up And Away - Newton Faulkner
This is the latest video from Newton Faulkner's fifth studio album, Human Love,. 'Up Up And Away' follows the first release from the album, a cover of Major Lazer's 'Get Free' and is a fantastically energising track. The album as a whole is great, showing Newton's skill as a guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and all-round musician.

4. Domino - Hozier
Hozier joined a mixed line up on Jools Holland's Hootenanny at New Years; amongst the songs he performed, he included a brilliant cover of 'Domino', the hit song written by Van Morrison. The original was released in 1970 as the first of three singles from his fourth album 'His Band and The Street Choir'. It reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, surpassing his signature song 'Brown Eyed Girl', which had charted at #10 in the same year. Enjoy!

5. Star Wars Ultimate Piano Medley - Sonya Belousova
Star Wars has taken over the world yet again in recent months, and don't worry there will be no spoilers in this post for those of you who still haven't managed to see it. Instead here's a fantastic medley from the soundtracks of Stars Wars played on varying designs of pianos (my personal favourite is the R2-D2 one...), enjoy all 10 minutes of this wonderful piece!

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