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Feature: The New Coast (29/02/16)

The New Coast is the moniker of East London duo, Nick Blythe and Chris Cheater. Born from an infatuation with American cinema and pop culture, they've created their own distinct style of pure indie pop. The duo have just released their debut single 'Lost In Your Love', co-produced by Scott Verrill (KYKO); it's a winning combination that is destined for success in 2016. The New Coast are the indie pop duo to watch this year!

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?

N: It was from a really young age really. My cousin and I were asked to play at this party so we sat down and wrote a load of songs for it. They were all Blink-182 inspired. Of course. But I've been exposed to all kinds of music since I was young, especially artists like Roxy Music, Queen and Michael Jackson I think that's transcended quite heavily into our sound today. Music has always been a massive part of our lives, and will be forever we reckon.

2. What is the most inspiring musical performance you've ever seen?
C: I saw Kings of Leon at Isle Of Wight Festival in 2014. Everything about their performance and live sound gave me even more motivation to do what we are doing. I thought Caleb was looking at me, we definitely had a moment. With 80,000 people around me.

3. Who have you been listening to lately?
N: We've been listening to a lot of Australian bands lately. We have a good friends in a band called Mansionair, from the Northern Beaches in Sydney. They are incredible. Also, Ghost Beach, Bad Suns, Frank Ocean, The Neighbourhood. We are also obsessed with US artist Johnny Rain. His lyrics and slow tempo are life. It's weird, because we will only listen to like three artists at a time and nothing else for a while. It's nice that way, because it impacts our music a lot.

3 Qs for The New Coast:

1. Which festival would you most like to perform at and who would you like to share the stage with and why?

C: I think I'd love to play Coachella standing next to Matt Healy instead of Nick. Reasoning being, he has better hair. But seriously, he looks like he'd be a lot of fun to gig with and party with.
N: Coachella would be one for sure. I would want to collaborate with Frank Ocean, that'd be insane.

2. Where do you look for inspiration and influences in the world?
N: We take inspiration from a small number of places that we know and take a lot of time in. We listen to lots of film scores, and take influence from the intense cinematic feel of soundtracks. I think the general imagery and cinematography of films make me want to write music. There is something about the energy between a visual and audio that is pretty inspiring. Both of us have an unhealthy obsession with Steve McQueen the director of Shame, Hunger and 12 Years A Slave, who's films have made us want to write songs with big emotional choruses. We both live in London, so it's sometimes nice to go back to where our families I've in Kent and take some time to look around and hear how quiet it is. That's really important when writing we think.

3. What process did you go through creating 'Lost In Your Love', was it a joint effort or did you have particular roles?
C: We write everything together... Either of us will go to each other with guitar riffs or vocal melodies. 'Lost In Your Love' was the first song we wrote purely for The New Coast, we started off using guitar loop pedals creating a 'loop'. We then added the chords and any extra riffs we had thought of. While this is all going on, Nick blared out vocal melodies, and then after a while it clicked to us, and that is how it became 'Lost In Your Love'.

Random Q:

You're stranded on an island, what three items would you choose to have with you?

C: Bieber, a keg of Bell's whiskey, My Sweet Prince (Nick)
N: Our manager James, Scott Verrill and three tickets home, thus leaving Chris on the island alone.

'Lost In Your Love' Review:
This is a fantastic debut track from The New Coast, it's infectious indie pop at it's best. 'Lost In Your Love' offers a steady, growing pace building into a catchy chorus, which seems impossible not to sing and tap along to. Memorable loops combined with hypnotic drumbeats and brilliant vocals too. If you like Prides, Amber Run or Eliza and The Bear, you're bound to fall in love with this track! 

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