Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Spotlight: Just Jack (20/04/16)

Just Jack returns with a brand new five-track EP, 'Life Lessons', which will be released on 6th May through Elton John's Rocket Records. Jack first came to prominence with his 2007 single 'Starz In Their Eyes', the accompanying album 'Overtones' led to extensive touring, followed by third LP 'All Night Cinema', which included popular track 'The Day I Died' in 2009. 'Life Lessons' was recorded and produced by Jack in his Brighton studio. Along with frequent collaborator Jon Cox, various friends dropped by to contribute to the songs, and Jack's daughter often crashed through the door in the middle of vocal takes, lending a certain unpredictability to the process... 

'Lessons For Life EP' Review:
'Lessons For Life' opens with 'Alchemist', a steady track infused with funky bass lines and smooth vocals floating over electronic based tunes, and as always beautifully honest lyrics. 'Bluer Than A Bruise' is slightly slower, with steadier synths and rhythm, building into a catchy chorus and striking strings added throughout. The EP slowly steps down into a slower, solemner sound, with 'Krystal Skull' holding an ethereal feel and showcasing Jack's fantastic skill for writing lyrics. 'Lonely Telephone' is another great track, with Jack's honest lyrics being presented with emotive and raw vocals over a steady, yet catchy underlining track. The EP closes perfectly with 'Little Friend', which highlights the pure talent Just Jack has for storytelling. Overall, a stunning collection of songs, Jack's sound has evolved with the years, but is still undeniably Just Jack. A favourite release of mine from 2016. 

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