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Feature: Little Brother Eli (17/06/16)

Little Brother Eli are a rock, soul, blues, and pop band. Formed in early 2013 by lead vocalist Alex Grew and bass player Josh Rigal. The pair were joined by guitarist Adam Stowe and drummer Benji Page along with lap steel specialist Tom Williams. They went on after a series of jam sessions to create their own unique sound and the next two years saw the band take on shows at over 100 different venues all over the UK. Little Brother Eli have performed at festivals including The Great Escape, Cornbury & Blissfields, as well as some major festivals in European countries (Germany & Italy) too. Following two successful EP releases, the band began finishing up recording their debut album towards the end of last year and now feel it's the right time to release it into the world and share it with their ever growing loyal fan base and musical network. We caught up with Tom for a Q&A about all things music... 

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
Err I was about eight years old when I joined my local brass band. I was taught how to read music, play the cornet and how to work with other musicians. Good times and awesome burgundy jackets. 

2. What is the most inspiring musical performance you've ever seen?
Prince at the LG Arena a couple of years ago. Three hours of hit after hit after hit. He was a very special musician and we won't see anything like him again. 

3. Who have you been listening to lately?
Larkin Poe, those girls rock! I'm super excited to see them while they're over from the states. Beautiful voices, kick ass tunes and who doesn't love lap steel?!

3 Qs for Little Brother Eli:

1. Why / how did your name 'Little Brother Eli' come about?
It's a character from the movie 'There Will Be Blood'.

2. When you play a festival, do you get a chance / take advantage of listening and watching other bands and do you think it's important to?
Absolutely! We are all in the same boat and it's important to support each other. It's also the best way to find new music and at the end of the day that what us musos are passionate about. 

3. Which track from your forthcoming album 'Cold Tales' are you most apprehensive about people hearing and why?
I love the single 'This Girl' so I'm excited to see how that goes down. But I'm most interested to see how the albums title track 'Cold Tales' is received. It's much more laid back than the rest of the album and when we do it live I get to properly country it up, which makes me very happy! 

Random Q:

Ideal Friday night?
Hmm we spend so many Friday's gigging so when I do get one off it's quite nice to just have a few quiet beers down the pub with the dog. His name is Ozzy.

'Cold Tales' Review:
'Cold Tales' is a brilliant release; a fantastic collection of genres, ideas, and skills, pulled together to make great music! This album is full of rock, blues, soul and hints of pop; brought together by sharp guitars, super lap steel guitar, infectious riffs and melodies, brill bass lines, rhythms you can't help but tap along to, and wonderfully vocals, layered into catchy choruses and just as powerful verses. My stand out tracks from this release are 'Ocean', 'Hanging', and 'Roll Away' - although those were hard to pick. If you enjoy Hozier, Kings of Leon and just all round great music - you're gonna love Little Brother Eli! 

See Little Brother Eli Live:
18th June: Uptonogood Festival, Upton, Oxfordshire
18th June: Rapture Record Store, Witney, Oxfordshire
18th June: Nor Live Music + Beer Festival, North Leigh, Oxfordshire
25th June: Bands On The Barge, Standlake, Oxfordshire
25th June: Album Launch Party, The Bullingdon, Oxford
26th June: Little Welly Festival, Henley-On-Thames
2nd July: Front Row Festival, Fritwell, Oxfordshire
10th July: Lichfield Fuse Festival, Lichfield, Staffordshire
23rd July: The Gladstone, Brighton
24th July: Nozstock Festival, Hereford
14th October: Tigmus Presents, O2 Academy, Oxford

(all info for above dates can be found on the band's website, linked below)

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