Friday, 5 August 2016

Spotlight: Jolé (05/8/16)

Jolé is the moniker of Brighton based solo artist, Josh Oliver, creating subtle lo-fi pop he has been compared to the likes of Frightened Rabbit, Keaton Henson and Bon Iver. He left the UK for a year to write and travel with intention of gaining new experiences and influences on his music; taking a break from performing and just writing music, having toured solidly around the UK and Europe for 5 years with his previous band. 'A Year Of Ages' is the latest track to be released from that year of writing... 

'A Year Of Ages' Review:
'A Year Of Ages' is a fantastically ethereal and atmospheric track, with a powerful warmth intertwined between each layer and throughout every section of the song. Stunning stripped back verses and an energetic rock infused chorus, when listening you can really hear where the comparisons of Frightened Rabbit and Bon Iver come from and I would easily put Jolé up there with the greats of their genre. Looking forward to hearing more from him! 

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