Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Check It Out #26 (07/09/16)

1. Underwater - Foxtrax
Long Island natives Ben (vocals, guitar), John (drums), and Jared (bass) began making their own brand of indie rock together in early 2015 after graduating from college. By the end of that yea, Foxtrax relocated to Los Angeles where they began honing their live show. Now they're sharing their once demos turned fantastically produced and mastered tracks, like their debut video for 'Underwater'... 

2. Mystery - Sol x Auralponic
Eclectic pop artist, Sol, is best known for her intimate approach to music. Raised in the suburbs of Southern California, Sol radiates the influence of her surroundings. 'Mystery' is her debut single, produced by Los Angeles' Connor Irias (Auralponic) and is representative of the rudimentary foundation of her music. It's a stunning, sultry track full of mystery...

3. Waterslide - Adam Harpaz
Adam Harpaz is a multi-instrumentalist and indie-folk musician, busking during the day and performing at venues during the night, whilst surfing in between. Born and raised on Sydney shores, the 21 year old singer-songwriter from Bondi has performed extensively over the past few years. Now he's releasing 'Waterslide' and also touring Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Western Australia over September and October, so if you're about, be sure to check him out! 

4. Fallback - Truitt
Comprised of brother and sister, Brett and Brigetta Truitt, the pop duo recently released their debut self-titled EP which features this track as the lead single. Having spent about two and a half years making an EP, they scrapped the project, soon after they took their music in a new direction and now here they are with a fantastic pop sound, enjoy! 

5. Nothing In The Desert ft. Jamie Lawson - Paul Mosley & The Red Meat Orchestra
After an exceptional reception to Paul Mosley's last album, he now returns with his seventh solo record. It features 20 songs, with 20 plus musicians from six different countries, 'The Butcher', is an epic ghost story told in songs. It's an incredible release and this is a wonderful single taken from the album, he's also got a fair few shows confirmed for the rest of this year, so make sure you don't miss out on those... 

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