Wednesday, 28 September 2016

What I'm Listening To... (28/09/16)

1. We'll Never Be Alone ft. Lucy Rose - Believe In Giants
This was a Spotify find from one of their new music playlists. I've been a big fan of Lucy Rose's music for a long time now but I'd never heard of Believe In Giants, I'm very glad that's been changed. This song has now been played countless times over and over again over the past week or so and I'm sure that'll continue into the future too.

2. Shadow Wind - Dotan
Another new find for me, thanks to Spotify again I believe. I'm really into folky singer/songwriter music with a good beat carried throughout, especially at this time of year as Autumn draws in. This track encapsulates that perfectly, it's dreamy and atmospheric with a realistic punch to it too, thanks to this song I've found a new favourite artist in Dotan. 

3. Get Out Of Bed - itoldyouiwouldeatyou
Thanks to my circle of friends, itoldyouiwouldeatyou are regulars on iPods, vinyls, jams, gigs etc. Their latest EP 'I Am Not Your Fault' was released last week and it hasn't disappointed. I really liked their previous release, 'Don't Cheer Up', and this one has managed to surpass that. Here's the lead track 'Get Out Of Bed', enjoy! 

4. Alcohol - Joe Waller
We were lucky enough to have Joe headline our Courtyard stage at MIT Fest this year and I'm excited to see him again live again in a couple days. This is a bit of an ear worm track and has been stuck in my head for the past couple months and I doubt it'll be leaving any time soon! The perfect acoustic pop track, it's pretty fab live too! 

5. How Would You Like It? - Lauren Aquilina
Lauren's debut album 'Isn't It Strange?' was released at the end of August and I had a hard time choosing one track from the release; however, I settled for 'How Would You Like It?'. A stunning and wonderful song that showcases Lauren's talent for not only music, but songwriting too, it's emotive and raw. 

6. We Used To Be In Love (Acoustic Version) - Clean Cut Kid
Ever since seeing Clean Cut Kid live at Barn on the Farm, I've been listening to them non-stop, their latest EP 'We Used To Be In Love' is fantastic and also features another of my favourite songs 'Hospital Lights' - so have a listen to that too if you get a chance! But here's a chill version of a song that has been on repeat over summer! 

7. God - Bon Iver
Of course Bon Iver would be included in this blog post. This is a massive step forward for music, and surpasses their previous sound even more. '22 A Million' is a stunning release from start to finish and if you want a taster of what the album's sound is, 'God' is the perfect song for that. Other highlights from the album are '22 (Over Soon)', and '715 - Creeks'; be sure to have a listen - you won't be disappointed! 

8. Cancer - Twenty One Pilots
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of My Chemical Romance's album 'The Black Parade' (a lot of people's favourite album - ever), Rock Sound released a CD with bands covering each track from the release. The stand out cover from the album is from everyone's favourite alternative rock duo, Twenty One Pilots. They've done an incredible job with this song and the animation that accompanies it is just as great - enjoy! 

9. Sleep - Vinyl Staircase
Vinyl Staircase are another band that we've seen live a fair bit in the last couple months, and every single time they've done such a great job! Their sound is a mix of incredibly ethereal soundscapes and  alternative psych-math rock. This is my current favourite of theirs purely cos it's listenable anywhen, but both their EP releases, 'Aquarelle' and their self-titled debut are worth a listen all the way through. 

10. Natalie - Milk & Bone
This is the most recent, the song came up as a suggested track on SoundCloud, so I pressed play... This talented duo have created a unique electro pop sound and I've struggled to stop listening to them and this song in particular. It's spacey and atmospheric, and just pretty incredible really... Enjoy! 

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