Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Check It Out #28 (19/10/16)

1. Do About It ft. Naomi Pilgrim - Lucas Nord
Hailing from Stockholm, 24 year old Lucas Nord, is attempting to become Sweden's next favourite electronic producer and artist. He's already landed a #1 single, his 2013 hit 'Run On Love' featuring Tove Lo, and with his second album, 'Company', out now he's almost certainly guaranteed another. 'Do About It' is the latest single from that album and features Naomi Pilgrim's wonderful vocals... Enjoy!

2. We Don't Understand - Still Changing

'We Don't Understand' is one of my favourite tracks from 'In The End', Still Changing's first full length album. Still Changing are a Norwegian four-piece who create fantastic indie rock tracks, they've become known for their highly appreciated live shows. They're a band that wants nothing more than to see people smiling and dancing, leaving the concert happier than when they came. I think that's a theme that is also shown throughout their album...

3. What You Seek - Anna Renee

Singer/songwriter, Anna Renee, known for incorporating sultry soul, pop, and urban vibes, explores a fresh new territory with each subsequent release. Anna is an electro pop artist based in Los Angeles and this is her latest single. This track offers everything you'd associate with Anna's previous music plus an orchestral grandeur and whispering falsetto vocals...

4. Golden Rule - Dead Love Fear Wave

'Golden Rule' is the latest track lifted from Manchester-based duo Dead Love Fear Wave's new EP 'New Feeling' (out now). Acclaimed songwriter Paul Eaton and producer Jim Spencer have both enjoyed success together and individually have worked with artists such as New Order, The Charlatans, Oasis, The Cribs and many more. This track is well layered and is a fantastic creation. 

5. Whole Nuthr Level - Golden Bear

'Whole Nuthr Level' is the second single taken from Golden Bear's latest album. It's a fantastically chilled psychedelic track, with groovy piano and guitars intertwining to create a catchy song throughout. The whole album is pretty great, it's a fresh mix of sounds and a wonderful collection of creative songs... 

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