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Feature: Mariam (07/11/16)

Mariam is a singer/songwriter and self-taught guitarist hailing from South London. In 2011, Mariam decided it was dinally time to share her music with the world and introduce herself as a singer/songwriter. She got well acquainted with the underground scene and started playing open mic nights. These experiences turned into opportunities and she joined the ‘London Community Gospel Choir’ (who have supported the likes of Tom Jones, Sam Smith and more). Mariam then started working on original material with local artists including British up and coming artist Samm Henshaw. ‘Be There For Me’ is the first track taken from her debut EP ‘Heart To Heart’ and it’s set to make some serious soundwaves in the music world.    

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I have always been around music, it was constant in my house through gospel, soul, jazz, world music etc, I started getting involved around 9, and I was involved with it in school, playing instruments, dancing, acting and singing in the plays.

2. What is the most inspiring musical performance you’ve ever seen?
Well the first was when I was in primary school and we went to the royal Albert hall to watch an orchestra, I was completely blown away! Most recently it was when I went to see Lauryn Hill in concert and I was so inspired, it was a special show.

3. Who have you been listening to lately?
Lately I have been chewing on Solange, I love her new album and also a lot of friends of mine who have released some great tunes, Lanre, Bianca Rose, Kacey Chambers and Samm Henshaw.

3 Qs for Mariam:

1. You’ve worked with and supported some great artists, but which artist / band would you most like to collaborate with and why?
That is a hard question, there are so many great artists out there, I would say Laura Mvula, I love her writing and how she combines pop with that big orchestra sound, love her latest album the dreaming room, she is a great artist.

2. For people who are new to your music, describe your sound in three words.
Ooh I’ll do it in two ‘atmospheric soul’

3. What process did you go through creating ‘Be There For Me’ and how did it differ to the other tracks on your forthcoming EP?
It was lots of fun; it differed to the other tracks because it was the only co written song by me and the producer Feranmi Oguns, who is amazing.
So there was a lot of talking and experimenting with different lyrics, we had to really break down the theme until it became what it is now, all that in a few days, challenging but fun.

Random Q:

Favourite season and why?
It has to be summer, I love the sun and warmth, I don’t really do well in the cold and wet weather lol.

'Heart To Heart' EP Review:
'Heart To Heart' opens with 'Be There For Me', the lead single from the release. It's a soulful pop track, with a punchy beat, an incredibly catchy chorus and piano and bass riffs to stuck in your head for a good few days. I'm honestly surprised 'Be There For Me' hasn't had even more support and hype surrounding it, it's a real feel good track, that's impossible not to hum or dance along to. 
The second track, an interlude, 'What I Want', is stunning. Again, with soul running throughout and emotive lyrics brought to life by Mariam's wonderful vocals, it's 1 minute and 45 seconds to really indulge in. 
'Without You' has a darker tone and incredibly emotive and raw feel to it. The infectious guitar riffs really stand out in this one, with the drums building and harmonised layers growing into a powerful chorus. The second interlude 'Grow' is beautiful, stripped back and acoustic, providing a more intimate contrast to the rest of the EP. 
The EP closes with 'Running', an intensely powerful song, with outstanding drums, reflecting the title of the track. Mariam's songwriting and vocals shine through on this song, and is another track that really deserves so much more recognition. 
An incredible EP from start to finish, you can hear the influences from gospel music, soul and pop coming together and intertwining between each track. 

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