Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Check It Out #32 (21/12/16)

1. Blue - Jarrod Milton
Jarrod Milton is an American artist, born and raised in Atlanta. He's recently released his new album 'Girl', it's a collection of songs that are his most realised and personal to date. 'Blue' is stunning, it holds a cinematic sound which is reflected in the accompanying music video too. Jarrod's vocals help create an atmosphere that oozes vulnerability and honesty.

2. Storm Chaser - Howlite

Howlite is the reincarnation of Melbourne musician and visual artist Alison Thom and 'Storm Chaser' is the lead single from her EP 'Reasons'. The rest of 'a huge breakdown in 2013', Thom threw out all her old songs, had a crisis and 'Storm Chaser' was born from that. It's a stunning song that is reminiscent of Daughter musically and Florence and the Machine lyrically, it's a stunning song and the EP is just as powerful and emotive. 

3. Shatter - Peyton

Peyton is a Perth based singer/songwriter, creating electronic indie pop at it's best. 'Shatter' is the second single off of Peyton's debut album and follows her debut single 'New York Era'. This is a stunning song with smooth, soulful vocals and emotive lyrics, catchy beats and delicate guitar and synths. 

4. K. - Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex is an ambient pop ground based out of Brooklyn, NY, led by songwriter Greg Gonzalez. They formed in 2008 and consists of Greg (vocals), Philip (keyboards), Randy (bass), Jacob (drums). They create stunning hazy songs, just like their latest single 'K.', from their first EP released in 2012, to now, they've consistently made melancholic and dreamy songs that create whole new worlds to dive into. 

5. Doctor - Hideout

'Doctor' is the first single from Hideout's forthcoming sophomore album 'So Many Hoops/So Little Time'. Hideout is Manhattan-based songwriter Gabriel Rodriguez and a rotating cast of his musical friends which includes Will McLaren, Cory Stier, Scarlett Connolly, John Frederics, Jayme Ralph and many more. Creating tracks driven by a rock-solid rhythm section with a psych-pop groove throughout, I'm pretty sure this album isn't going to disappoint. 

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