Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Feature: Into The Ark

Duo, Into The Ark, have had a big year, 2017 has seen them finish second on TV show The Voice UK - mentored by Sir Tom Jones, tour across the UK and Europe including slots at Latitude Festival and The Great Escape. Now they release their new single 'Underneath The Sun', play a headline show in London and a homecoming show later this month (October). They're also getting ready to head to the US for their debut tour as guests to Sir Tom Jones in Spring/Summer 2018... 

1. You were runners-up on the Voice UK earlier this year, what one lesson from that process will you carry with you for the rest of your career?
I think the best thing we've taken from the show, is how to deal with the pressure of singing on telly! You know, knowing there's millions of people watching! 
It's made us a lot more chilled going back to playing much bigger venues and not freaking out about it... Sir Tom told us "You learn it and then you forget it. Don't get in your head too much."

2. What prompted you to start up your own record label 'Blackwood Records' and how did it become what it is today?
It's an interesting one - we received offers from a few labels and they obviously had their massive positives but it also meant we would be 'on the clock' and under pressure to put music out - and we didn't think we were quite ready and the last thing we wanted to do was rush the music. So, we created Blackwood Records because it gives us a sense of independence and it's our home town and a very big part of where this all began. It feels nice to share that with everyone who've supported us from the beginning and put a focus on the town. And who knows, maybe one day the label will grow and maybe we'll sign some artists! I'll be Simon Cowell and Taylor will be Ahmet Ertegun! ;) 

3. How does it feel to be supporting Sir Tom Jones on your debut US tour and what part of the tour are you most looking forward to?
Well neither of us have been to America before, so we are absolutely stoked about that! Seeing the road layouts, the gas stations... We are hoping it will feel like we're in a movie haha. Also supporting Tom just makes it that even more special. We are really looking forward to seeing how the American audiences will respond to our music too, and honestly... just eating a massive burger! 

4. Your new single 'Underneath The Sun' is out now, is there any more new music to follow in the near future?
Ye it's out now, we have been getting some amazing feedback all over so thank you everyone for getting involved with that. 100% there is new music to follow, we'll have new music coming out in a month or so and then we intend to keep releasing - an EP or two into our first album. At the moment we are still writing and in that process of picking 'the right' songs for it. Gonna be tufffff!!!

5. Would you rather never wear socks for the rest of your life or always wear gloves?
Hahaaa. Right... I think for me (Dane) it would have to be the gloves, but only if I can cut holes in the top of them, I'd still need to play guitar. 
(Taylor) I'd have to go gloves too, we can't be having smelly shoe feet. No thanks. 

'Underneath The Sun' Review:
This single is a brilliantly upbeat, feel good tune. It's impossible not to tap along, it's definitely a song that symbolises adventure and friendship, which sums up Into The Ark's year. 'Underneath The Sun' is a great road trip montage song, captured in their music video well. I can guarantee it'll be stuck in your head and you'll be looking forward to their next release. 

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