Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Feature: Sad Palace

South Coast four-piece, Sad Palace, have just released their Greek Mythology inspired music video for their single 'Frostbeat'. The indie rock band also released the new track on limited edition cassette in honour of Cassette Store Day 2017...

1. First of all, how did 'Sad Palace' come to be?
We've all known each other a long time now, we're kind of a family. It's hard to say where the music comes from, we just spend a lot of time together and all list not loads of different music, our individual tastes probably all seep in somewhere.

2. The video for your brilliant single 'Frostbeat' features Greek Mythology inspired visuals, where did the idea for this come from and what process did you go through to create it?
We just wanted to create something that symbolised what the creative process can sometimes feel like, and the Sisyphus myth seemed like a good fit. 
We filmed it all in one long, sunburn filled day, out at a place called Butser Hill. It was harder to get the organ up that hill than we had imagined but we preserved to get the job done, a bit like the creative process we were trying to convey. 

3. You've also released the single as a limited edition cassette tape for Cassette Store Day, what are your thoughts on 'retro' music releases versus digital?
It's nice to have something to accompany music, I think the digital age has its positives but I think it also is slowly stripping away the awareness people have of the time and effort that goes into creating music. With something like vinyl or a tape, you can hold it in your hands and feel the weight of an actual product, and perhaps appreciate it a little more, where streaming music tends to detach you from the idea of individual artists making separate forms of music. 
When you listen to an album in a physical format you are really aware that you're listening to one particular artist, you have to physically select it from a shelf or something. I think that gets lost a bit with digital/streaming, everything blurs together a bit more with things like giant Spotify playlists and you can sometimes forget who you're even listening to. 
Plus, physical just feels nicer, who doesn't enjoy sleeping with their favourite CD in their arms? Oh, just me?

4. Can we expect some more new music or live dates in the near future?
Our new single will be released in early November, we are playing a couple of shows in support of it (one is a secret), we are also playing Southampton Joiners on 23rd November. 

5. Random one, what's your favourite 90's jam?
'Soon' by My Bloody Valentine, maximum volume, on repeat all day. 

'Frostbeat' Review:
'Frostbeat' shows off Sad Palace's versatile range and melodic harmonies. The track builds up throughout and combines funky riffs with striking guitar, the atmospheric keys add a lighter note to the instrumental. It's a catchy track that's bound to have you tapping along. 

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'Frostbeat' (Cassette): http://sadpalace.bigcartel.com

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