Friday, 23 February 2018

Check It Out #38

1. Wait For The Rain - Rae Morris
Blackpool born songstress, Rae Morris, is back with her second album 'Someone Out There'. She's supporting the album release with a UK tour, and has been releasing videos alongside some of the tracks. Here's one of our favourites, 'Wait For The Rain', which is a fantastic hybrid of electronic and Rae's classic melodic vocals that show off her versatility. 

2. Follow The Leader - George The Poet, Maverick Sabre & Jorja Smith
This trio come together to collaborate their new release, which is currently charting #5 on the UK's Viral Chart. This is a great single that deserves it's recognition with it's steady beat and it's solos from each artist, combined with sweet harmonies contrasted with the raw video. 

3. If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead - James Blake
Londoner James Blake hits us with a brand new song, just before setting off for his tour of Europe with Kendrick Lamar. This trance like song immerses you into Jame's musical genius. Trippy riffs that skip over the melodical keys and vocals that ooze all over the track. 

4. One Of Us Will Lose - Glen Hansard
Irish musician Glen Hansard slides back into our musical hearts with his third solo album 'Between Two Shores' that was released 19th January. Here's one of our favourites, 'One Of Us Will Lose' which is a beautiful representation for the rest of the album. A truly uplifting and inspiring song that resonates within you.

5. Strangers - Sigrid
21 year old Norwegian pop sensation Sigrid drops her popular single 'Strangers' which eludes power and pure talent, that clearly everyone is falling for. Her quickly rising fame is fairly granted with this upbeat, catchy single that shows off her versatility of range and melodic genius. 

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