Friday, 3 August 2018

Spotlight: I See Rivers

Originally hailing from Northern, Southern and Western parts of Norway, the now UK based trio, I See Rivers, are back with another fantastic EP. They move in a musical landscape that they've perfectly dubbed  'Float Folk'. Eline, Gøril and Lill have shared stages with the likes of Newton Faulkner, Cosmo Sheldrake and Fredrik William Olsen; and festival highlights include Green Man Festival, Belladrum Festival, and Sound City. 

'Play It Cool' EP Review:
‘Play It Cool’ opens up this EP perfectly with it’s staccato instrumentation combined with glorious harmonies that all blend together perfectly. Their musicianship clearly shines through, as the instrumentation supports in all the right places, laying the faultless foundation for the intricate vocal melodies. This track plays effortlessly, smoothly transitioning through sections like melting butter. As the lead single in this EP, it’s obvious that this song means business from its blissfully clear vocals to incredible song writing. To sum it up, this song takes you through a journey, a journey with gentle waves that cradle you through the highs and lows, whilst the trio’s voices send you off in a beautiful lullaby. 
‘I Think I Like You’ takes over instantly with yet more tasty harmonies, making you fall for the song in ways you never expected. With a more stripped back instrumentation, the acoustic guitar echo’s the vocal melody, adding a fourth harmony. ‘I Think I Like You’ takes hold of the structure and makes sweet musical love as each section cradles each other with great care and passion. This song epitomises the very feeling of having a huge crush on someone, it sounds like wonderful colours, scenes and poetry…just as good song writing should do. 
‘I Don’t Know’ eases you in with layers, layers, layers. Again with a more acoustic, stripped back feel, it starts off with stunning solo vocals, to then three-part unity in creamy goodness. As the EP’s shortest song, it sure makes up for it in climax, as each section there is a new layer of percussion added, intensifying each blanket of genius. Just when you think it can’t get any more full of wonder…the bass kicks in and completely changes the song. Lifting it to places you weren’t expecting. 
‘I Give Up’ rounds off this glorious EP by showing their sensational musicianship as each member uses their voice like a well-tuned instrument, faultlessly gliding through notes as if combing silk. The chorus of this track is hands down one of the most naturally consuming choruses ever. You’re sucked in immediately, taken to another world without even noticing your hearts been stolen. This track feels fuller (and that’s mainly down to the vocals) whilst still maintaining classy subtlety, really finishing this EP with the grand finale. Each riff, melody, harmony and layer captures you in pure ecstasy, intoxicating your ears with songs that you will never forget.

See I See Rivers Live:
17th October: St Pancras Old Church, London (tickets)

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