Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Rewind #1 (17/09/13)

This week, we take a look back over our previously featured artists and see what they're doing now...

So, our first feature was Angus Powell, he's been quiet recently, but that's because he's been working new stuff and planning his next steps into the industry... So, keep a look out, he might pop up sometime soon!

Next up, Jamie Willetts. He's uploaded 10 covers since we featured him, and they're all worth a listen. Two that stand out are his harmonial cover of 'Burn' originally by Ellie Goulding and his cover of the controversial 'Wrecking Ball' by Miley Cyrus. He's also lining up some originals to upload soon, so stayed tuned on his YouTube/Facebook :)

Third this week we have April Keen. She's been performing as much as she can recently, and has been uploading videos on YouTube too. One was a cover of the chart topper 'Roar' by Katy Perry and the other was a cover of the classic 'White Blank Page' by Mumford & Sons. She's also working on more originals, so again keep your ears tuned for those :) 

 The next feature was Daniel Robinson, and he's done quite a bit since we featured him! His single 'Pillows' has made it onto iTunes, alongside a new EP. He's also uploaded some new covers and an original onto YouTube, whilst building his fan base even more and releasing promo wristbands (that come with a free flyer). 

Our penultimate feature is Haytham Whitear. He's been back to sixth form, I'm sure he's hoping to post more YouTube videos soon, but for now go check out the session he did with us on YouTube! 

Last up, we have Maddy Storm. It was only two weeks since we uploaded her feature, so to be fair we haven't given her much chance to do much! So, go check out her most recent videos, a cover of 'Right Here' by Rudimental featuring Foxes, and an original called 'Looking For'. Enjoy! 


Check It Out!

Chart: Counting Stars - OneRepublic

It's be 4 years since any of OneRepublic's singles have been released for the charts and 'Counting Stars' peaked at #2 in the UK Singles Chart. It's only just started gaining success in the UK recently, considering it was released in June 2013. 

Live Performance: A Lonely Man - Daniel James

Last Thursday I went to see Lauren Aquilina live and Daniel supported her. After seeing him live I went home and searched him on YouTube and enjoyed listening to the other songs he's written and sung. Still, this song stood out the most, so after you've listened to this live performance of it, I suggest you also search it in YouTube and watch the video with recorded track. 

Cover: Stay - Thirty Seconds To Mars

Stay, originally by Rihanna was covered by Thirty Seconds To Mars recently (the day this blog was uploaded). The cover is powerful with 'simple' instrumentals and the powerful voice of Jared Leto pushing it to sound phenomenal. I think that's all I need to say about this one, enjoy! 

YouTube: Red Hands - Walk Off The Earth

Walk Off The Earth, a Canadian rock band, have become well known on YouTube for their low budget videos of originals and covers. After their cover of 'Somebody That I Used To Know' with all five members of the group playing a part on a guitar, went viral, they have since appeared on Ellen, The Listener and a 3D version of the 'Gang of Rhythm' video has been featured on the Nintendo 3DS game console. Red Hands is the second single from their album R.E.V.O. and the first original song from the album. 

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