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What I'm Listening To... (26/11/13)

A new series of blogs... What I'm listening to, is a playlist and blog featuring ten songs I've been loving and listening to recently, I'll probably do a blog entry for this series every couple of months...Enjoy!

Dilute - Wolf Choir

I have had this song on repeat since it was released for download. It's a popular choice amongst my friends and family at the minute too, which is always a good sign. The song has so many layers and is probably my favourite off their debut EP, 'Mountains and Other Nice Things'. However, Bichon Frise is also a song that stands out. If you haven't heard these guys yet, please check them out and I really recommend downloading their EP (for a name-your-own-price) if this is their debut EP after only a few months of being a group, I'm really excited about their future.
(I've attached a bedroom session they did, but the recorded version is on the YouTube playlist). 

Bleeding Love (cover) - The Woman's Hour

I discovered this after one of their other songs was shared on Facebook. I personally, really don't like the original but this cover is a much better version. It's chilled and the simplicity really adds to that, as well as the flawless harmonising vocals. If you like Daughter or Vintage Moon, you'd probably like The Woman's Hour!

Young Blood - Saint Raymond

Every time I've been on the computer to do work/logged into Youtube, I've headed to this song first. This track has been listed as Zane Lowe's Hottest Record and is released as the title track from Young Blood EP out on 5th Jan 2014. If you like HAIM and Lewis Watson, I'm pretty sure you'd like this song! His EP 'Escapade' has also been on repeat on my ipod for the past few months. (skip video to 0.22)

Flaws and Ceilings - Frank Hamilton & Lauren Aquilina

Two amazing artists came together and created a song that I always go back to! Their voices compliment each other so well and again it's another chilled song, and one that I can never stop myself singing along to. 

Know About Me - Ryan Keen

When I came back from Kenya, 'Room For Light' was the first CD I listened to the whole way through (I still like to listen to music the old-fashioned way quite often). I really enjoyed the whole album, however this song has stood out as my favourite every time I've listened to it, if you like singer/songwriters, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, Frank Hamilton and good music, this album is the one for you! It's so chilled and a good one to listen to in any mood. 

Animal Keeper - George Barnett

I love most of George's tracks, but this one stands out the most. It's a head-nodding and foot-tapping tune. His new EP that came out just over a week ago is pretty insane too, that's been on repeat. Although, I specifically like the remix of this song on it, more of an instrumental version to start with. I also caught up with him for a feature recently, if you want to find out more about him and his music: http://musicintimeblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/feature-george-barnett-051113.html 

Say My Name/Cry Me A River - The Neighbourhood

I came across this group a few days ago and loved them, typical me went and found a cover that they'd done... Yet another chilled track but another one that's been on repeat every time I log onto Youtube. 

Your Love Hurts - Billy Lockett

Another artist I came across supporting another artist. I have all his EPs and all of them are played over and over again. This is his new title track from his new EP and it's another good one! His voice is one that can be listened to all day and his songs are like that too.

Somewhere Only We Know (cover) - Lily Allen

I usually enjoy the John Lewis Christmas adverts, but this one has beaten all the others for me. Power of Love last year covered by Gabrielle Aplin was top of my list until I heard this. It's breaking me into the christmas spirit slowly... I really loved the original but I think this cover from Lily really beats it. As a big Lily Allen fan, it's nice to hear something new from her too! 


I've really enjoyed listening to this band recently. Another band with their music in Zane Lowe's Hottest Record Top 100... These guys are good for listening to whilst getting things done, their beats and electronic twist on music gets you on your feet. 

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Feature: Adam Double (19/11/13)

Adam, a 24 year-old singer songwriter from Ipswich, Suffolk. He has been performing as a session bassist/keys player for a while now and more recently started writing his own material. His first experience playing as a session musician happened when he joined a blues trio with Mark Flanagan (guitarist in Jools' Holland's rhythm and blues orchestra). During this time, they supported Jools Holland and recorded sessions for Radio 2. Adam has since started playing bass and keys for Lewis Watson, and they've supported acts like Kodaline and Benjamin Francis Leftwich, along with completing two headline UK tours so far this year. As well as being grateful for meeting Lewis and the rest of the gang, Adam has had the pleasure to work with them and other talented artists including Saint Raymond, Kimberly Anne, Orla Gartland, Shannon Saunders and Frank Hamilton. Recently, Frank gave Adam the opportunity to support him on his headline tour at the Boileroom in Guildford, playing some of his own stuff. Right now, Adam is on tour again with Lewis, but this time including European shows.

General Questions... 

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how? 
I started playing drums when I was about 13/14 and later moved onto play bass in a few bands at school. I didn't really take music too seriously until I was about 16, when I started a band with my cousin called 'Strip Jack Naked'. It was so much fun being in that band, and that was when I started to enjoy writing and playing songs of my own.

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to? 
One of the most inspiring gigs I've been to was to see Scott Matthews play at the Waterfront in Norwich. I haven't seen someone silence a room with their voice in the same way that he did since. It was so nice to be at a gig where no one was talking over the music or on their phone videoing or tweeting about the gig, all just taking in how stunning it was.

3. What have you been listening to lately? 
Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Half Moon Run. Their tunes are just great. Also I have been listening to The 1975 quite a bit. 'Girls' is an absolute banger!

3 Questions for Adam...

1. You've had so many great musical experiences but what has been your highlight and why?
The whole of this year has been one massive highlight really. Playing for Lewis Watson has just been such an incredible experience, and has given me the opportunity to play shows and festivals that I never thought I would play. Playing Glastonbury was a huge highlight. It's such a good festival, and it was great to hang out with friends and see good bands all weekend.

2. Out of the instruments you play, which do you enjoy playing the most and why? 
I love playing any instrument really. But I guess I enjoy playing bass the most, mainly because it's the instrument I feel most comfortable playing. It just feels right!

3. What songwriting process did you go through with 'Weight of Your Love'? 
I actually went back to my parents home in Suffolk to finish writing that song. I find that I can often be my most creative when I'm on my own, and really felt that 'Weight of Your Love' could be something special, so I kind of locked myself away in a room for a few days, and what you hear is the result of that. 

Random Q from a Reader...

I loved your set at Boileroom in October. You're very young but have a very mature sound, what and who influences you when you write your tracks? (from Francesca)
Thank you very much! Really glad you enjoyed it. I suppose I'm just not very good at being young, or at least singing about it. I like to try and write music that I feel has some depth or meaning to it. I get influenced by artists like John Mayer, Bon Iver, James Blake etc. but I think the artists that influence me most are often the ones I play with. Mark Flanagan is an incredible songwriter and writes wonderful lyrics that are really honest and inspiring. My friend Tommy Asby (CHECK HIM OUT) is another great influence of mine. He writes beautiful music with lyrics that'll break your heart. I think that's really what I'm trying to achieve; music that's honest and beautiful.

(Adam's links can be found underneath the reviews and video!)

Reviews of 'Weight of Your Love' by Adam Double:

1. Tracy: 5/5 - Love it! Mellow & with strings! :) Although, I may be biased as this has been one of the many on repeat on my iPod.

2. Francesca: 5/5 - very mellow. Adam has a great voice, coupled with the seep lyrics (for one so young), & many layers of musical genius - love it.

3. Evie: 5/5 - I think I'm in love :O

Adam's Links: 

All Adam's music is free to download from: http://adamdouble.bandcamp.com/

See all his videos on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/adamdoublemusic

Please check out my Facebook and Twitter pages for news on gigs coming up: 

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Chart: How Long Will I Love You - Ellie Goulding

This song was originally by Scottish rock band, The Waterboys, released in 1990. Recently, Ellie Goulding covered the track and released it as the second single from the repackaged edition of her second studio album, Halcyon days. It has also been used as the official song for BBC Children In Need 2013 and is now sat at #3 in the UK Singles Chart.

Live Performance: Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, the focus of most media stories in recent months, gave a powerful performance on X Factor at the weekend. 'Wrecking Ball' got to number 1 in the UK Singles Chart and the US Billboard Hot 100. In this performance, Miley shows the emotional side to the song, considering she was ill, I think she did a pretty good job!

Cover: Billie Jean - Michael Henry & Justin Robinett

This song originally by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is effortlessly covered here by Michael and Justin. The video has his over 2 million views. They started uploading videos to Youtube 4 years ago, and have grown their viewer count as well as their music. Enjoy this one! 

Youtube: Minimal Beat - Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey is one of the most unique and individual musicians I can think of right now, playing a classical instrument to upbeat and futuristic beats and tunes. She started uploading regular videos to Youtube 2 years ago and her song 'Crystallize' was the eighth most-viewed video on Youtube last year, gaining over an incredible 63 million views. She has uploaded a mix of originals and covers, that are all amazing. I recommend you check out her Youtube page as well as just this one song, which is her latest original. Enjoy! 

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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Feature: Bambi (16/11/13)


Bambi are a new London based indie band. Having been together for only 7 months, they've already supported Tom Odell, Professor Green and Mark Ronson on the main stage this year at Brownstock Festival. They've also played with Family Rain at Walt Disney's official premier party for The Lone Ranger and have self-released their first track All Along. They've got a constantly growing online fanbase, they've been growing and going forward at a rapid speed, and they don't plan to stop!

General Questions... 

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how? 
We've always been really into music but we didn't really pick up any instruments until we were in our early teens...

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to? 
We haven't been to many gigs as a collective but for James it was seeing the Maccabees at Brixton Academy in 2009.

3. What have you been listening to lately? 
A lot of 90s is in the mix at the moment, bands like Slowdive, Radiohead and Weezer, they're the geezers. Been listening to Mac Demarco too, they're pretty.

3 Questions for Bambi... 

1. How was the band formed, were you friends before? 
We all knew each other from our home town and eventually regrouped in London, it still puzzles us how we became a band.

2. What process did you go through writing 'Reap from the Dying Love'? 
We wrote it at home like most of our songs and used GarageBand on an iPhone to make a rough recording of it, technology ay? We took it to rehearsals, played around with it a bit then took it to the studio with our magical producer Chris... He's pretty dreamy.

3. People have compared you to 'The Temper Trap' and 'Echo and the Bunnymen', who influences you musically? 
There's too many artists to mention and our influences are always changing, hearing those comparisons is strange as we aren't really influenced by either of them. Each member has different musical backgrounds and that's what makes it all come together.

Random Qs from Readers... 

1. Where did the name Bambi come from? (from Lailana) 
We love venison.

2. Is your songwriting process collective or individual and how does it work? (from Tracy)
If all of us don't write a song together collectively it's almost like a roast without gravy... and we lurvvee gravy.

Any other things you'd like to share/say?! 
Our single 'Reap from the Dying Love' will be released on 17th November (tomorrow), you can find the stream of it on http://www.soundcloud.com/bambihq
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/reap-from-dying-love-single/id725207921

Other links below!

Reviews of 'Reap from the Dying Love' by Bambi

1. Sophie: 3/5 - nice intro and lyrics but not really my type of music.

2. Evan: 5/5 - nice vocals and instruments makes it a foot tapping song, had it on repeat, can't wait to hear more from these guys!

3. Lucy: 4/5 - 'Reap from the Dying Love' has heartfelt lyrics coupled with a sound that is both wonderful and chaotic all at once. It definitely pays homage to the past, but also displays a brilliant freshness that could lead Bambi to become just what the modern music scene needs.

 (video will appear here once released)

Bambi's Links: 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/bambihq
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/bambihq
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BambiHQ
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/bambihq

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Chart: Story of My Life - One Direction

'Story of My Life' was released by the group on 28th October this year and peaked at number 4 in the UK Singles Chart. It's the second single from their third studio album 'Midnight Memories'.

Live Performance: I Should Have Followed You Home - Gary Barlow & Agnetha Faltskog

The duet came together to perform their co-written track at Children In Need Rocks 2013. It was the first live performance for Agnetha in 25 years and I think it was a pretty good one to come back on! Maybe we'll see a regroup for Abba in the next few years?

Cover: The Peaks - Lewis Watson & Kimberly Anne

'The Peaks' originally by alt rock/pop band Everything Everything from their second studio album Arc, which was released earlier in the year. Lewis Watson has joined forces with a few of his friends for his next EP and one of the tracks listed is this cover. If this cover is anything to go by the EP's looking like a good one with other songs from Hudson Taylor and Gabrielle Aplin. 

Classic: It's Oh So Quiet - Bjork

'It's Oh So Quiet' was originally by American singer Betty Hutton, but being covered by Bjork and remains her biggest hit. It reached #4 in the UK and spent 15 weeks on the UK Singles Chart. In the UK the single has been certified as Gold, having sold over 400,000 copies. 

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Monday, 11 November 2013

Feature: Orla Gartland (11/11/13)

Orla Gartland

Orla Gartland describes herself as 'an 18 year old music makin' ginger nutcase'. She is unsigned and has recently left college to continue into a music career.
She has previously released a single called 'Devil On My Shoulder' and has recently toured with Lauren Aquilina and Frank Hamilton. But she is about to release her debut EP and has just announced a tour in February 2014. Orla's group of supporters is getting bigger and bigger and so is her music!

General Questions...

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I began learning violin when I was 5 or so, and guitar when I was 12. I always sang - mostly in the shower, never in front of anyone. Once I got a bit more handy at the guitar, the two were naturally combined!

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to? 
I went to see Bon Iver in the O2 Arena in Dublin last year - that was special. People always talk about hearing certain songs sung live and getting shivers; I never really understood that until that day!

3. What have you been listening to lately? 
HAIM, Lorde, the 1975, Regina Spektor! My friends Hudson Taylor have just released a killer EP, so that too.

3 Questions for Orla...

1. You have created such a huge fan base without releasing an EP yet, do you think YouTube/gigging has helped you most and why? 
Youtube has definitely helped most in the beginning. Off the back of a couple videos filmed in my bedroom in Dublin I began to be offered gigs; charity fundraisers, support slots, festival appearances - once I got that first taste of performing I was hooked! I'm still pretty active on the internet and upload videos regularly but this summer I think it's been gigs that have helped most - now that I'm finished school I can gig every night!

2. 'Roots' has a unique image, what songwriting process did you go through with it and how did you create the idea for the music video? 
Wahey, thanks so much! The song is about leaving home and moving out, something I'm experiencing right now. I wanted to portray that in the music video in some sort of strange way... so far the video I needed the device that would entice me away from 'home' and transport me elsewhere... and I chose a whale. We used live animation, so anything was possible! The lyrics of 'Roots' probably resonate with me more than any other song I've written, so it seemed to automatically become the EP title track.

3. You have uploaded lots of covers and originals on YouTube, but what are your top 3 videos (of yours) and why? 
The earliest would probably be the music video for the first song I ever released called 'Devil On My Shoulder'. Some friends and I went to a funfair in Bristol and between us we pieced together a little homemade music video, it was a right laugh. I recently did a cover of a song called 'The Wire' by a band called Haim and that's a fave too simply because I didn't expect to enjoy making the video so much! I've recently started playing a lot of electric guitar so I loved playing it for that cover. And last but not least, the Roots music video. It's my first proper music video, and it's absolutely the weirdest thing but I love it!

Random Q's from Readers...

1. What age did you know you wanted to be a singer? (from Lailana)
Oooh! Probably about 12 or so. Before that I was too scared to consider it as a real possibility.

2. Where are your roots? Where's home for you and who's it shared with? (from Francesca)
I grew up in Dublin, Ireland - although I've been making music in England for the last couple of months, Dublin's still technically my home! I love it. I live there with my parents, younger sister Niamh and younger brother Ciaran. The 'roots' I'm talking about in the song are actually different aspects of personality that I associate with home - your attitudes, your opinions, your values. In the song I'm toying with the idea of moving out and leaving home, but questioning whether I can bring these different aspects of my character with me along the way!

3. Where is your dream place to perform and why? (from Tracy)
I'd LOVE to play shows in America. In Ireland and England we're bombarded with American culture through TV programmes and various other media outlets, so it seems like a sort of dreamworld for me. I feel like I know and understand the USA but I've never been!

4. What track off your new EP are you looking forward to people hearing the most and why? (from Evan)
Bahhhh, such a good question. The second track 'Clueless' and I'm really excited to see what people think of that one; I think it's my favourite one to play live! It's proper bouncy!

Any other things you'd like to share/say?! 

My first EP 'Roots' is out now and is available over on iTunes worldwide now - eek!
iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/roots-ep/id699781855

Also, I've just announced a brand new UK/Ireland tour for February 2013 - I'm coming to Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, London, Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin and Cork. Tickets are on sale now! I'll be playing some old songs, playing the new EP songs and meeting everyone after every show. EXCITED FOR LIFE.
Tour Tickets: http://www.orlagartland.me/tour/

Reviews of 'Roots' by Orla Gartland

1. Lailana: 6/5 - one of mah faves <3

2. Haytham: 5/5 - catchy tune and very interesting video :) loved guitar too.

3. Sophie: 4/5 - beautiful and well written lyrics.

4. Evie: 4/5 - really nice guitar and vocals.

Orla Gartland's Links: 

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Chart: The Monster ft. Rihanna - Eminem

Eminem returns with another song featuring Rihanna.'The Monster' is taken from Eminem's eight studio album 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2'. It's the fourth collaboration between the duo and it seems to be doing just as well as the others did in the chart. (Warning though, the song contains explicit lyrics...) 

Live Performance: Cinema ft. Gary Go - Benny Benassi

An 'old' song for those of you who put best before dates on music. However this is a live performance from a few years ago, which I re-discovered recently! It was released on 8 March 2011 and did well getting into the UK Singles Top 20 and peaked at 2 in the US Billboard Charts. Mainly known for Skrillex's remix of it but here's Benny Benassi and Gary Go performing it live for SBTV back in 2011. 

Cover: Somewhere Only We Know - Lily Allen

This song has been topic of conversation all over the country! As soon as the John Lewis christmas advert was aired for this year, people took to Twitter, Facebook and other forms of communication to say how great it was! 'Somewhere Only We Know' originally by English band Keane, released in 2004, has been covered beautifully by Lily Allen for the advert and has already made it to number two in the UK Singles Chart. 

YouTube: Focus - Ryan Keen

Ryan Keen is a guitarist and singer/songwriter, who has recently released his first album. I've had it on repeat recently and think he's a great artist that deserves more recognition. His music has faint echoes of Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, April Keen and even Nickleback. Enjoy! 

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Feature: George Barnett (05/11/13)

George Barnett

George is a 19 year old musician and singer-songwriter from Herefordshire, UK. He started making music when he was very young and hasn't stopped since! He's already self-released two EPs and one full-length album called 17 days. George has been voted UK National Drummer of the Year and has taken part in the BBC Live in Hyde Park Festival. He has just finished touring with Frank Hamilton and has an increasing group of supporters.

General Questions... 

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how? 
I was around 3 years old. My mum ran a nursery school and there was always a lot of music there and I really liked it. One day a lady called Jenny came to play piano for us and it really stuck with me. That was the start. A little while after that we went to a wedding and I watched the band play and from then on all I wanted to do was drum.

2. What was the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you went to? 
I recently went to see Bruno Mars in Birmingham. It was one of the best gigs I've seen because of the showmanship and because his whole band were into it.

3. What have you been listening to lately? 
I've been listening to Lorde and London Grammar and I've been listening to Outkast a lot too - I love Andre 3000 - I like how free he is and how gritty and unfinished and unpolished it is.

3 Questions for George...

1. You play a wide range of instruments, but which is your favourite and why?
Drums - because that's what I'm best at and they're the start of everything.

2. What music video (of yours) have you enjoyed creating and shooting the most and why?
Bewitched was my favourite one because it was the most fun to shoot and edit. We had to plan a lot of it beforehand. Most of the planning was done before the editing stage and usually it's the other way around. Usually I shoot and then edit aroudn the track but this time I had to have all the edits in mind before we shot.

3. What was your inspiration for 'Animal Keeper' and what songwriting process did you go through? 
The songwriting process started with drums - with an electronic beat, then the riffs came on the synth. Then I had a loop that I wrote over. In terms of the inspiration - I was trying to think of an interesting way of saying something but still with a clear message. It couldn't be oversimplified as that would have sounded silly but it still had to be punchy and to the point.

Random Q from a Reader...

You have so much energy on stage - how do you chill out and calm down after a show? (from Francesca) 
It does take ages to calm down after a gig. I never calm down straight away. But a van drive does make you go to sleep! If we went straight to a hotel with comfortable beds straight after a gig we'd be awake all night but if we go in the van we all fall asleep which is odd because the van isn't comfortable to sleep in...

Reviews of 'Animal Keeper' by George Barnett

1. Francesca: 5/5 - love it, love it, love it!

2. Philippa: 5/5 - that's a pretty catchy tune!

3. Haytham: 5/5 - a great video and especially like the stripey jumper!

4. Lailana: 99.99/5 - this guy is CRAZY!

5. Tracy: 5/5 - having seen this guy live too his energy is amazing! keep being drawn to listening to!...

Animal Keeper EP Review:

The Animal Keeper EP has a unique mix of instruments, beats and tempos that all compliment George's vocals. His lyrics are honest and clever, making it impossible to stop yourself from singing along. It's a foot-tapping EP that makes you want to get up and do stuff. A nice twist on the EP is the 'Animal Keeper Remix (Is This How I Want To Live?) more of an instrumental version with minimal vocals built into the track. This EP is reminiscent of some of Depeche Mode's songs and a mix of Freddie Mercury and Justin Timberlake's vocals.'Animal Keeper EP' is a great showcase of George's skilled and mixed musicality. Definitely worth getting! I've had it on repeat since it was released!
George's Links:
Twitter: @geobarnett

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Chart: Move - Little Mix

'Move' was released on 3rd November 2013, and is already sitting in the Top 10 in teh UK Singles Chart. The first single from their upcoming second album 'Salute', 'Move' is slightly different to their previous music but it's still true to Little Mix and it's still worthy of #1 in the charts! 

Live Performance: Children of the Sun - Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah recently performed at Radio 1 Teen Awards, with lots of energy and proving that his time off working on new tracks was definitely a good thing! 'Children of the Sun' is the second single from his second studio album 'Demonstration' which was released 1st November 2013. 

Cover: We Can't Stop - Bastille

Bastille are very well known for making songs their own and their mash ups, this is a perfect showcase of this! Covering Miley Cyrus' controversial 'We Can't Stop' whilst adding many other sections of songs in... Starting the song with a familiar sound of 'Lose Yourself', a riff at 1.19 from Lion King and 'Achey Breaky Heart, maybe this cover is a song for Miley, with many meanings, it's up to you to get your own interpretation! 

YouTube: This Kiss - Alex Day & Carrie Hope Fletcher

Both Alex Day and Carrie Hope Flecther are well known YouTubers. Alex Day for his geekyness and links to Doctor Who through his trock (Time Lord Rock) band Chameleon Circuit and Carrie Hope Fletcher for being sister to Tom Fletcher (McFly) and her links to the West End, specifically Les Mis at the moment. In this song they show they can both sing and I recommend checking out some of their other songs they've done because they're not just random songs with random music, there are very imaginative songs and Alex's especially have great music videos to go with them!

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