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Feature: Lianne Kaye (17/12/13)

Lianne is an 18 year old rock/pop singer-songwriter from England. She has been uploading videos to Youtube for the past three years and has a new EP now available to pre-order and is also going on a headline tour next February.

General Questions...

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how? 
I started singing when I was about 7 and just realised it was something I had a passion for and loved doing, I got involved at school with anything music based and then when I was 13 I picked up a guitar and started songwriting.

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to? 
I think all the gigs I've been to have been inspiring in different ways as no artist or band is the same. Though when I saw Ed Sheeran I was pretty blown away, he's an incredible talent and very inspiring.

3. What have you been listening to lately? 
Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Kelly Clarkson, she rocks haha but I'm liking a lot of acoustic stuff too. I like a real mixture of music.

3 Questions for Lianne...

1. You've uploaded a lot of successful videos on Youtube, but what are your top 3 favourites? 
Thank you very much, I've enjoyed them all but I think for me 'My Heart' by Paramore was one I really loved to sing. 'Sex On Fire' was cool cos I liked changing it up, and obviously 'We Found Love' was great and the reaction was so unexpected, but I've loved them all :)

2. You have a new EP coming very soon, what track are you most excited about and why?
Honestly I'm so happy with all of them, their exactly the sound and style that I'd love to pursue. There's a song on there though called 'All That You Have To Say' that I'm excited for people to hear, it's a little rocky so will be great to hear what people think.

3. What process did you go through whilst writing the title track of the new EP, Vacancy? 
It's weird because sometimes certain songs just kinda almost write themselves and Vacancy was one of those songs. I was sitting in my room jamming these chords that I really loved and was thinking about how I always end up liking someone and having no idea if they feel the same way so I sung 'I wanna know what you think about me...' and that was it.

Random Questions...

Favourite music video? 
Ahhh so many good ones! I love the video for 'Breathe' by Michelle Branch, I'm a big fan. 

Reviews of 'Everything To Me' by Lianne Kaye:

1. Lucy: 4/5 - lovely song with great lyrics and a raw voice with beautiful tones.

2. Sophie: 4/5 - love it! Beautiful voice!

3: Philippa: 5/5 - love her voice & really cute video, especially with that alpaca...

4: Tracy: 5/5 - if not more - instant love it!

Lianne's Links:

Twitter: @LianneKayeMusic

Check It Out! (full of covers this week!)

Chart: Skyscraper - Sam Bailey

Skyscraper, originally by American artist Demi Lovato, covered by Sam Bailey, is currently sat at Number 1 in the UK Singles Chart. It has also been announced that she will support Beyonce on her UK leg of her next tour... Not a bad year to win the X Factor then?

Live Performance: Anna Sun - Kina Grannis & Hoodie Allen

Kina Grannis, an American guitarist and singer/songwriter performing live here with American singer/rapper Hoodie Allen. Anna Sun, originally by Walk The Moon, is covered live by Hoodie and Kina into a stunning song. 

Cover: No More I Love You's - Lauren Aquilina

As part of her Twelve Days of Christmas, Lauren released this cover as a free download, it is a sensational cover, that shows her vocal range flawlessly. Considering it was a well-known Annie Lennox song (that was originally by The Lover Speaks) I was worried that she wouldn't do it justice, but I'd say she's definitely done really well with it! (It also has some sneaky Fools vibes in there too!)

Classic: Music & Lights - Imagination

'Music and Lights' a single released by British trio Imagination in 1982, is a well know hit with many people, without them knowing it. It peaked at Number 5 in the UK Singles Chart when it was released and was well received. 

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