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Best of 2014. (30/12/14)

I thought I'd put together (some of) the best songs from 2014 - obviously, these are what I enjoyed/think deserve a place in my Top 20, if you loved any other songs that you think should have made it in here, comment them below! The following are in no particular order and I honestly feel all songs mentioned in this list are worth a listen to, there's also five that didn't quite make the listen noted at the end. 

Chandelier - Sia (Live on Ellen)
I became obsessed with this song after its release in March this year, specifically this performance. Her vocals are so raw and full of emotion coupled up with a live performance of the music video, this is my favourite of the year, quite easily, even if it has been overplayed, I can still listen to it without wanting to rip my ears off. Well played Sia. 

Busy Earnin' - Jungle
Whilst everyone is raving about 'Uptown Funk', I'm still listening to the soulful sounds of this song, released in April. I feel like this is one of those songs a lot of people heard without it being overplayed/talked about, it didn't do great in the charts, but a couple of slots on TV shows gained the track and the band some much needed and deserved air time to share their sound. 

Hideaway - Ben Howard
Both Ben Howard and Kiesza have had a good year, however mix the style and sound of Ben Howard with the structure and lyrics of Kiezsa and you have a wonderful track that I can't stop listening to. This is one of my favourite live lounges from 2014 and Ben has shown he can make any song his own, yet again. 

Centuries - Fall Out Boy
I saw Fall Out Boy live at Isle Of Wight Festival 2014, after many years of waiting to see them live. 'Centuries' is the incredibly catchy lead single from their upcoming album (released January 2015) and hearing a couple of other songs from the album has made me excited to hear the rest of it. 

1998 - Chet Faker
In the past year I have listened to a lot more electronica music, Chet Faker has become one of my most listened to artists of 2014. My ears have heard this song a lot and they're not getting tired of it yet, I also got his album 'Built On Glass' which is worth a listen, there's a good mix of downtempo and trip hop style sounds on there and sums up his work pretty well. 

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
I'm not one to listen to the charts much, especially if it's filled with overplayed, sometimes irritating tracks, like 'All About That Bass' and this song. However, whenever it comes on it gets me singing along and I don't exactly hate it, the underlying message is good and better than most of the 'talked about' tracks of 2014. I think it's a song for everyone and Taylor did well with her album, even though this isn't my favourite track from the album, it was a turning point for a swift move (excuse the terrible pun) from country to more pop based tracks and it did quite well. 

Flutes - New World Sound & Thomas Newson ft. Lethal Bizzle
When it comes to orchestral instruments in dance music I'm usually hooked (when played and mixed together well). Even though the original version of this song was released just over a year ago, this version featuring Lethal Bizzle was only released a few years ago, and it's still pretty good! Enjoy this one, it's a little different :) 

Water Fountain - tUnE-yArDs
Speaking of a little different, in the last couple of months I've really enjoyed listening to tUnE-yArDs (typing that out was fun...) put together percussion, bass, synths, vocals and 'interesting' lyrics and you've got yourself some seriously good and catchy music. I can't really describe their sound, but it's filed under 'worldbeat' and 'experimental pop', which I think fits it well... Here's them performing this brilliant song live on Jools Holland in October. 

Sedated - Hozier
2014 has been a big year for Hozier, and I see 2015 being even bigger, his lead single from his debut album, (which is easily one of my favourite albums of the year) has been in the Top 40 for over 20 weeks now. 'Take Me To Church' however that was released in 2013, so I didn't feel it counted, here's one of my favourite tracks from his album 'Sedated' instead, and just as good! 

Luna - Bombay Bicycle Club
'So Long, See You Tomorrow' was another of my favourite albums this year, this song as well as 'Feel' are the ones that stand out to me. Bombay Bicycle Club have released some great music this year and they've been doing well on the festival circuit too. This track features vocals from Rae Morris, who will be a big name next year. 

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
As soon as Ed released the music video for this track it was a favourite for many people. The whole of his second studio album 'x' is great and the singles he's released have all done well and received praise from all over the world. 'Thinking Out Loud' peaked at #1 in the UK Singles Chart and has been performed by Ed at many festivals and on a fair few TV shows. 

I Found - Amber Run ft. London Contemporary Voices
Thanks to The Mahogany Sessions (and Amber Run) I came across London Contemporary Voices and fell in love with this version of 'I Found'. I've seen Amber Run twice this year, and both times they've been great. I'm hoping more people get to hear their sound next year, they're gonna be big one day for sure! 

Listen To The Man - George Ezra
'Listen To The Man' is the most recent single from George and just like his others, they are catchy and one of the reasons I love George and his sound is because of the individuality he brings to the charts. This song specifically is great and has a brilliant music video featuring Sir Ian McKellen, which makes it that little bit more amazing. 

Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan
It's been a big year for the musicians on YouTube too, leading the way, is Troye Sivan. If you haven't heard of the name, you will soon! He's a 19 year old Australian singer/songwriter and actor, currently working on his debut studio album - which if the EP is anything to go by should be a brilliant selection of songs. 'Happy Little Pill' became part of my soundtrack to my summer. 

Digital Witness - St. Vincent
'Digital Witness' was released in February 2014, from St. Vincent's eponymous fourth album - which has been dubbed one of the best albums of 2014 by most critics. I'd agree it's a great album, I have listened to it quite a bit, but I really like this track, it's repetitive lyrically, but that highlights what she's trying to say, and doesn't take attention away from the instrumental track that lays underneath her vocals, which I like. 

Little Monster - Royal Blood
If Royal Blood don't get main stage at at least one festival in 2015, I will be disappointed. These guys have blown up this year, after hearing them getting radio play from Fearne Cotton, I knew I wanted to hear from Royal Blood. Their whole album is pure brilliance and I can listen through the whole thing without skipping a song (pretty unusual for me). 

Stones Around The Sun - Lewis Watson
2014 was the year we saw (and heard) Lewis Watson release a debut album after many EPs filled with sad songs - not complaining at all! I've seen Lewis a couple of times this year too and each time I've seen him live, I've always been able to fully immerse myself into the atmosphere of his gigs, which is pleasant. This song as well as 'Halo' stand out from his album 'The Morning' and hearing both live confirmed that to me even more. 

No Rest For The Wicked - Lykke Li
Swedish singer/songwriter Lykke Li has surpassed herself with this track. It's also pretty cool that the vocal track on the final version of the song is from the demo, there is a rawness and honest layer to her lyrics, whilst the track is pop like but still 'alternative enough' - I already hate myself for saying those last two words :/ Still, this track shows Lykke Li and her music off and makes you want to listen to more. 

Ghost - Ella Henderson
After her (I feel)  unfair voting out in X Factor a couple of years ago, Ella has hit back with one of the biggest albums of 2014. There is a mix of upbeat pop tracks and piano ballads with powerhouse vocals. 'Ghost' was Ella's debut single and it peaked at #1 in the UK Singles Chart, she's performed live on many popular TV shows and did a brilliant live mash up with Labrinth at BBC Music Awards. 

Berlin - Sam Smith
Sam Smith has also had a big year, he has been nominated (and won) loads of awards this year and it's not gonna stop now. All of the singles from his album have gone into the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart and this cover is one of the most popular amongst the Live Lounge covers from 2014, it definitely set the bar high at the very start of the year. 

5 Other Songs to Mention:
Hunger of The Pine - Alt-J (link)
Drown - Bring Me The Horizon (link)
Walking With Elephant - Ten Walls (link)
Zombie - Jamie T (link)
Try Happiness - Daniel Gidlund (link)

Thank you to everyone that has supported/read Music In Time during 2014 and here's to (hopefully) even better things in 2015... 
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12 Albums of 2014. Pt. 2 (12/12/14)

This is the second (and final) part of '12 Albums of 2014. Pt. 2', however, this time round it's not just albums, there is a few EPs thrown in too... 2014 has been a good year for music releases, both from 'mainstream' artists and upcoming. (Download links for all albums can be found at the end of this blog!) 

So Long, See You Tomorrow - Bombay Bicycle Club

Release Date: 3rd February 2014
Genre: Indietronica / Indie Rock
Tracks: 10
Chart Performance: #1 (UK Albums Chart)
Singles: Carry Me/Luna/Feel/Come To/Home By Now

This would have been put into the previous blog, however it just missed out as I hadn't listened to it that much, however, over summer I had it on repeat and I have fallen for Bombay's concept. Their unique layers create a catchy and usually upbeat sound, although they also show a slower, chilled vibe scattered through the album too. 'It's Alright Now', is a catchy track and I especially like the beat through this song. 'Home By Now', stands out to me with the song growing, the vocals from Lucy Rose also accompany the song well. The vocals from Rae Morris on 'Luna' also makes that track stand out, but the track from Bombay Bicycle Club is also one of my favourites because of the layers of keys, drums and guitars with added bass for a little extra - definitely my all time favourite track of theirs. 

So Called Man - Robbie Boyd
Release Date: 26th May 2014
Genre: Folk/Pop
Tracks: 12
Singles: Under My Skin/I Won't Let You Go/Less Than Friends/Brave (soon...)

After seeing Robbie at Isle of Wight Festival in July, I've had his music on quite a bit. I also went to see him live earlier this week and he always puts on a good show! The first track on the album is 'Orion's Belt', it's a good introduction to his sound and paves the way for the rest of the album. Upbeat and catchy, but with slower sections, the keys stand out on this track as well as the vocals and lyrics. 'Spring Generation', each time I've seen Robbie live, he's played this one and it's a great singalong song that grows. Starting slow and building the layers into a true 'dance along' track. 'Brave' is another song that stands out to me, the guitars, keys, bass and everything else go so well together and the lyrics are really prominent in this one. 

Noah/Pilot/Spark EPs - Amber Run
Release Date: 14th February/18th April/19th September (2014)
Genre: Alternative Rock
Tracks: 12 | (4 to each EP)
Singles: Noah/Heaven/Spark/I Found

Amber Run stand out as the most atmospheric band I've seen live this year. They fully invest to the songs they play, which allows the audience to get sucked into the tone of their set too. 'Noah' comes to mind when I think of their live shows I've seen, lyrically and musically this song is amazing. It grows at the start into a catchy, drum filled party, but also shows off their vocals and stripped down music. If I haven't spoken about 'I Found' enough, here it is some more... When I saw this live the performance was so ethereal and definitely stands out as a favourite, on the Pilot EP there's an acoustic version which is amazing too and highlights their harmonies, but it's nice to have a stripped down track amongst their rockier stuff. On the Spark EP, there is a cover of 'Hide and Seek', originally by Imogen Heap and it's been covered, reworked and sampled many times but Amber Run's cover is the one for me. 

1000 Forms of Fear - Sia
Release Date: 4th July 2014
Genre: Pop
Tracks: 12
Chart Performance: #11 (UK Albums Chart) | #1 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Chandelier/Big Girls Cry

The album starts with the very popular (and annoyingly overplayed) 'Chandelier', I still love this song, with the deep and emotive lyrics, catchy beat and melody and when especially when performed live, it really shows off Sia's vocals. 'Eye Of The Needle' and 'Straight For The Knife' are also great songs, both lyrically and musically. Sia has a serious talent for songwriting, her lyrics are honest and emotive and her tracks are layered well and catchy, all slightly different, creating a collective sound across the album. This was definitely my album of the summer. 

Meant To Be Kind EP - Hannah Grace
Release Date: 28th July 2014
Genre: 'Pop'
Tracks: 4
Chart: #8 (iTunes Singer/Songwriter Album Chart)
Singles: Broke

It's really refreshing to hear a soulful singer/songwriter like Hannah, I've seen her live a couple of times and her powerhouse yet delicate vocals always stand out. This EP showcases her sound really well, 'Meant To Be Kind', is a very powerful song, lyrically, musically and vocally, it starts slower and builds the layers into a great song. 'Broke' also stands out as a favourite of mine, it has a chilled, almost blues vibe to it, but again grows during the track. However, all the tracks on the EP work together as a great selection of songs, showing Hannah's musicality, this EP shows 2015 will be an even bigger year for Hannah.

Hard As Hello/This Is Me/Liar EPs - Kimberly Anne
Release Date: 21st March/18th July/22nd August (2014)
Genre: Alternative/Pop
Tracks: 12 | (4 to each)
Singles: Hard As Hello

It will surprise me if Kimberly Anne doesn't 'level up' in 2015, 2014 has been a good year for her, with three EP releases, and the likes of Bastille remixing her single 'Hard As Hello', which is a great track, highlighting Kimberly's vocals and guitars. 'Liar' is my favourite song from this group of EPs, honest lyrics coupled with a great drum beat and catchy melody - it's a winner. Both of these songs have brilliant music videos to accompany them too, which is always a plus. Another track worth noting is 'Almost On My Feet', from the Liar EP, the guitar and vocals are stunning and it's a very calming track, which has been on repeat the last couple of months. 

Hozier - Hozier
Release Date: 19th September 2014
Genre: Blues/Soul/Indie Rock
Tracks: 13 | 17 (Deluxe)
Chart Performance: #5 (UK Albums Chart) | #2 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Take Me To Church/Arsonist's Lullaby/Sedated/From Eden

Well... I'd heard of Hozier, and then I HEARD Hozier. It seems Hozier has become the one to watch over the last year and if this album is anything to go by, there's a reason for it! Just his lyrics, vocals and guitar playing would be enough but add everything else from the album and I'm hooked. 'From Eden', 'Sedated' and 'Work Song' are the songs that stand out to me on this album, but it was hard to choose my 'favourites' as the whole album is brilliant and worth a listen to all the way through. 

Sweet Talker - Jessie J
Release Date: 10th October 2014
Genre: Pop/R&B
Tracks: 12 | 15 (Deluxe)
Chart Performance: #5 (UK Albums Chart) | #10 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Bang Bang/Burnin' Up/Sweet Talker/Masterpiece

I was a big fan of Jessie J's debut album 'Who You Are', but I was put off a little by the overall sound of her second album 'Alive', however I had a listen to her new album after kind of liking 'Bang Bang'. Even though I really like the R&B/Pop chart toppers, I prefer the more honest ballad-style tracks. 'Personal' and 'You Don't Really Know Me' are favourite of mine, I think the lyrics are more focused around the 'Who You Are' concept, and even though I like she is experimenting with her sound - I do prefer that from Jessie. For similar reasons, I also like 'Masterpiece', with the Nobody's Perfect ideal, however the track is also great with production etc. There's only a couple of tracks, that I'm not too keen on from the album, but overall it's a good overall sound and I can listen to it all the way through and agree that Jessie J is back! 

Chapter One - Ella Henderson
Release Date: 10th October 2014
Genre: Pop
Tracks: 13 | 18 (Deluxe)
Chart Performance: #1 (UK Albums Chart)
Singles: Ghost/Glow/Yours

Back in 2012, I was gutted that Ella Henderson was voted out early on in the X Factor live shows, she showed massive potential, and that has now been shown in this album. The sound is a great mix of everything Ella can do, there's slower piano ballads and upbeat pop tracks, with a cross over somewhere in between too. 'Ghost' is a catchy track that I had stuck in my head for a long time, on the other end of Ella's spectrum of sound, is 'Missed', a pain-filled ballad. As well as this brilliantly written and crafted song, I really like '1996' (on a side note Lizzie McGuire was definitely one of the best TV programmes...) but it's another brilliant song from another one of my favourite albums of this year. 

I Forget Where We Were - Ben Howard
Release Date: 20th October 2014
Genre: Indie Folk
Tracks: 10
Chart Performance: #1 (UK Albums Chart)
Singles: I Forget Where We Were

I've listened to Ben Howard for a while now and I was excited to hear what his second album had to offer and I definitely wasn't disappointed, after hearing a couple of tracks played on the radio before the release, I knew it was going to be good! The ethereal and atmospheric sound of this album is what Ben is all about, unique sounds, great guitars and emotive lyrics and vocals. 'Rivers In Your Mouth', 'End Of The Affair' and 'All Is Now Harmed', are the stand-out songs from this album for me. I found this album is good for sunsets, walks and long drives. 

1989 - Taylor Swift
Release Date: 27th October 2014
Genre: Pop
Tracks: 13 | 19 (Deluxe)
Chart Performance: #1 (UK Albums Chart) | #1 (US Billboard 200)
Singles: Shake It Off/Blank Space

This was set to be the best album of the year, although for me, it missed the mark (only slightly), for the rest of the world, it went down really well. This time round Taylor went more pop and she's shown she can make it work. The catchy upbeat tunes on the album are chart-toppers and the slower tracks are still just as good. 'Blank Space' is the better single out of the two so far for me, maybe because it hasn't been played as much - yet! However, 'Out Of The Woods' seems to have the recipe for a 'top ten hit' too and I really like that song. 'Clean' is my other favourite from the album, the unique sounds and well pieced lyrics and melody work well together. 

Carry Me EP - Wayward Daughter
Release Date: 1st November 2014
Genre: Rock/Pop
Tracks: 4
Chart Performance: #4 (iTunes Rock Album Chart)
Singles: Carry Me

This EP has been on repeat the last month and a bit, I've been looking forward to this EP for longer than I had realised. They released a live acoustic EP in 2013, which was brilliant, but I've been excited about a recorded version of 'The Letter' probably one of my favourite tracks of theirs, it's a stripped back song with stunning guitar and vocals together. The title track (and single) from the EP is fantastic too, 'Carry Me' often gets stuck in my head, the guitar and drums stick out in this one, with great vocals and it's very strong lyrically too. 'Highway' and 'Gravity' are both immense too, creating a rock vibe throughout the EP, catchy melodies and honest lyrics add up to make my favourite EP of the year.  

iTunes Download Links:
So Long, See You Tomorrow - Bombay Bicycle Club: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/so-long-see-you-tomorrow/id768075566
Hard As Hello/This Is Me/Liar EPs - Kimberly Anne: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/kimberly-anne/id519779111

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EP Reviews: Burn / Rigglets / Synesthesia (02/12/14)

Here's three EPs that you should definitely listen to/download, if you haven't already! 

Burn EP - Jamie Willetts
Jamie Willetts is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from South Wales. This is his debut EP, which was released back in May and debuted in the Top 30 of the iTunes singer/songwriter chart. 

The EP starts with the title track 'Burn', which is an upbeat song with a deep beat, catchy melody and lyrics and I can imagine it being very good live. 'Change' is next, this is a more chilled track with a piano intro leading into an honest and emotive song. The darker start of 'Give Me All Your Love' grows into a song full of layers and a catchy chorus - perfect for singing along to! The EP closes with 'Lighthouse', which has a simple and calm start with the sound of waves - setting a scene for the song, beautifully layered vocals creating harmonies and stunning guitar throughout, as well as the delicate piano in the chorus. 

Overall, a very well put together EP and an eclectic sound of Jamie's genre.

Jamie's Links:

Rigglets EP - Bare Jams
Bare Jams, are an upbeat, acoustic collective from Guildford, made up of Ollie Coombes (lead vocals/guitar), Sam James (cajon/percussion/vocals), Dave Tyler (bass), Dom Brench (percussion/vocals), Ben Fountain (sax), Pat Davidson (keys) and Seb Skelly (trumpet). They gather elements from many genres and mix them together to make a 'solid funky acoustic vibe. This is their second EP, released back in June, after a successful debut EP 'Beautys!'

The EP opens with 'Mrs. Crondidly' a slower paced track compared to others of theirs - but just as great. The honest lyrics and almost blues style horns add to the bridge layered vocals - which are perfect for singing along to live. Next is 'Multi Man', another chilled song throughout, again with honest lyrics and I really like the vocals on this song. 'Dave's Tune' is upbeat and the bass, horns and beat really work well on this track, it's a brilliant funky tune. Starting slow and chilled, growing into a layered upbeat track, 'Fast Feet', is a fun song, with ska influences - when I saw them live the other day, this was the song that got everyone dancing and moving around. 'The Rigglet Song' is the final track on the EP, starting chilled with just acoustic guitar, then adding in synths, bass, beats and horns, it stays chilled throughout.

I'm loving this EP still, and if you get a chance to see them perform live, they definitely give you a show to enjoy!

Bare Jam's Links:
Download (bandcamp): http://barejams.bandcamp.com/album/rigglet-ep
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BareJamsMusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/barejams
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BareJamsOfficial
Website: http://www.barejams.com

Synesthesia EP - Pharaoh Colour
Pharaoh Colour is James Humphrys. Also known for working on projects/bands such as Skylarks and more recently Wolf Choir.

'Need To Know' is the first track on the EP, starting with guitars, and jumping into an upbeat song with a solid beat and catchy lyrics with unique 'James' vocals. Next is 'Once Again' a funky track, again with solid beats, guitar and bass layered up alongside the honest lyrics - I especially like the last minute of that one. A cover of Bombay Bicycle Club's 'Dust On The Ground' follows - and he definitely does it justice! This song shows he can 'do' a slower song, the synths and keys from Ed really add to this track too, giving it a slight twist to the original. 'Closer' closes the EP, again it's a track with beaut guitars, layered up with echoing vocals, drums, bass and honest lyrics.

Even though this EP was only released a few days ago, I've listened to it a lot! It showcases James' musicality and penmanship with both the track and lyrics. He's done a brilliant and I'm looking forward to hearing any more releases 'Pharaoh Colour' has to offer.

Check It Out!

Chart: These Days - Take That

Take That, now a trio of Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald, have hit #1 in the UK Singles Chart. 'These Days' is their lead single from their recently released seventh studio album 'III'. This is a more upbeat and modern boy band style for Take That but I think it works. 

Live Performance: Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde

This song was released on 29th September (2014) as the lead single from the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1, also curated by Lorde. Even though it hasn't done well in the charts, it has been a popular release and has also been reworked by Kanye West. Here's Lorde performing it live at this years AMA's! 

Cover: Heartbroken Medley - Kimberly Anne

Kimberly Anne headed to SBTV to do an acoustic mash up and the final product is pretty good (slight understatement)! It features songs such as 'Heartbroken' - T2, 'Mr. Brightside' - The Killers and 'How You Remind Me' - Nickleback and a few others (bonus points if you know what they are). It's a well put together mix - enjoy! 

YouTube: No Matter Where You Are - Us The Duo

Three years ago, Michael and Carissa combined their talent, then after some successful Youtube videos, wrote together, released their first self-titled album, got married and have been travelling and playing music together ever since. Their full-length album 'No Matter Where You Are' reached #9 in the iTunes Pop Album Chart, they're currently touring with Oprah and this is their latest single, 'No Matter Where You Are' featured in the new film 'Book of Life'. 

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Feature: Jake Isaac (25/11/14)

South London, singer-songwriter, Jake Isaac, has had a busy and successful year. He had an eventful summer touring, which included festival performances at Barn on the Farm, a slot on the Other Stage at Glastonbury and many more. He also supported Ella Eyre on tour and went on his own tour in Autumn. His latest EP 'War Child', went straight into the Top 10 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart. 2015 is also set to be a big year for Jake.

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I was probably about five years old when I first picked up a pair of drum sticks. Actually, tell a lie... I probably picked up two wooden cooking spoons and had a blast on my mums cooking pots! It's been non-stop noise ever since really! Ha!

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've ever been to? 
Most inspiring festival I'v been to has to be 'Barn On The Farm'! It was AMAZING! I had the privilege of playing there, but that was the first festival I blatantly told my mates I would PAT and come along as a punter easily! GREAT music festival!

3. What have you been listening to lately?
Been listening to The Staves quite a bit and Laura Mvula's Metropole Orchestra album.

3 Questions for Jake:

1. You've recently been on tour, but where is your dream place to perform and why?
Ha! Don't really have one to be honest! Been REALLY privileged to play loads of amazing venues, I suppose I kinda take each gig as it comes.

2. Who would be your dream place to write/collab with and why?
Dream to would have to be Ray Charles... even just imagining his writing on guitar music BLOWS my mind.

3. 'Long Road' has a unique image, what songwriting process did you go through with it and how did you create the idea for the music video? 
Songwriting wise Long Road was like a bit of a download, it just came! I'd hear a chord in my head, then hear the lyric that needed to go over it! That simple really. Even though I'd love to be able to say it was some technical exercise and sound all professional!
Video concept wise... it was literally finding what people and resources we had available at the time and making it all work, and bingo!

Random Q:

Five songs for a road trip?
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes - Paul Simon
Mexico - The Staves
Ain't Too Proud To Beg - The Temptations
Some Nights - FUN
Do You Remember Me - Jill Scott

'War Child' EP Review:

This EP shows how varied the genre of Jake's music can be, every song has something different to give, yet they all have one thing in common, they're pretty amazing.
'Never Leave' which features Josh Record, has a stunning piano intro, which builds into strong vocals from Jake and Josh complimenting each other very well. The harmonies are on point and the song ends with a rush of sounds. 'War Is Our Name' is a catchy upbeat track which cuts to chilled harmonies at points, with beautiful guitar all the way through. 'A Day To Live' is another great song from Jake, with piano, solid vocals and harmonies, as well as an upbeat chorus, I can imagine this being a brilliant song to see him perform live. 'Hope' is a breathtaking song. The stunning piano and vocals create an emotive and honest song, this track also showcases Jake's lyrics as words to remember. 'Carry Home' has a chilled acoustic vibe, I can imagine it being played round a campfire on a summer evening, it also has a soulful vibe to it with Jake and JP Cooper's vocals feeding off each other too. 'Long Road' is the last track on the EP and it's one to finish a gig off on, it's catchy and upbeat song, which continues to build layers throughout... Have a listen below and I can guarantee your will be tapping!

Jake Isaac's Links:

Check It Out!

Chart: 6 Words - Wretch 32

'6 Words' is taken from Wretch's third album, 'Growing Over Life', which is due to be released in the near future. It's currently at #8 in the UK Singles Chart, after being premiered on BBC Radio 1 by Zane Lowe, who also made it his hottest record in the world. 

Live Performance: Don't Tell 'Em - Lorde

Lorde took to the Live Lounge the other day to perform this cover of 'Don't Tell 'Em' originally by American artist Jeremiah, from his upcoming third studio album, Late Nights. I've had it on repeat and she definitely does the song justice live. 

Cover: House of The Rising Sun - Greta Isaac

'The House of The Rising Sun' is a traditional folk song made popular by English rock group, The Animals in 1964. It became #1 in the UK, US, Sweden, Finland and Canada. Here is Greta Isaac covering this song with a pleasant and smooth twist. 

Classic: I'm A Believer - The Monkees

This catchy track stayed at #1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks and #1 in the UK Singles Chart for four weeks. The song was composed by Neil Diamond and recorded by The Monkees in 1966, but has since been covered by Smash Mouth and Eddie Murphy in 2001 for Shrek. Enjoy singing along to this one! 

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Feature: Summer Heart (18/11/14)

Summer Heart is a Swedish lo fi/chill wave/dream pop producer and musician. His new single 'Sleep' is out on 20th November. He's also got a new album expected early next year and another big tour rumoured for next year too. This is an act to be looking out for in 2015! 

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?

Oh. I have always been involved in music since both my parents are musicians. I guess I didn't have any choice.

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
Oh. I've been to so many. I saw Crystal Castles last year. That was probably one of the best shows I've ever been to.

3. What have you been listening to lately?
I have been listening to IAMBEAR on repeat the last couple of weeks. Definitely the soundtrack of my autumn.

3 Questions for Summer Heart:

1. How did the name 'Summer Heart' come about?

From the beginning I used the name Sommarhjarta since I found that word beautiful. After gaining some international attention I decided to change to the English equivalent Summer Heart.

2. Do you find there is a time in the dat when you're most creative = why/why not?
I am often coming up with ideas before noon when my mind is clear and I can think straight. Then I usually develop those ideas into something during afternoon and night.

3. What process did you go through producing and creating 'Sleep'?
I started making up the song in my head as I was leaving London really early in the morning a couple of months ago. I hadn't slept all night and I knew that I had to stay awake for another couple of hours. I found a pencil and a piece of paper and started jotting down some words, which later became the lyrics. After I had slept for a couple of hours I sat down with a guitar and started creating a melody and some chord progressions. It all came together pretty quickly. It was one of those processes where things just flow and you're not really aware of what you're actually doing.

Random Q:

If you could go to the moon, what song would you play first and why? 

Before I left you mean? Hard one. Something from Interpol's Turn on the Bright Lights probably.

'Sleep' Review:

This tracks sends you back to Summer, with a chilled atmospheric feel. Summer Heart brings in a catchy beat and the song shows his skill as a lyricist too. He doesn't really compare to anyone either and as far as I'm concerned, possibly Fun, vocally but pumped up a bit, that's definitely a good thing, this makes him stand out from the crowd with his enchanting music. Beautiful and I'm looking forward to hearing more from him in the next year and longer afterwards! 

Summer Heart's Links:

Check It Out!

Chart: Wake Me Up - Gareth Malone's All Star Choir

This song made it to #1 in the Singles Chart on 16th November as the official Children in Need single for 2014. The cover of Avicii's track features Margaret AlphonsiJo BrandRadzi ChinyanganyaJohn CravenMel GiedroycNitin GanatraLarry Lamb,Alice LevineFabrice MuambaCraig Revel HorwoodLinda Robson and Alison Steadman and a children's choir, funded by Children in Need. 

Live Performance: Promised Land - Peasant's King

This band from Pontypridd have had their fair share of live shows, including playing the BBC Introducing Stages at Reading & Leeds Festivals. They've been in the studio recently to record an album's worth of material for their next major release, which after two EPs, hopefully won't be too far away! 

Cover: All About That Bass - Avi Kaplan ft. Mario Jose & Naomi Samilton

The original 'All About That Bass' by Meghan Trainor became #1 all over the world and is stuck in the heads of people all around too. However, here's Avi (Pentatonix) singing a brilliant cover of the song, in bass. Enjoy! 

Soundcloud: A Scene In Between - Honeymilk

Honeymilk are a Swedish-based indie-rock act made of Marcus, Nikki and Erik. They've only been together for a couple of years, but this is their second single taken from their upcoming EP 'Sanguine Skies'. It's a great song layered with drums, electric guitars and a solid melody... Enjoy! They're also going on tour... 
UK Tour Dates:
18/11- The Frapper, Birmingham
19/11- The Tiger Lounge, Manchester
20/11- Cathouse, Glasgow
21/11- The Garage, London
22/11- FortyTwo, Worthing

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the music in this week's feature! 

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