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Feature: Omri Nobel (28/02/14)

Omri Nobel, 32-year-old singer/songwriter, producer and composer, born and raised in Kfar Sava, Israel. His music is a combination blues, country and rock, 'a mix of dark emotion and unsatisfied passion'. In the past year, Omri has been recording his debut album with the producer Asi Abergel and touring all round Israel.

General Questions...

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I was in the 2nd grade, 8 years old in the middle of a music lesson in school, I was interrupting the teacher and as a punishment she told me to stand up and sing in front of the whole class - I stood up and sang Elvis style including the hip movement, the whole class including the teacher were laughing their a**es off. 

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
Recently, I witnessed the legendary Guns 'n' Roses, I'd been waiting for that concert for my whole life, it was the best show I've ever seen. 

3. What have you been listening to lately?
I like listening to new bands, wandering Youtube, searching for new inspiration. Blackberry Smoke is one of the coolest bands I have ever heard and they are an inspiration to me - because they combine groove, energy and emotion into a southern rock sound.

3 Questions for Omri...

1. You've been recording your debut album in the past year, where have you gathered inspiration for your tracks?
I have a family member that told me that a true artist plans his debut album from the moment he's born. I am 32 years old today and the inspiration comes from many experiences during those years - my childhood, my relationships and overall life experience.

2. You have also been touring around Israel recently, but what 3 countries would you like to visit and perform in and why?
First, the US - because that is the origin of my style - country, blues and rock.
Second, UK - one of my favourite bands Coldplay brought a whole new playing style which I love very much.
Third, any Arab country - it would be interesting to get to know the culture and to bring closer the peace in the Middle East.

3. What songwriting process did you go through with 'Light The World For Two'? 
I wrote the song 2 months before I got married, as I sat on the bed, looking at my future wife and the mother of my children, I couldn't imagine my life without her and what she means to me. I thought what I would tell her if tomorrow I won't be able to see her, beside 'I love you'.

Random Q...

Which bands/artists inspired you when you were younger?
Guns 'n' Roses, Pearl Jam, Tom Patty, Nick Cave and many others.

Review of 'Light The World For Two' by Omri:

With a large influence on sound from Coldplay, this is a showcase of Omri's musicality. Calming guitars going into heavy drum and guitar instrumentals, with hints of Nickleback throughout. Honest lyrics add to this track and create Omri's sound. Personally, I had to listen to the song without watching the music video as I didn't enjoy the video, however I guess it adds to the story of the song.

Omri Nobel's Links:

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Chart: Let Go For Tonight - Foxes

'Let Go For Tonight' was released as the second single from debut album 'Glorius' on 23rd February 2014. Only a few days after release it's sat at #7 in the UK Singles Chart. Foxes is one to look out for this year, with a hint of Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding and Clare Maguire. She's currently touring the UK and Ireland.

Live Performance: Treasure - Bruno Mars

The BRITs this year was full of great live performances, however one stood out to me, Bruno Mars and his band performing 'Treasure'. The track was released as the third single from his second album 'Unorthodox Jukebox'. Bruno won International Male Solo Artist for the second time in 3 years and gave a bouncy, catchy performance. 

Cover: Rolling In The Deep - Linkin Park

This cover comes from a few years ago, but it's one that I rediscovered on my iPod a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it again. Originally written and recorded by Adele and released late 2010, this was an incredibly popular song, it's recieved many awards including three Grammys. Many popular artists have covered the track, but this one recieved a lot of publicity from the iTunes Festival 2011. 

Youtube: Stay The Night - Two Worlds
Two Worlds are two guys from Aurora, America, they share their incredible harmonies and musicality with the world on their Youtube channel, which is backed by the likes of Tyler Ward and Alex G. They upload a range of videos from incredibly good covers (check out their acousutic cover of 'Happy'), originals like 'Stay The Night' and videos that get their personality across too! 

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Feature: Sea Stacks (25/02/14)

Sea Stacks, created by Davy Berryman, use orchestral instruments to produce wind and string filled indie music. Starting with a few songs and a studio, Davy started with one rule no pianos or guitars were to be used. April 2013, saw Sea Stacks release their first single 'The High Tide', then a follow up came in September 2013, 'Numb'. When performing live, Sea Stacks perform as an eight-piece, featuring a string quartet, double bass, flute, drums and a harmonium.

General Questions...

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how? 
I started music lessons properly when I was 8 or 9, through the local music service in school. I had lessons in flute and piano, but it wasn't until much later in my schooling that I really got into popular music, taking up drums and guitars when I was 15.

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
Back in 2010 I saw Jonsi at The Forum in Kentish Town. Sigur Ros have always been a band I've loved; I've seen them several times and their live shows have always been spectacular but Jonsi's solo was something else. The theatre of it was amazing, such stunning 3D projections.
3. What have you been listening to lately?
Just recently a lot of Keaton Henson. I was introduced to him a year ago, but only just really gave it a proper listen. Otherwise bands like Efterklang, Frightened Rabbit or Sigur Ros are nearly always in the mix.

3 Questions for Davy...

1. Starting with only one rule 'no guitars and pianos', how has Sea Stacks and your music grown?
That rule is not really as strict as it sounds. I started with that in mind to provide some sort of boundaries to my ideas, but really I expected to break it. So far I've only used a few tiny hidden bits of guitars in recordings to add some weight and now I rarely think of using them, though I do write on piano or guitar.
Initially, it was a lot of experimenting, seeing what I could create with the instrumentations, but as the project has continued and I develop a vocabulary the process has become quicker and the focus has changed. Originally, it was a lot of working out how to arrange my piano/guitar songs into this setup, but now I write at the piano already knowing what texture I'm going for.

2. You describe your sound as 'orchestral indie', but what inspires/influences your music?
To be honest, I don't really like the term, but you have to put yourself in some sort of box. I don't like the idea that instruments are tied specifically to a particular musical genre; that was part of the point of starting the project. They're just instruments which can be used within one style or another.
Influences always shift depending on mood and what I'm listening to at the time, but really the bands I mentioned earlier, plus the likes of Bon Iver, Radiohead and others often spark ideas.
Inspiration can be from anything though. Often it's just some small idea that comes on the train home and I'll write some lyrics and hum a melody until I'm able to record a quick demo.

3. What process did you go through producing 'Numb', musically and visually?
Numb's actually one of my oldest songs. I wrote the music years before Sea Stacks was an idea; just me in a room laying down lots of layers of synths and trumpet. It was huge! I'd always wanted to add some lyrics to it but never managed until a few years ago when I moved to London and began thinking about Sea Stacks.
Musically, I always wanted that wall of sound that hits in the choruses, reflecting the noise of the city and a person's struggle to deal with the continual mass of aural and visual information you are presented with when living in a city.

Random Q...

What is your favourite type of weather and why?
Well, right now I'm sat in my flat sheltering from the pouring rain and gale force winds, but I'd say that crisp coolness of early morning on a sunny spring/summers day. I'm rarely up early enough for that now!

Reviews of 'Brutal Concrete/Scottish Wilderness' by Sea Stacks

1. 3/5 - Sophie: fantastic voice and lyrics but not my type of thing.
2. 5/5 - Tracy: loved the strings and voice complementing them, great easy listening, chilled time track.
3. 5/5 - Evan: really enjoyed this track, love the strings and vocals, make a stunning song.

Sea Stacks' Links:
Twitter: (@SeaStacks)

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Chart: Selfies - Nina Nesbitt

'Selfies' is a track from Scottish singer/songwriter Nina Nesbitt. It was released over a week ago, 7th February as the lead single from her debut album 'Peroxide'. The single has peaked at #23 in the Scottish Singles Chart, but it finds itself in this section this week as the album has peaked at #11 in the UK Albums Chart, due to BRITs coverage on Wednesday, it got knocked down by artists and bands getting coverage. 

Live Performance: Wannabe - Orla Gartland

Orla has just finished tour(la) around the UK and Ireland, and success with 'Roots EP'. This live performance is one of her most recent and popular covers 'Wannabe', originally by the Spice Girls in 1996, and was a massive hit! I'm sure you'll enjoy this and you have to wait til the last little bit for a nice drumming section on a watering can... insane!

Cover: Goodness Gracious - Natalie Holmes

Originally 'Goodness Gracious' is by English artist Ellie Goulding, from her re-release album Halcyon Days (which is a great album!) It peaked at #26 in the UK Singles Chart, and is due to keep climbing! Natalie Holmes creates a simple but effective chilled out cover of the original dance pop track. 

Classic: Respect - Aretha Franklin

'Respect' is a song written and originally released by Otis Redding in 1965, however it is probably more recognised as a song by Aretha Franklin. It's been considered as one of the best songs of the R'n'B era. She has gained two Grammy Awards in 1968, with this track and it has featured on a lot of all time classics charts. 

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Review: Lauren Aquilina & Benedict (20/02/14)

Thursday, I headed to London for an incredible night of live music from upcoming artist Lauren Aquilina and her support artist Benedict. I've seen Lauren live a fair few times, and only a year ago she was performing to 100 people, this time round it was to a sold out O2 Academy Islington of 1000 people.

I was excited to see Benedict, I'd never heard of him and I didn't have a clue what his music was going to be like! I was really pleasantly surprised, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but Benedict brought a lovely tone to start the evening. I really enjoyed his songs, and his vocal range is stunning. He has a great skill of musicality, piano, crazy good vocals and well thought out lyrics make for some simply beautiful songs. Three songs that stood out to me, were his cover of 'Say Something', which is a popular song to be covering at the minute and I've heard and listened to lots of them, but Benedict's stood out to me. Two of his original tracks stuck out to me too, 'Glory Days' has been in my head ever since and I've listened to it many times since, 'Table Manners' is an emotionally charged song too, which seemed like it went down well with the rest of the audience too! A great set, and I'll be downloading his EP and finding out when I can see him live again! The only negative I'd say is at times I found notes held too long, but apart from that Benedict's going to be appearing on many of my playlists!

A short wait and a lot of suspense later, Lauren made her way to the stage. I wasn't expecting Lauren to be as good as she was that night, only that afternoon had she been told to cancel the show, illness had hit but she didn't let that stop her! I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of tracks from her EPs, we got to hear three tracks from her upcoming EP 'Liars'. 'Lovers or Liars' was great live, with a backing band it truly stood out, 'Square One' was one I'd heard live at previous gigs of Lauren's, not one of my favourite tracks of hers, but she still performed it really well! 'Broke' was the other track we got to hear, and it was great, with honest lyrics and simple staging and sound, I really can't wait to hear the recorded version now! A track that really stood out to me in Lauren's set was her mash up of 'Beth/Rest' originally by Bon Iver and her original track 'Wonder' it worked so well, and you can never go wrong with a bit of Bon Iver! She also covered 'Locked Out Of Heaven', originally by Bruno Mars, which was a great cover too, not too different from the original but you could still tell Lauren had put her on spin on it. She finished off with 'Fools', her first title track from her first EP, it was great, the crowd sang and clapped along and Lauren acted on impulse and jumped down to the barrier at the front. 

I had a great night and will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears out for both artists touring again, but first Lauren's got an EP to release in the next few weeks, and an album to start working on! 

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Review: Little Comets, Catfish & The Bottlemen & Bwani Junction (17/02/14)

Monday night, I travelled down South, to Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth to see headline band Little Comets. I'm a big fan of getting to the venue on time, to see the supporting acts, because many times in the past, they've turned into some of my favourite artists and bands! (Sorry for poor quality photos, they were the best I could get on my iPod, music links at end!)

First to support was Bwani Junction, who I thoroughly enjoyed! They had a good amount of drums and guitars, and got the crowd moving, which was great to see from the four piece band from Edinburgh. They got the crowd involved whilst singing 'Borneo', people sang and bounced along and from what I heard from the people around me, most people seemed to enjoy it! They finished their set with 'Two Bridges' which was really great! Harmonies, drums, guitar riffs and a genuinely good song, what more could you ask for? Also, I'm still really confused as to how it's possible to play guitar with a drumstick...

Second up were 'explosive' band Catfish and the Bottlemen, I think it's fair to say they were heavier at some points than Bwani Junction (a style of music I really have to be in the right mood for!) I'd heard they were great, and they were! I don' know whether because I was fairly tired I didn't appreciate them as much as what I could have done, but I found some of their tracks a tad repetitive in that they all mellow sections and they all blew up into fast head bobbing music? Saying that, I thoroughly enjoyed their track 'Pacifier' and have since come home and enjoyed listening to their stuff!

Time for the headline band, Little Comets. I've really been enjoying listening to the tracks off their new 'Gentle EP' so I was really happy when they played a few from that, and really enjoyed 'Little Italy', it was so good live! I did enjoy the idea of them playing slower tracks throughout the fast paced ones, although others didn't, all I could hear from behind me was a group of 'lads' rambling on about how the slower tracks were 'sh*t' and 'too slow', I think it's important for a band to have a mix, and Little Comets lived up to that! They performed their well known classics 'Jennifer' 'One Night In October' and 'Dancing Song', which of course every one jumped and sang along to! It was definitely a good night out, and a band I'd be happy to see again!

Little Italy - Little Comets (link)

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Feature: Bethany (18/02/14)

Bethany is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Wales. Since 2009, she has been uploading videos to Youtube, combining her love and skill of playing the piano and singing, to put beautiful unique twists on covers and sharing her original songs. She credits Youtube massively for her musical journey so far, and it's created a growing group of supporters to share her debut EP with. 'Empty Suitcase EP' was recorded, produced and mastered in the comfort of her bedroom and is set for release next week (23/02/14).

General Questions...

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I've always been surrounded by music, but I can remember being about 5 or 6 and watching my Dad playing piano and being in absolute awe of him, I was fascinated that he could remember all the notes. So I started piano lessons a while after that. I didn't start singing properly until I was around 13, but I've always just loved listening to music.

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
Ah, that's a tough one! The most inspiring concert I've been to would probably have to be when I went to see Adele, her voice is incredible live. I went to Barn on the Farm festival last summer though, and I think that would have to be the most inspiring festival as it was full of independent, hardworking artists!

3. What have you been listening to lately?
I'm always listening to Sara Bareilles' albums, I just never get bored of them. I absolutely love Lorde as well so I've been listening to her album on repeat. Oh, Saint Raymond's new EP, Young Blood, I've been loving that too... the list goes on and on, haha!

3 Questions for Bethany...

1. You've been uploading cover and originals for a few years now, what are your 3 favourite videos of your own?
I did a cover of Resolution by Matt Corby and I found it really challenging to record vocally, but it recently hit 10,000 views, so I'm proud of that one. I did a medley kinda thing of my favourite Bon Iver songs, and I just had so much fun putting that together, so that's probably one of them! The last one would have to be an original I put up called Four Walls, I've had a few messages from people saying that the song helped them out, so that's always lovely!

2. What influences your lyrics and who influences your sound?
I can't pinpoint a particular artist that influences my sound, I think my sound is always evolving depending on the artists I'm listening to at that time. So at the moment I would say Sara Bareilles is a big influence in terms of songwriting and that side of things. In terms of production, I absolutely love The 1975, HAIM and Lorde. I find lyrics so difficult to write, but again I'd have to say I'm influenced by Lorde (am I starting to sound like an obsessive fan?!) because of how beautifully articulate and clever every line of her songs are. I also love Lauren Aquilina's lyrics because of how honest they are!

3. You've written, recorded and produced your upcoming debut EP yourself in your bedroom, what process did you go through writing and creating 'Empty Suitcase EP'?
I have! It's something I've always wanted to do but was never sure it was possible. It took a lot of hard work, frustration and experimentation. I basically isolated myself for about 4 months and just worked all hours trying to make it happen. The writing was the easiest part as it's what I know best, and it wasn't difficult finding inspiration for the songs. I then began the process of producing, mixing and mastering it which was extremely frustrating at times, considering I'd never done any of those properly before. It was all a case of teaching myself as I went along!

Random Q...

What is your favourite food?
Oh god! Erm... I can't pick ONE... pizza, chicken fajitas or chocolate!

Reviews of 'Empty Suitcase' by Bethany:

1. 4/5 - Josh: a fresh new British voice with raw and poetic lyrics.
2. 5/5 - Tracy: haunting tune, that I'd personally have on the iPod whilst on the beach in solitude watching the waves roll in...
3. 3/5 - Doreen: I like her voice and I like her lyrics, but I found the backing music a bit much at times.

Review of Empty Suitacse EP:
Bethany's vocals and lyrics are so fresh, honest and stunning. The EP overall is beautiful and reminds me of Lauren Aquilina and Birdy's works. The title track is great and showcases Bethany's wonderful voice and skill of songwriting, I also thoroughly enjoyed the piano and drums backing the song. 'Circles' seems to focuses on harmonies and vocals, with a brilliantly simplistic backing piano and drum beat. 'Treading Water' is a calmer track, almost lullaby style and definitely one to listen to in a playlist with Bon Iver. 'Bones' is similar to the track 'Circles' but still manages to be unique and different, with a bit more of a catchy feel to it, with a need to tap your foot. I'm really looking forward to hearing the full EP, not just the previews! :) (It will be released 23rd February 2014 but can be pre-ordered in the top link of Beth's links section!)

Bethany's Links:

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Chart: Say Something - A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

'Say Something' is a song from American duo A Great Big World, it was released as the lead single from their debut album, Is There Anybody Out There? (2013). After being used on So You Think You Can Dance, it gained attention from Christina Aguilera, who asked to be featured on it, and so they re-recorded it and re-released it, since then it has reached the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart. 

Live Performance: Love Song - Sara Bareilles

This is my all time favourite song from Sara Bareilles, and it's probably her best known track. 'Love Song' was her debut single and was released back in 2007, it peaked at #4 in the UK Singles Chart, but was a hit over in the US. Here she is performing the song with some help from the audience at Variety Playhouse. 

Cover: Spectrum - Erika Kelly

This cover is pretty different to the original version of Spectrum by Florence and The Machine/also mixed later by Calvin Harris. Erika shows her skill at playing a stunning instrument beautifully, I really enjoy her covers, she tends to popular songs and changes them so much into a truly chilling and calming melody.  

Youtube: Let It Go - Alex Boye & One Voice Children's Choir

I love this song, I also love what Alex Boye does to popular songs... He's also done an African cover of Paradise (originally by Coldplay) which is insanely good with The Piano Guys. But I suggest heading over to his Youtube page and checking out all his videos, you won't be disappointed! 

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Feature: Malone Malone (14/02/14)

Malone Malone are a four piece alternative band from Birmingham, members include Giles Lawrence, Carl Lawrence, Louis O'Reilly and Max Andrews. Their debut single, 'New Turn' was released in December (2013) and has received positive praise from their growing fanbase. Single number two is already in the pipelines, Louis and Carl answered a few questions ahead of their headline show at The Rainbow in Birmingham on 28th February (2014).

General Questions...

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
LO: I was 9 when I got my first drumkit, I pretty much taught myself to play from watching videos etc. Watching drummers such as Gary Powell and Matt Helders, made me want to play in a band.

CL: I started a bit of a punk band with my mates in school when I was 14. I quit that band because it wasn't going anywhere lol

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
LO: For me, it has to be Green Day at Reading 2013, watching them play a non-stop 2 and a half hour set including Dookie in its entirety was absolutely brilliant, I felt like I was 13 again.

CL: Bit lame I suppose, but when I went to see Swim Deep in February last year, that was my first proper gig and it opened me up to live music I guess.

3. What have you been listening to lately?
LO: I am liking The 1975 quite a lot at the moment, their debut album was flawless and I'm looking forward to seeing what they follow it up with. I'm also really enjoying the new Bombay Bicycle Club album.

CL: I've been listening to a lot of mathy stuff like Clever Girl and Don Cabballero. I've been listening to all manner of things really, I really like Vance Joy, he's a great singer and his songs sound so perfectly full despite their simplicity.

3 Questions for Malone Malone...

1. How did you guys become Malone Malone?
We formed Malone Malone as a fresh start from our old band, Invade the Armada which me and Giles were in. We were good friends with Max outside of the band and Carl is Giles' brother so we formed a new band with them.

2. Why/how did you decide to make music in the genre you do, and who influences you musically?
We just play what feels natural to us, a few people take the mickey out of us because we sound like Two Door Cinema Club because apparently sounding like Two Door Cinema Club is 'uncool' but at the end of the day they're picking on a young band because they have nothing better to do with their lives. Pretty tragic isn't it?

3. What process did you go through writing and producing 'New Turn'? 
We wrote New Turn about a year ago as Invade The Armada. When we formed Malone Malone we changed it around and mixed it up a bit. We recorded it in Wales with Gazz Rogers who has previously worked with the likes of The Editors and Paolo Nutini.

Random Q...

Ideal Friday night?
An ideal Friday night for us is a nice cold glass of milk, slippers on and watching University Challenge...

Reviews of 'New Turn' by Malone Malone:

1. 5/5 - Tracy: upbeat catchy chorus, enjoyed it! :)
2. 5/5 - Lailana: amazing! So dancey! :)
3. 5/5 - Sophie: brill and catchy!

Malone Malone's Links:

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Chart: Ready For Your Love ft. MNEK - Gorgon City

Currently sat at #10 in the UK Singles Chart, after peaking at #4. This track is a song by English production duo Gorgon City and features from upcoming English star singer MNEK. Personally, I love the fact that this style of music is making it into the charts, it's great to have a dance hit with smooth soul vocals too. 

Live Performance: Pompeii - Bastille

Personally, I think any song that is performed live with strings and drums together, and well, deserves credit. The track peaked at #2 in the UK Singles Chart and has become one of their best known songs from their debut studio album Bad Blood. Here they are, performing the track live at Capitol Studios (the videography is pretty stunning too)! 

Cover: Pure Shores - London Grammar

I've enjoyed all of London Grammar's Live Lounge sessions and love their covers (In For The Kill and Wrecking Ball - both covers I suggest you have a listen to!) Hannah's silky and stunning vocals really make this cover with the great musicality of Dan and Dot adding a great supporting backing track. Here they are covering British - Canadian girl group All Saint's song 'Pure Shores', which when released achieved #1 in the UK Singles Chart for two weeks and was a global hit. 

Classic: I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

Seeing as this week sees two years since, the wonderful Whitney passed away and it's Valentine's Day, I thought this was an apt song to choose. Originally, by American country singer/songwriter Dolly Parton, Whitney recorded a version of the track for the 1992 film, The Bodyguard and is one of the best selling singles of all time. Enjoy! 

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Feature: Bare Jams (11/02/14)

Bare Jams, are an upbeat, acoustic collective from Guildford. Gathering elements from many genres they mix them together to make a 'solid funky acoustic vibe'. Starting with just Ollie and Sam, Dave joined in later, and since have been writing, gigging and recording even more. More recently, their live set up has grown, with additions of Robin, Jamie and Dom, adding horns and percussion. Their debut single 'Chase The Sun' from debut EP 'Beautys! EP' is out now. I asked Sam some questions, here's his answers!

General Questions...

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
For me, my parents, were always into taking me to gigs when I was younger and I had 'bits' of a drum kit in my grandparents loft which I used to try my luck at, then when I got to 10, my parents decided some real lessons may be an idea. The passion was always there! The lads are all very similar, grew up around music loving parents.

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to? 
We all love our festivals. Glastonbury has been a big part of my summer for the last 4/5 years. Probably experienced my most inspiring show down at Worthy Farm to be honest, but I can't quite remember.

3. What have you been listening to lately? 
I've been listening to all sorts from Congo Natty to Ben Howard, but I've been fixated on 'Will and The People' for about the last year. Fucking great band. Brilliant live show as well.

3 Questions for Bare Jams...

1. Your sound is a great mash up of a few genres, who inspires you musically and why? 
For Bare Jams, our inspirations, come from many different artists, dead and alive. Obviously Bob Marley, he's a big inspiration to anyone creating music in my opinion. We get inspired by loads of different people - Backbeat Sound System, Fat Freddy's Drop, Passenger, Natty, Will and the People, Gentleman's Dub Club, Ben Howard, Jack Johnson, Newton Faulkner, Stevie Wonder... This list would probably go on a while. But you get the drift...

2. Who would be your dream person/band to tour with and why?
Any from the list of our influences, obviously touring with an artist that has influenced your own music would be sick.

3. What songwriting process did you go through creating 'Chase The Sun'? 
Ollie usually sparks a song. He'll come up with chord progressions, melodies and stuff. The basis of the song idea. Dave will help develop the progressions and come up with bass line ideas. And then I'll jam with it til we find a groove. Then Ollie and I usually write lyrics together, sometimes lyrics will already be written sometimes we will write them after the music. For 'Chase The Sun' I think we had some lyrics before the music was complete.

Random Q...

Favourite pizza topping? 
Anything with BBQ sauce instead of tomato!

Reviews of 'Chase The Sun' by Bare Jams:

1. 5/5 - Philippa: the song definitely keeps you interested! I love the drums in the background & the video's great!
2. 5+/5 - Tracy: great upbeat TUNE, loved first time plus video made me laugh!
3. 5/5 - Evan: such a chilled song, nice to have a mash up of genres, and a good video too!

Bare Jams' links:
Beauty's EP! (3 free tracks):

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Chart: Braveheart - Neon Jungle

'Braveheart' a song from British girl group Neon Jungle, is their second single from their debut studio album. It peaked at #4 in the UK Singles Chart and is still in the top 15, nearly a month after release. I think this is one of many more #1 singles from this young group. (WARNING: a couple of explicit lyrics).

Live Performance: Can't Rely on You - Paloma Faith

This track from Paloma Faith, is a really good soulful tune. Written by the English recording artist, Paloma and American singer-songwriter, rapper and producer Pharrell Williams. The song is due to be the debut single from her upcoming third studio album, A Perfect Contradiction, due to be released early March. It's a feel good and enjoyable song to listen to. 

Cover: Wake Me Up - Red Hot Chilli Pipers

I heard this around Burns night, and loved it. Red Hot Chilli Pipers put a pretty unique twist on two tracks. Wake Me Up has kept appearing on Youtube being covered, and has done well in the charts recently too, but this cover definitely stands out as one that needs to be listened to, makes you appreciate bagpipes. 

Youtube: Run To You - Pentatonix

Pentatonix are an American acapella group of five vocalists, they won the third season of The Sing-Off in America. All of their mash-ups and covers are definitely worth a watch and a listen, and their originals are also pretty great! They're currently preparing to tour North America and Europe, here's their latest original, Run To You, enjoy! 


Bethany: Empty Suitcase EP

Lauren Aquilina: Liars EP

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