Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What I'm Listening To... (04/02/14)

Recently, I've been listening to a massive variety of genres. As well as having many tracks from recent features on repeat, I've made many playlists in the past few weeks too, plus spending A LOT of time with YouTube or Spotify running in the background whilst doing coursework, blog work or editing photos. I've fallen back in love with remixes and electronic music (I don't like calling it drum 'n' bass...) whilst still really enjoying my chilled instrumental, classical and dreamy pop tracks. I've also been listening to a few random tracks from other genres too and have tried to mix up the tracks from each playlist, summing up what I've been listening to the past month and a bit filled with deadlines.

So without further a do, here's 10 tracks I've been listening to lately!

Awkward - San Cisco

This song is a big favourite of mine and one that gets played and sung along to in the car A LOT! It's an upbeat, toe-tapping and generally cheery song! San Cisco, a four piece indie pop band, from Western Australia, released Awkward as their first single, featuring vocals from Jordi, lead vocalist as well Scarlett, the band's drummer. It's a real car tune, personally I love the guitar, drum beat and vocals, as they fit together so well! I've also been listening to their self-titled album, San Cisco, and 'Beach' is also a track that stands out as another favourite for me!

Leave A Light On - Marble Sounds

This is more of a chilled track, and appears on my 'sleep' playlist, I find it calms me down, with the simple piano and stunning male and female melodies culminating into almost heavenly harmonies. 'Dear Me, Look Up' by the Belgian band is another one I've had on repeat, their videos are filmed so well and tell great stories, just like their music.

Another Love - Tom Odell (Zwette Edit)

I've been listening to this remix quite a bit in the past few months, to start with I didn't like the original song (and it's taken me quite a few listens to like it). BUT the first time I heard this over on Youtube, I fell in love with the track, it's a great twist on Odell's original song and one that I put on many playlists, mainly because I can listen to it, no matter what mood I'm in! 

Calgary - Bon Iver

Another song that appears in lots of my playlists, this is a stunning song, like all of Bon Iver's tracks, the vocals and melodies and sounds are just put together so well and I find it so relaxing to listen to. I've had this song as well as Holocene, Towers and Wash from the Bon Iver album on repeat, as well as the classics from the For Emma, Forever Ago album. Another time to listen to Bon Iver songs, is when going for a late evening/night walk to watch the stars. 

Alive ft, Jacob Banks - Chase & Status

I've been a big fan of Chase & Status for a fair few years, two of my all time favourites of theirs being 'End Credits' featuring Plan B and 'Blind Faith' featuring Liam Bailey. I've found their newer music refreshing to listen to, as in the past year or so, I've only really listened to slower, singer-songwriter/dreamy pop tracks, so to be getting back into the wider range I used to listen to has made me rekindle my love for music by these kinds of artists. (Also, the official music video is pretty long, and the photos that accompany the lyrics are pretty insane, enjoy!)

Medicine - Daughter (Sound Remedy Remix)

Browsing the remix channels on Youtube, and coming across remixes of some of your favourite songs is always a hit, but when they're this good? Daughter is a great artist, with her beautiful vocals and songwriting, but to me this song highlights both those things, as well as enhancing the song (which I didn't think could be done successfully!) It's a long one, but there's so much in there, it's pretty easy to listen to thinking it's been 4 minutes long, not 7!

The Best Thing (That Never Happened) - We Are The In Crowd

Thanks to a friend, I've got back into this style/genre of music, and specifically this American band. I've not only had their albums on repeat, but I've really enjoyed listening to their acoustic sessions, highlighting how great their vocals and musicality is. (a few expletives...)

Colourblind ft. Hudson Taylor - Lewis Watson

Back to another chilled track, this time from Lewis Watson and Hudson Taylor, absolutely beautiful male vocals mixed together on a 'simple but effective' track, with a violin, piano and drum beat, what more could you want? This is a track off of Lewis' latest EP, where he covers tracks with friends, Gabrielle Aplin, Kimberley Anne and Hudson Taylor, definitely worth a listen!

She's A Riot - The Jungle Giants

I only came across this band yesterday, but have had them on repeat since! Another great video for a great tune, clapping along a tapping my foot along to the songs, and humming all day today! An indie rock band from Australia, my ears seem to enjoy Aussie bands recently!

Let It Go from 'Frozen' - 25 different languages

This song/video fascinates me, this song has made it big, whether you've heard, Idina Menzel's version, or Demi Lovato's or a random cover on Youtube, it's been popping up everywhere, I got sent this video and it's pretty fascinating how the different languages show different variations in how the song might be presented. Anyways, enjoy! (I think my favourite part is the Japanese!)

Thanks for reading! 
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