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What I'm Listening To... (11/04/14)

Again, I’ve been listening to a range of music, mainly because I’ve been doing loads of different things in the past couple of months, from trying to chill myself out, to doing coursework, to doing lots of planning and driving around in preparation for a driving test, as well as doing some running and walking.
I’ve been relying on Spotify shuffle and iTunes free track of the weeks to inspire my music choice at the minute, two songs that haven’t made it onto this list, but are still definitely worth noting down are ‘Tsunami’ by DVBBS & Borgeous and ‘Can You Hear Me?’ by Dan Croll. The following songs are a summary of what I’ve been able to listen to nearly every day…

1. Hard As Hello – Kimberly Anne
Kimberly Anne was a Youtube find for me a fairly long time ago. I’ve also had her on repeat recently and love her new EP ‘Hard As Hello’. She’s recently supported Saint Raymond at his sold-out headline gig at Borderline, London. Hard As Hello is a great song, and Bastille have also done an incredibly good remix, that’s also worth checking out!
2. All I Ever Wanted – The Human League
I was introduced to The Human League’s album ‘Secrets’ only a couple of weeks ago, it’s a great album and is definitely true to their previous stuff, and makes me want to listen to their 2011 album. ‘All I Ever Wanted’ is my favourite track from the album, I’m not sure whether it’s because it’s the first one I heard, more catchy, or not, but it’s definitely one to have a listen to!
3. Walk This Way – MØ
This is a definite sunny day driving song. This Danish singer reminds me slightly of Lorde, but it’s a little more bearable after hearing it over and over again. It’s also a catchy track without getting in your head for hours on end, if that’s possible?

4. Without – Sampha
Another driving song, it is so chilled and really easy to listen to. The track is a little reminiscent of Bastille, but he’s worked with the likes of Drake, Jessie Ware and Katy B. Definitely one to watch out for in the summer!
5. Make It To Me – Sam Smith
Sam Smith has appeared in many playlists of mine in the past couple of months, I love all his songs and enjoy every single second of listening to his music. I think this one stands out to me as one of my favourites, purely because it’s great song that you can listen to in pretty much any mood.
6. Cold Front – Laura Welsh
Yet another good driving song…  Laura is a singer/songwriter from Staffordshire but is now based in London. She’s another breakthrough artist for this year, I love the general ‘sound’ of the song, great vocals and it’s another one to sing along to! Possibly a slightly different twist on Lorde’s sound?
7. Oats in the Water – Ben Howard (and the rest of Burgh Island EP)
The usual guitar and haunting style of some of Ben’s tracks is highlighted in this song and the whole of this EP. I can listen to it all quite easily, it’s a very haunting sound, with lyrics, vocals and guitar but it’s a great one to chill out to, when you’re in a ‘coursework is pulling me down’ type mood.
8. Riptide – Vance Joy
This really simple sounding song has been on repeat for ages! I love the Australian singer/songwriter Vance Joy and his other tracks are really good as well! It’s a catchy song and one I’ll definitely be learning on the ukulele!

9. Skinny Genes (cover)– Philippa Manuel
Philippa is an upcoming artist, that is pretty much unheard of. She’s only been uploading covers and an original (which is also really good) for the past couple of weeks. Fortunately for me, Philippa is my friend and so I’m one of the first people to hear her music, consequently I’ve had this in my head recently!
10. Bloodflows – SOHN

With his debut album ‘Tremors’ about to be released, I’m really excited to hear the overall sound. If this song is anything to go by, I’m sure it’ll be a great album. It’s a good song for getting things done, with  great vocals and a drums and electronic backing.

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