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Feature: Evan - Music In Time Creator (30/05/14)

Evan, 17, is an aspiring music manager/PR from Surrey, England. In the beginning of 2013, she created 'One Day At A Time Evan', a personal blog in which she would post a photo every day for a year. Her love of music has lead her to set up 'Music In Time', a blog made to introduce talented, up and coming musicians. A year later, a life changing voluntary trip to Kenya, countless gigs, reviews and over 5,500 page views later, Evan is still discovering new unsigned and signed upcoming artists and sharing their talent with the world. In the near future, she hopes to be involved solidly 'behind-the-scenes' in the music industry. 

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I honestly don't know, I grew up listening to music and reading books over watching TV and my Mum can play a heap of instruments. My family always surrounded me with different genres from varying eras of music, which has really allowed my ears to enjoy pretty much anything! 
At infant school, I know I played an instrument called an ocarina, and then went onto play recorder, then at junior school I sang a fair bit (had to stop due to tonsils being annoying!) I then picked up drums and throughout secondary school I taught myself how to play certain instruments; piano, guitar, ukulele. I've always been one to appreciate others playing music over making it myself, I admire people who have a natural skill or put the time and commitment into learning, something I've never been able to fully do myself!

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
It's really hard to pick out one gig/concert I've been to that I've found inspirational, I guess seeing Jessie J in 2011 was pretty inspirational, she can really sing live and her mini speeches in between really spoke to me at that time. But then I've found recently upcoming artists inspiring purely because over the last few years I've been watching them grow and the venues I've been seeing them at have also grown. Lauren Aquilina and her support Benedict was a particularly inspiring gig. Although, Lewis Watson at St. Mary's Church probably wins, still can't get over how amazing it was! 

3. What have you been listening to lately?
Loads of different stuff. I guess in the past month Lewis Watson, Kimberly Anne, Coldplay's new album, Bon Iver, a bit of Sam Smith, We Are The In Crowd I've had A Day To Remember's cover of Since You've Been Gone on repeat as well. Then in the past week Jamie Cullum's 'The Pursuit' has been on repeat in my car. 

Questions for Evan:

1. What inspired you to start Music In Time Blog?
I can't remember what sparked the initial idea of a music blog, but last year I started blogging and I really enjoyed it, I used to put a few songs a week in each blog and I guess that sparked something. Apart from that I have a genuine deep interest in music and I guess it was an opportunity to do something I really enjoyed, on a regular basis. 

2. Which type of blog do you prefer creating and why?
That's a really hard one, I really enjoy creating all the content I upload, although the Rewind blogs take an incredibly long time to research and piece together, so definitely not those! I really like the features because it gives me a chance to share music I really believe in and the general process is quite fun, coming up with questions, editing an intro etc. Spotlights are another good one, for similar reasons to the features, but I tend to listen to a single or a whole EP/album intensely to review it. I also enjoy the process of reviews (purely because it usually means going to a gig/concert and who doesn't love live music?) and choosing 10 tracks for my What I'm Listening To blogs is a fun process as well, but I guess features are my favourite overall because I can put all the elements of each type into one! 

3. How do you discover artists/bands to feature?
Lots of time on the internet and researching magazines/gig flyers. Generally just searching far and wide on Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/Spotify, keeping your eyes and ears open to most conversations/places etc. Recently, I've started getting emails asking for feedback on music and quite often I'll really enjoy the music and believe in it and ask if I can feature them. 

4. When you have more than one artist/band to feature, is it difficult to decide which one to post first?
Sometimes, yes. It can be a really difficult choice, but on the other hand I tend to work by deadlines (surprisingly compared to college work!) If I am faced with 2/3 artists at the same time I will look at if they are touring or releasing new music, if they are, it is a lot easier, because I can schedule them in with when is best for pre-release/tour promotion for them! If not, I generally either ask one of my friends and they help me out with a decision or post who came to me first. 

5. How do you choose the songs for the Check It Out section?
My ears choose I guess. In a weird way I tend to choose what I enjoy out of what options there are. I research the charts and usually choose a top 10 track from one of the charts. Live performances I will pick from TV/Youtube/gigs that I've been to or heard about, these can be really hard especially between Christmas and Festival season as there aren't as many live things happening. Covers are usually through Radio 1 Live Lounge/Youtube, I try to choose ones which are unique to the original, it just makes sure it's a little bit different, which was my original aim. Youtube is becoming harder because I find myself crossing over between the Cover section and Youtube, but I tend to pick an artist/band that is popular/unheard of, two polar opposites but I find it's the best way! Classic section is taken from that list everyone has of 'Top Tunes' either from when they were younger, karaoke nights, leaving school etc. They tend to be tracks that were chart hits and generally well known all over. 

6. Do you ever have a true 'day-off'? 
Haha. I think it's fair to say I don't! I can never switch off, I'm always listening out for music and thinking 'they'd be good to feature'. Every day I read/send emails about MIT (Music In Time), write lists of what I need to do, rack my brains for inspiration for questions for upcoming features, I have 2 notepads full to the brim with notes and lists of artists from Youtube/Spotify/Radio etc. The only time I felt I had true 'time-off' was in Kenya, but even then it was probably barely a day as I was piecing together the blogs for the week I came back! 

7. What are Music In Time's aims for 2014? 
I think I'm aiming to broaden Music In Time's genres covered. I personally enjoy all kinds of music and I think I got too scared at one point to venture past what I knew people were enjoying, basically I think I forgot the key to Music In Time which was to share good music and obviously there isn't just one genre to the world of music, so expect to see more variety! It would be really nice to reach more people in general this year, MIT has been going for coming up to a year and it has grown in so many ways, it would be great to get a few more likes and follows on social media, but ideally I'd just like more people to hear more good music! (Merch is a project for this summer, hopefully to be available by the end of 2014 too!)

Music In Time's Links:

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Thank you to Lailana for writing the introduction and Tracy for the questions! :)

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Feature: Jacob & Goliath (27/05/14)

Jacob & Goliath are a three-piece band from Brentford in West London. Including Jacob Simpson (guitar, lead vocals), Charlie Brown (Drums, backing vocals) and Sam Bryan (keyboards). 
They will be releasing 'Eyes Conveyed', their debut EP on 15th June via Manchester's LAB Records. Taking in a variety of diverse influences, the EP was produced by Paul Stanborough at his studio, The Biscuit Factory in East London. Jacob & Goliath have recently filmed a stripped version of track 'Green' for Burberry Sessions. The band are also headlining The Islington for their EP Launch Gig on 2nd July (ticket link in links section...)

General Questions...

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
We have all been playing from a young age, intrigued by our individual instruments as well as listening and appreciating our own influences. 
Jacob's passion for music came alive at 14, when he was taken to Glastonbury with Nick Lowe and his family (he hitched a ride on their tour bus) which blew him away and inspired him to pursue music as a career. Charlie has grown up in a musical family, with his Dad being a musician. Sam grew up playing piano as a hobby and has never had any formal training. It all became more serious when the band was created. 

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
We went to Latitude last year and saw the likes of Matt Corby and Foals. They were pretty insane. 

3. What have you been listening to lately?
We all listen to different music, it ranges from Johnny Cash, Foals, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tame Impala, Alt J and Led Zeppelin. 

3 Questions for Jacob & Goliath...

1. How did the name 'Jacob & Goliath' come about?
We needed a name for a performance at the school we go to, and our mate said 'Jacob & Goliath' as a joke. We straight away loved it and have never looked back! 

2. When writing, what comes first, lyrics or instrumental?
We start with an idea that we love, either instrumental or lyrics, and then build a tune from that. 

3. How did you gain inspiration for 'Green' and the other tracks on your EP? 
'Green' is written around a true story and experience in my life and the guilt behind a break up with a girl. A lot of our songs are written from real life experiences in our lives, which we build on in the songwriting. 

Random Q...

If you could open a venue, where would it be and who would you have at the opening event?
We would open a venue in West London, where we were born and raised because that part of London lacks decent music venues and we had to travel far and wide to play sometimes. We would have some new up and coming acts playing at the venue and use it as a platform for people to hear new music!

'Green' Review:
Jacob & Goliath's overall sound is reminiscent of bands like Mumford & Sons, even in this stripped version of the track, there is great layers it, with guitar, vocals, percussion and keys, all complimenting each other so well. This is definitely a track that introduces the band and their sound well, it has a join in and sing/tap a long vibe to it, great for a band performing live. If it sounds this great unproduced and live, I'm sure it'll sound even better on the EP! Looking forward to hearing the whole of 'Eyes Conveyed'!

Jacob & Goliath's Links:
Eyes Conveyed EP (iTunes link):

Twitter: (@JacobandGoliath)
Instagram: (@jacobandgoliath)

Check It Out!

Chart: Jubel - Klingande

'Jubel', meaning 'cheers' and 'jubilations' in Scandinavian languages, is a song by French duo Klingande. Classed as a house and acid jazz track, it has done pretty well in the charts all over the world! Released back in September 2013 to most of Europe, it reached number 1 in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland. Now only two days after release in the UK, it's currently at number 3 in the charts. Definitely one for summer playlists, even though it's pretty rainy in the UK at the minute!

Live Performance: Jerk Ribs - Kelis

A feel good song with horns and whistles from Kelis, live on Later with Jools Holland. 'Jerk Ribs' was released on 14th February (2014) as the first single from Kelis' sixth studio album, a mix of electronic and soul music, creates this wonderful mash up of genres, that you can't help but dance to!

Cover: Don't Stop The Music - Jamie Cullum

'Don't Stop The Music', originally by Rihanna was covered by Jamie Cullum for his fifth studio album, The Pursuit. He released his jazz version in 2010 and it became a popular track in the Netherlands. However, unfortunately his track didn't do as well in the UK. 

Youtube: Bones - Alex G

After uploading many videos to Youtube, many with other Youtube stars, over the past three years, Alex has gained a large and hugely respectable amount of followers! She is now releasing her newest single 'Bones' from her upcoming release (which is now available to pre-order). A really enjoyably track to listen to, with strings, harmonies, piano, percussion and everything else you need to be an insane song! 

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Spotlight: Meadowlark (23/05/14)

Meadowlark, a trio from Plymouth, will release their debut EP 'Three Six Five' on 26th May. The band have only been together a year, almost exactly to the EP release date, after meeting at a Tallest Man On Earth gig. Fronted by head songwriter Kate McGill (who, at the time of meeting bandmates, Carl Jones & Daniel Broadley, was the 13th most subscribed to musician on Youtube). Carl Jones and Daniel Broadley (also known for directing) share and rotate instrumental duties.
Meadowlark have also supported the likes of Elvis Costello, Gabrielle Aplin, Lewis Watson and have performed at festivals such as Barn On The Farm and are set for more this summer, as well as their own headline UK tour, which they're venturing on and I post this... 

Review of 'Three Six Five EP':

The opening track 'Family Tree' is full of outstanding piano and vocals that accompany each other very well. The track grows with strings and drums adding to the layers. It's a truly stunning song with equally beautiful and honest lyrics. 

Followed by 'I've Got You', which seems to be a more upbeat track, with a positive vibe to it. I can't listen without singing along and clapping/tapping. The group vocals and harmonies really add to the lyrics as well as the song in general. Percussion and guitar seems to be key to this track and you can really easily imagine it being sung live with the audience joining in. 

Penultimate track 'Forlorn' has a general tone suggested by the title of the track, although still a well built track. The pace and builds in the song vary, but yet another track from the EP that you can imagine live. The guitar and drums really add to the overall sound again.

Finally 'Sail Away', a mellower track with a chilled vibe, similar to Family Tree but with less builds. The harmonies and vocals are prominent in this track and I see it as a good track for a summer playlist. 

Overall, 'Three Six Five' is a chilled EP and could be listened to at any time of day (always a good thing!) The whole EP is full of emotion and you can hear many influences, with instruments echoing Bon Iver and at times vocals reminiscent of London Grammar. The lyrics are incredibly honest and well written, accompanied by a stunning overall sound and imagery created by all songs. A great job Meadowlark!

UK Tour Dates:

May 17 – Oxford, O2 Academy
May 21 – Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall
May 22 – Nottingham, Bodega
May 24 – Manchester, Fallow CafĂ©
May 26 – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
May 27 – London, Sebright Arms
May 28 – Bristol, Louisiana

Meadowlark's Links:

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Feature: Liam Bradley (20/05/14)

A singer/songwriter based in Southampton, Liam, has recently released his first single 'Apple Tree' to the world. He started writing one day in his halls at Uni about three years ago and hasn't looked back since. Liam's started putting his songs out there as uni's now behind him, and he's been working on new material recently too! So watch this space! 

General Questions...

1. How old were you when you started getting into music and how?

I started playing guitar when I was sixteen. My sister taught me four basic chords and gradually over time and a lot of trial and error, I picked up the rest. But that was really just messing around, I never had any dreams or interest in taking it any further than that. It just so happened that one day sitting in my room at Uni, I began to write these little rhymes, which eventually turned into little songs, it was just a very natural progression. If it wasn't for those rhymes or songs, it probably wouldn't have occurred to me to get involved with music at all. 

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?

A friend of mine at Uni invited me to a small music cafe in Camden, where a friend of his was promoting a folk event. The music blew me away and the atmosphere of the place was great. It was a bit of a eureka moment for me I realised that perhaps I had something that might one day lead me to being up on that stage, I just needed a few more songs to make up a setlist. I went back to Uni and within a week or so I had written seven new songs.

3. What have you been listening to lately? 

I'm currently working on some new songs so I tend not to listen to too much to avoid any ind of outside influence interfering with anything, but I recently heard Coldplay's new stuff which is pretty good. 

3 Questions for Liam...

1. If you could duet with anyone, who would you choose and why?
I think to work with some of the legends, like the Stones or Dylan would obviously be very special, other than that it's a hard one. Maybe Adele, she can do no wrong, although 
I don't think I'd be able to keep up with her on some of those notes... But I would be open to any offers to collaborate. 

2. What process did you go through writing and producing 'Apple Tree'?
The process of writing was fairly straight forward. I had written the lyrics initially as a kind of poem, but it fit perfectly into the chords that I put with it and within 10 minutes it was a song. As for recording and producing, I have Joe Lewis-Brown to thank for that, he's a recording engineer and a musician in his own right. He knew exactly what I had in mind and he mixed the song perfectly to get everything across. It took us twelve or so hours to finish it, but between us we felt it was important to do right by the song. 

3. What do you visualise as the ideal video destination for 'Apple Tree'? 
I imagine some place that would fit nicely to the lyrics, I'm not entirely sure where that is. Perhaps one day I'll know. 

Random Q...

1. Sweet or Savoury?
Sweet all day long...

'Apple Tree' Review:
Really well built song with guitar, piano and vocals. As this is Liam's first released track, I'm really excited to hear more from him, the lyrics seem honest and allow you to escape to a picturesque place. A great overall acoustic sound that will remind you of certain artists but still manages to stay unique. 

Liam's Links:

Check It Out!

Chart: Extraordinary ft. Sharna Bass- Clean Bandit 

This track is from British electronic group Clean Bandit and features vocals from Sharna Bass. Released as their fifth single form their upcoming debut studio album 'New Eyes' (due for release 2nd June 2014). 'Extraordinary' is yet another popular track for them to add to the list, it's currently sat at #5 in the UK Singles Chart. 

Live Performance: One - Ed Sheeran

'One' was the first song written by Sheeran for his second album 'x' (multiply) but hasn't been released as a single yet. Here's Ed playing for an intimate crowd at Maida Vale... Enjoy!

Cover: Black & Gold - Ella Eyre

Originally by Sam Sparro from his debut album and released back in 2008. It received nominations for a Grammy and two ARIA awards. It's been covered by many established artists such as Adele, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry and Liam Payne, but this one really stands out form upcoming star, Ella Eyre. 

Classic: Hey Jude - The Beatles

'Hey Jude' was released in August 1968 as the first single from the Beatles' record label Apple Records. It spent 9 weeks at number one in America and hit number one in many other countries including the UK. 

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Rewind #2 (13/05/14)

This rewind blog may seem a little overdue and you would be right in thinking that! However, features, reviews and spotlight blogs have been coming in left, right and centre, which is definitely a good thing - I'm not complaining! But that has meant that this rewind blog in particular has been pushed further away from it's original publish date... Still, here is 'Pt. 1' for this month and focuses on the artists featured in 2013...

EP Releases:

First up, Angus Powell (Music In Time Blog's first feature) released his second EP 'Waylaid' earlier this year. Both of his EPs are now streaming on sound cloud as well, so if you want to have an Angus Powell session, that's the place to go!

Waylaid EP (iTunes):
Angus on Soundcloud:

Next is April Keen, she released her debut EP 'Solace' back in March, it's a five track beaut! I absolutely love it and it's a hit in the house and the car too! I reviewed it as it came out as well (link below). April's received lots of attention on her local radio stations recently too, which is great to see!

Solace EP (iTunes):
Music In Time Review:

Last for this section is Harry Seaton, he's already working on his second EP and it doesn't seem that long ago he released 'Shadows EP', his debut EP, another good one! He's also still uploading regularly on YouTube, so his channel's worth subscribing to!

Shadows EP (iTunes):
Harry's Youtube:

EP Updates:

Jamie Willetts, one of the first few artists featured on Music In Time, has announced information about his debut EP, it's called 'Burn' and is coming soon... I'm really looking forward to hearing the tracks on it as his music has really grown in the past year, so it should be a really good one! :) 

Adam Double is also releasing an EP, very soon! It's called Phil and is due to be released on 22nd May (and is currently available to pre-order!) Adam's been uploading sessions on Youtube recently too of the tracks off the EP, and they're all sounding really good! 

Uploads & Other Updates:

Maddy Storm has uploaded a few videos, and has been frequently uploading to sound cloud,  including a new original song which is great! She's also had a few gigs so go check out her FB page to keep up to date with those! 

Maddy's Soundcloud:

Jemma Johnson is currently finishing off her final year of uni before she is venturing back into the world of music fully. She has been uploading some videos onto Youtube though and there is an EP on it's way, which I'm sure is going to be great! 

Dan Robinson has just been on a mini tour with Antix and has been uploading a fair amount of videos on his Youtube page recently... He's also released a few tracks here and there in the past 6 months. 

George Barnett has a full summer ahead! With festival dates and probably some scattered gigs AND working on his next EP! He's recently released a new track called '3 Statues' and it lives up to his insane standard! 

Haytham Whitear has also been uploading his tracks to Soundcloud lately, and there might be some more things set up for his music soon! 

Orla Gartland has also been gigging recently, after a tour at the start of the year and recent trip to America. She's uploaded some great covers over on her Youtube channel recently as well, which are worth a listen! 

Another uploader to Soundcloud recently is Bambi with a great new track 'Sheltered Eyes', they've also got a load of gigs coming up, so they're another one to keep up to date with on FB! 

Shaun Colwill is also starting to plan a release of his debut EP, which is exciting and he's been uploading to Youtube regularly too, with a few gigs here and there as well! Definitely one to keep an eye on! 

After finishing their 'Food & Fuel Tour', Delve have been played on BBC Introducing in the West and have now updated their blog from their tour all the way to the lsat episode, which is worth checking out too! 

Delve's Food & Fuel page:

Lastly, Lianne Kaye has been uploading regularly to her Youtube channel and has been doing some gigs around and about, another one to watch over on FB! 

Check It Out!

It could be argued that this is very heavily based on Eurovision Song Contest (from Saturday) and you would be correct apart from the cover! Enjoy! 

Chart: Calm After The Storm - The Common Linnets

This track was Netherlands entry and it made it to #4 in the UK Singles Chart the day after the competition. It placed second in the Eurovision contest, which is the highest position since they won in 1975. The track is a pretty great country folk song and is accompanied with a black and white video (filmed in Edam...)

Live Performance: Rise Like A Phoenix - Conchita Wurst

The winning song of Eurovision this year, performed by Austrian singer Conchita Wurst. This track is their second win in the competition their first being in 1966. Personally, I think it sounds like it should be the soundtrack for a James Bond film, and really like the track! Enjoy this one! 

Cover: Magic - Lauren Aquilina

So I was going to save this one for next week and try and find a cover of a eurovision track, but there doesn't seem to be many, so here is an insane cover of one of Coldplay's latest tracks from their upcoming album 'Ghost Stories' from Lauren Aquilina. She was invited to Maida Vale to do a live lounge with Radio 1 a couple of weeks ago and I got to enjoy it late at night in a car on the way back from the beach with friends, with stars and everything, which kinda added to the 'magic'. 

Youtube: Children Of The Universe - Molly

Discovered through her work on BBC Introducing, Molly Smitten-Downes was chosen to represent the United Kingdom in Eurovision this year, the song was inspired by Max Ehrmann's poem, Desiderata. The song finished in 17th place, and it's a track that again, I really like, it's a great track and I may have had it on repeat the last two days... 

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Review: Lewis Watson (05/05/14)

After being handed a very smart t-shirt, with a rather impressive ribs and heart image on the front and specialised line for the event, St. Mary's Church ~ Guildford. I head to a seat near the back, with a great view and I pick up the track list... It was definitely one to look forward to! I then look around and take in the setting, simple and beautiful. Pinky purple backlights, with candles and the stunning stained glass window as their backdrop. When you smell food and hear vocal warm ups, you know it's close to stage time!

Lewis' set went through his debut album's track list, the album's called 'The Morning' and is set for release on 7th July (2014). As well as performing the tracks with his band, Adam (bass), Rob (drums) and Roxanne (keyboard), he also shared the story behind each track. So without further ado, here's each track close up...

Stones Around The Sun opened the set well, introducing the overall feel of the album and atmosphere of the gig ahead. The keys were used well to start the song of, with a slow drum beat and backing vocals that build and mellow again throughout the song.

Next up was Holding On, written about the end of something and wanting to drop it. For this one Lewis and his band made their way to the middle of the audience and got everyone to stand. This was special, it was 100% acoustic, with claps, guitar and harmonies it had a general chilled feel about it, this was a highlight for me!

After that, Lewis and his band headed back to the stage and performed a previously heard track. The track 'Into The Wild' from his third EP, is about taking a chance, it seems to be an upbeat song, with percussion used heavily (not complaining at all!) with the 1st chorus totally stripped back to just Lewis, the track built up again and finished with shiver worthy harmonies.

Then we got to hear another new track called Outgrow, written about a strong family memory Lewis has of his childhood routine of watching Art Attack with his brother and sister, and how they grew up and apart. This track was a personal favourite of mine, starting stripped back and with an acoustic guitar and vocals from Lewis, the track grows with the drums making it impossible not to tap along to. The string style keys were also a highlight in this track.

Ghost was next, and after explaining a tweet saying 'i wrote a song today about being 'friend-zoned', he said he felt it was a bit more romantic than that. This track was filmed for Burberry Acoustic, late last year and was a popular track, I was excited to hear it live! I definitely wasn't disappointed, with a calming tone to the song, the drum beat, harmonies and overall sound was very chilling.

Lewis' single Stay followed, this track is incredibly popular and has been played on BBC Radio 1, a dream started the writing of this song and Watson described it as a 'romantic version of Tribute by Tenacious D'. The music video was directed by Craig Roberts (from Tracy Beaker, Submarine & Skins). The performance itself was pretty beautiful, the candles set the scene and linked to the music video, but the overall sound was great. Layered, with keys and bass that complimented his vocals and highlighted the lyrics, a track that builds and finished with a mini drum solo... What more could you want?

Windows came after, the oldest song from the album, the track first appeared on his debut EP. It's about getting out of old habits and specifically an ex-girlfriend who slept with the windows open, which then became a habit of Lewis'. The track started with Lewis with his guitar and gradually grew.

Then we heard Close, a track from my favourite EP of his 'Four More Songs', written about letting go and running away as far as you need to. The track gradually built after each line adding a layer each time, another catchier, foot tapping track from the EP. Also credit to the band for their impressive holds on the backing 'oohs'.

Next was definitely the most emotional and intimate track from the album, Halo, written about trying to tell someone they're more wonderful than they think they are. Lewis and Roxanne came back to the middle and for the duration there wasn't a sound but the song, which really added to the atmosphere. The track seems simple lyrically and melodically but is a stunning showcase of Lewis' musicality and penmanship.

After that was Sink Or Swim, written on a similar line to 'Into The Wild', about taking a chance, this track appears on Watson's second EP. Again, this track builds in the first verse, I especially enjoyed the cymbal builds as well as harmonies.

Castle Street was the penultimate track, similar to meaning of Holding On and set in Oxford. The keys really stood out in this track, another one that builds throughout and is definitely one to sing-along to!

To finish off, Twelve/The Morning, written about one person in a relationship being 100% content but the other person not so much. The band went and Lewis headed to the middle, it was a beautiful track to finish on with Lewis showing his guitar playing as an art. I didn't write any other notes on this track, purely because I enjoyed it so much and was left speechless.

Overall, it was a stunning show, and there's nothing more appealing than great live music in a church, it was an awesome idea of Mr. Watson's and I thank him for an amazing evening!

You should definitely go pre-order his album over at:
(If you want all of his songs you can grab this version:

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