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A Year Of Music In Time Blog... (GIVEAWAY)


Wednesday saw Music In Time Blog's first birthday, it was a year since the first feature (proper blog) went live. In this year, Music In Time has gained over 6,600 views, 150 likes on Facebook and over 120 followers on twitter.

I've decided to run a giveaway competition, which includes:

Signed 'Heal' EP - Joe Lewis-Brown
Signed 'Some Songs With Some Friends' EP & poster - Lewis Watson
Signed 'Solace' EP - April Keen
First item of Music In Time Merch - a notebook
Meadowlark Wristband
The Storm Wristband - Harry Seaton
All you have to do, is go to our Facebook page and LIKE & SHARE the status with a photo of all these items. If you're not on Facebook then RT & FAVOURITE the tweet with the photo! (Links below)

These giveaway items will be split into two or three bundles (dependant on how many people take part...)

Thank you very much and get sharing (especially if you have friends/family that would be interested in this giveaway/the blog!)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What I'm Listening To... (24/06/14)

The past couple of months have included exams, (kinda) finishing sixth form, a fair amount of live music and lots of amazing times with friends. I can't really describe what I've been listening to recently by genre, it's sort of been 'sunset and driving' music, so without further a do...

All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran

I think I've got an unhealthy obsession with this song, the soundtrack it's for and the album it's on. Ed Sheeran is back with another amazing album 'x', I bought it yesterday and haven't stopped listening to it since. However, this specific song really stands out and I've been listening to it since it was released on Youtube for The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack. The video mirrors the beautiful lyrics etc. that the song offers with Ed's vocals.
Moth's Wings - Passion Pit

I've listened to 'Moth's Wings' and Passion Pit in general for a few years now, but came across it again a few weeks ago on Spotify. The track's from Passion Pit's first full-length studio album 'Manners', which is a great album! It's been used on many TV shows, such as Gossip Girl, Big Love and So You Think You Can Dance, as well as appearing in the FIFA 10 game and the film, Life As We Know It. 
Liar - Kimberly Anne

My artist of 2014, I still need to see her live, but Kimberly Anne is one of my favourite artists at the minute. I've loved all of her songs, but I'm really loving her latest single 'Liar' from her upcoming Ep 'Liar'. The drums, guitar, vocals and lyrics come together so well and I can't wait to hear the rest of the EP. 
View - Pylo

I came across these guys at the Isle of Wight Festival the other weekend on the Big Top Stage and I may have fallen in love with their sound, they're nice guys as well! Both this song and it's video are great, the song reminds me of a mix of Bon Iver musically and Kings of Leon vocally. The video has insane cinematography and lovely settings and views... (funny that!)
The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

I have listened to these guys from their debut album 'From Under The Cork Tree', I've always enjoyed listening to them, and in the last year, I haven't listened to enough pop punk/rock, which has always been one of my favourite genres of music. Seeing these guys at Isle of Wight re-kindled my love for their music, I'm loving this song from their recent album! 
Less Than Friends - Robbie Boyd

I got to meet this lovely fellow at Isle of Wight, I've had his album on repeat since, it's a great pop folk feel good album, and has some great summery tracks. This song has a catchy vibe about it and I've had it stuck in my head for the past week! 
Wide Awake - Josh Record

Another artist of 2014 for me, this year Josh is due to release his debut album, and I can't wait, I've been following him for a couple of years. It's been really great watching him gain a bigger audience over this past year and get radio plays on BBC Radio 1 etc. He has harmonious vocals and all his songs build into dreamy pop tracks. 
America - Razorlight

This song is on a playlist at work that seems to get played a lot (and I'm not complaining!) It gets us all singing along, it's a true classic from 2006 and I can't get it out of my head! 

Up Again - Clean Bandit ft. Rae Morris

Clean Bandit's 'New Eyes' album has been on repeat in my car the past couple of weeks and this is my favourite song, I like both Clean Bandit and Rae Morris and again, have listened to them for a couple of years. Definitely an album for Summer 2014! 
Helios - Emily & The Woods

I've loved Emily & The Woods for years, however, they hadn't released anything in the past year, until a few months back, this EP seemed to slip under my radar and I only discovered it earlier today, I love it! Great video, great sound and such a chilled vibe. 

Thanks for reading! 

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Friday, 20 June 2014

Conflicts: Save Live Music Venues. (20/06/14)

Today's blog post is different to previous uploads, but it's probably one of the most important ones I've written for this blog. It covers things that are threatening music as we know it, whether that be live music/music videos or upcoming artists and bands, as well as independent labels in the industry. 

So, to start us off... Two independent live music venues facing the possibility of closure, due to new neighbours complaining. The Boileroom, Guildford and The Blind Tiger Club, Brighton. 
Firstly, I find it incredibly frustrating that people will move directly opposite, above or next door to live music venues and complain about noise etc. when surely they'd think that was a possible problem?! 
The Boileroom, Guildford
For me, The Boileroom is my local gig venue and I go there at least every few months, I find it a well-kept and managed venue and one that offers a safe and enjoyable atmosphere to all ages, as well as a large variety in genre. Boileroom is a family run venue, which opened in 2006, it's a venue that provides a much needed creative space for the local community, they encourage, support and nurture local bands and upcoming talent. Since 2013, over 25,000 music fans have walked through their doors, many organisations and schools have hired the venue. They've also hosted charity fundraising events for the likes of Macmillan Cancer Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust, Oxjam and so many more. On top of all this, they hold free events monthly and encourage under 18s to go there and create a safe environment for us.
Owner, Dominique Frazer was awarded the Trude Adler award in 2010, for their community approach to running a live music venue with sensitivity, insight and consideration for the local community, which they continue to do. In 2012, Dominique was also nominated for the Community Spirit Individual, under Local Heroes Community Spirit Awards, voted for by local radio listeners. Clearly appreciated by the local community, not just friends and I! 

The Blind Tiger, Brighton
The Blind Tiger Club in Brighton was founded in 2011 and is another independent live music venue under threat. They were involved in the Great Escape Festival 2013, using their venue for gigs included in the line up. Now, receiving backing from Brighton's MP, Caroline Lucas, has been a big movement for this venue, however they still need support against the people who moved in above, whom are now complaining about noise, surely it doesn't take much to do a bit of research about where you're moving to? 

It would be a massive shame to lose these music venues, especially as they work as hard they can to restrict unnecessary noise etc. 
Venues for live music are becoming more restricted for choice, closing independent venues like The Boileroom and The Blind Tiger Club, leaves a big gap between open mic nights at pubs to venues holding 750 people. This makes it increasingly difficult for upcoming artists and bands to perform live and gain an audience in a traditional way. 

The Boileroom specifically, have supported many of my friends as well as loads of artists/bands I follow. It's my local place for gigs and reviews, monthly dose of live music and one I don't want to have to take off my list! I'm sure regulars of The Blind Tiger Club feel the same way! 

If you would like to support these venues, and others like these, please sign and share the two petitions linked below, it will only take a few seconds of your time, and could gain you millions of seconds listening to live music in a venue you enjoy! 

The Boileroom, Guildford:

The Blind Tiger Club, Brighton:

Thank you for reading! Please sign and share! 

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Review: Isle of Wight Festival (15/06/14)

I ventured to the Isle of Wight on Sunday for the Isle of Wight Festival 2014, I was looking forward to the line up in general, smaller stages and main stage (was a little gutted I missed Biffy and Chilli Peppers on Friday & Saturday though!)

Whilst walking to the Big Top Stage, I passed the Strongbow Garden during Corona's set, I only heard their cover of 'Summertime Sadness', but I heard was great and I noted their name down to Youtube later, definitely wasn't disappointed!

Pylo (Big Top Stage)
I got to the Big Top Stage and Pylo were on, I hadn't heard any of their stuff before but their sound reminds me of Kings of Leon. They showed a mix of softer rock ballads, as well as faster, rockier tracks that were ones to dance to! Some of the guitar layers reminded me of Little Comets, with vocals on point throughout their set.

I headed backstage of the Hard Rock Rising Stage and chilled and played table football with Amber Run playing the Big Top in the background - wasn't complaining! I love their sound anyway and was loving chilling listening to them! They manage to have a chilled but heavy vibe and the crowd (as well as me) were thoroughly enjoying it!

We went on a walk to Main Stage, whilst heading that way, we heard a bit of Olivia Sebastianelli, I'd never heard her before but really enjoyed what I heard. (The song linked below reminds me of '21 Guns' by Green Day, love it!)

Ella Eyre (Main Stage)
Got to Main Stage just in time for Ella Eyre to start her set, I admire her vocals and love her music, so to see her live and in a festival too, just added to the atmosphere. I only stayed for a few tracks because of supporting a different artist, who's stage time clashed, but what I heard from Ella, I really enjoyed! She started with a nice catchy track, which seemed to get everyone in the right spirit. She then performed 'Deeper' and 'If I Go', which were also brilliant tracks, I found it a shame that more people didn't know of the tracks/know the words to be able to join in and add to the overall atmosphere!

Robbie Boyd (Hard Rock Rising Stage)
Headed back to the Hard Rock Rising Stage to see Robbie Boyd, he was great live! A folk-pop artist with a backing band and a set of great songs, what more could a rising stage at a festival need? He has just released his debut album 'So Called Man', and he sang a few songs off of it, a personal favourite was 'Orion's Belt', had a rockier tone to it. 'Under My Skin' from the 'Under My Skin EP', was also performed very well, solo, just Robbie and his guitar. His album is definitely worth a listen, he had a well-sized crowd watching him at the festival, and no doubt Robbie's one people will be watching as well as listening to in the future!

Passenger (Main Stage)
After Robbie's chilled, festival style set, I headed back to the main stage to hear some more chilled folk and acoustic sounds, this time thanks to Passenger... I turned up as he started 'I Hate', which is a song I love anyway and to hear it live and adapted to the Isle of Wight Festival made it even better! To hear the crowd cheering along to what they agreed with, made his performance brilliant and one to tell people about! He then went on to cover a snippet of 'Wake Me Up' and merged with guitar into 'Let Her Go', (the amazing song, that radio overplayed and killed), but hearing it live and performed with a twist, really freshened the track for me. After, Passenger played '27', he showed raw emotion in this track, raw emotion and frustration was shown and this highlighted his penmanship of the lyrics in this song. 'Whispers', the title track from his fifth studio album followed, it's a mellow and chilled track, parts were sung acapella, another filled with frustration. Then 'Scare Away The Dark', a truly beautiful song about technology taking over, another well written track from him.

Fall Out Boy (Main Stage)
Fall Out Boy were on the Main Stage next and these guys had been on my list of artists/bands to see live for a very long time, so for it to finally happen, I couldn't really believe it! They performed loads of tracks, mainly from their most recent album 'Save Rock and Roll'. 'The Phoenix', 'Alone Together', 'Death Valley' 'Young Volcanoes', 'Just One Yesterday' and others were performed from their recent album and went down really well. They also performed the classics, 'This Ain't a Scene, It's An Arms Race', 'Sugar We're Going Down', 'Dance, Dance', 'I Don't Care'. They also chucked in a unique cover of 'Beat It', originally by Michael Jackson, they put a pop-punk/rock twist on it. They finished their set with their biggest known songs, 'Thnks Fr Th Mmrs' and 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)', which went down incredibly well with the crowd.

Kings of Leon (Main Stage)
Headlining the Main Stage on Sunday was Kings of Leon, they performed a mix of tracks from their past three albums, Only By The Night, Come Around Sundown and their most recent album Mechanical Bull. They played 'Temple', 'Use Somebody', 'Wait For Me', 'Radioactive', all my favourites and finished with the almighty overplayed on my local radio, 'Sex On Fire', but it sounded insane live with every one in the crowd singing along. All of their tracks were performed really well, everyone joined in and sang along. They were definitely the right choice to close the evening with, the guitar was effortless and yet sounded brilliant and made the songs grow even better.

We headed towards the camping section and a firework display with 'All You Need Is Love' playing in the background. We also went via the Big Top Stage to catch five minutes of Travis, which was a pretty good set (what I heard of it anyway!)

Overall, a great day and a brilliant line up! Definitely a well set out festival, with a variety of genres in music and food/merch available, all the staff and security were friendly and helpful, which is always a nice addition to any event!

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Review: Kina Grannis & Imaginary Future (11/06/14)

Yesterday, Wednesday 11th June, I headed to London for a much anticipated gig... After many years of waiting and watching on Youtube and then being able to listen to their albums on my iPod (on repeat), I finally got to see Kina Grannis and the previously featured Imaginary Future. It was at The Tabernacle, Notting Hill area of London and I was pleasantly surprised by the venue. It was nicely put away, and was rather small which added to the intimacy of the gig, housing over 500 people for the sold out gig.

As we went into the main theatre, Jesse (AKA Imaginary Future) was on the merch table, which was a lovely addition to the evening as it meant you could have a quick chat/sign/photo as you went in and adds to how down to earth these guys are. My friend and I found a nice spot to the side of the stage but at the front, so we had a decent view!

Imaginary Future kicked the evening off as Kina's support act, which I'm pretty sure everyone in the audience was happy about! He definitely had a warm (and loud) welcome to the stage!

Jesse opened with 'Fire Escape', my all-time favourite track of his, and I instantly knew his set wasn't going to disappoint! This track is usually an overall chilled vibe with spine-chilling vocals, but performed live just adds to the intense but relaxed tone of the track.

Next, he performed 'Nothing Alone', which he performed with a rockier feel, really getting into the song with his electric guitar. An upbeat track which forces you to tap and nod your head to. (As a side note - this track has a very interesting music video, with an unlikely story told throughout...)

After that bouncy track, Jesse slowed it back down with a cover of 'Team', originally by Lorde. Imaginary Future, Kina and Emi Grannis (one of Kina's sisters) did a group cover and uploaded it to Youtube. However, Jesse showed just how blissful his vocals are, incredibly easy to listen to and pleasing to the ears.

'Love Is The Beginning' followed and was the happier song of his set, a track about the beginning of a relationship. This song got the audience clapping and joining in, which was really wonderful and added to the 'togetherness' tone of the track.

Next came 'Chasing Ghosts', an incredibly emotionally intense track with a melancholy tone to the guitar too. With heavenly vocals that compliment the emotionally crafted lyrics, adding to the atmosphere of the track.

Jesse finished with 'I Knew This Would Be Love', another chilled and emotionally filled track. Personally, I felt this was a great choice of song to finish on, it summed up his set so well, an emotional, chilled one, with hope in the lyrics too.

With only a small space of time to swap over, Kina came to the stage with Imaginary Future as her backing. Starting promptly with the single from her album 'Elements', 'Dear River', a great track to start with... Catchy, upbeat and definitely one to sing-a-long to!

After a quick hello, Kina moved onto 'The Fire', another great track to sing-a-long to! The guitar really adds to the vocals of this song. Some of the vocals hit heavenly notes, and really showcased Kina's vocal range.

Kina and Jesse were joined on stage by Meadowlark's Kate McGill, which was a huge bonus to the evening! 'Oh Father' came next, almost 'moody' guitar in this track adds to the lyrics, 'a darkness so immense' and 'no victory to show'. Harmonies were on point in this, all of their voices complimented each other so well!

'Winter', a song originally started about withering flowers came after. Again great harmonies and vocals adding to the chilled and almost magical feel of this track. It really did sound delicate, just like the subject of the song I guess, but the vocals grow throughout to the chorus.

Next, 'Throw It Away', a faster, rockier track compared to the previous two. Starting intense and dark, it builds to a definite tap-along song, the electric guitar really went well with this track, helping that intense feel of the song.

'My Own' followed, written about family and usually performed with Kina's two sisters, Emi and Misa. The warm vocals and harmonies adds to the togetherness of the song. A slow song but definitely one to put a smile on your face (mainly because Kina and Kate's voices together would make anyone melt, then add in the lyrics and soft guitar...)

After came 'Valentine', a positive bouncy track, one that was sung a long to, very loudly! I really enjoyed the acoustic vibe of this song, it also fits the surprisingly sunny weather we've been having in England the past few days!

Back to an emotionally filled track, with deep, honest lyrics 'Forever Blue'. One of my favourite songs from the album, I feel I relate to this song a fair amount and have listened to it a lot recently! One thing I liked about the performance was that Kina didn't cut out the emotion behind the song, she let it add to the atmosphere.

A little break filled with random (and weird) sounds from the crowd, and a group photo. Then it was onto 'In Your Arms'. This was a happier and loud sing-a-long song, the music video for the track used 228,000 jelly beans over 22 months, and is pretty impressive! Another good summery song as well!

'Little Worrier' followed, writing the song was sparked by a mouse's footsteps that Kina thought was a murderer in the woods... understandable when you're on your own and left with your imagination!) Again, a slower track with guitar that compliments their vocals incredibly well. The lyrics stand out in this track and added to the performance, which seemed pretty intense again.

Next was 'My Dear', with a slow start that built into a foot-tapping track. The crowd joined in clapping and managed to just about keep in time. It was a great one to 'finish' on, all the layers of the song seemed to sum up the 'Elements' album and Kina's set, with slow, subtle, emotional sections and then happier, upbeat parts too!

The encore was two tracks 'Message From Your Heart' and 'The One You Say Goodnight To'. 'Message From Your Heart', was the first track that Kina uploaded to YouTube. She performed it unplugged and solo with a guitar, it was great to hear her raw and acoustic. She did a call and response kind of section which went down really well with the crowd.

Finishing on 'The One You Say Goodnight To' made it a happy ending. Another cheery and upbeat track and one I hadn't heard before, but it's a new favourite!

Kina and Jesse stuck around for a meet and greet after the gig, thank you very much for a lovely evening, and allowing my ears the pleasure of hearing your voices, definitely want to see them both again!

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Feature: Stats (10/06/14)

London six-piece, Stats, released their first single '2 Minds' online last December, starting a line of great critical acclaim. The art-pop band have recently released their debut EP 'Where Is The Money?'. The EP sees Stats develop their minimal pop music and Ed Seed's compelling lyrics cover happiness, information, money and identity. They've also appeared at Great Escape & Dot to Dot festivals this year, a fresh, modern band to keep your eyes and ears on! Here's an interview with Ed, the front man! 

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I didn't pay any particular attention to music until I was a teenager. I learnt the guitar in order to write songs, although I didn't want to sing them because my voice wasn't very good. 

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
The Rite of Spring production by the Royal Ballet in 2011 was an amazing performance. Sitting high up, immediately above the orchestra pit, the music came banging up at us so loud and so chaotic - it's really startling. The balance between studied skill and raw energy is still very exciting, and the dancers embodied this too.

David Byrne and St Vincent at last year's End of the Road festival was brilliant, the staging and performance really brought their album to life. Its very deliberate construction really stood out at the festival - they brought their entire world into a field and made no concessions to their surroundings.

The first time I ever went to Fabric, Adam F was playing, and I'd never been to a big club like that before, I knew nothing about them. I'd only ever been to small clubs in small towns. Entering the main room and being in complete darkness, with no stage and no focal point, just surrounded by music, it was exciting and disorientating. It makes you realise that the crowd are the performance, and that your experience of the music is inseparable from you and everyone else dancing.

3. What have you been listening to lately? 
The new Tune Yards album is fantastic, and I love Lizzo's record. I am listening to Eddie Kendricks and Isaac Hayes, and disco compilations.

3 Questions for Stats:

1. After playing Great Escape & Dot to Dot Festivals this year, where would be your dream place to perform and why?
Great Escape and Dot to Dot were really good. Our Great Escape venue was a proper club in a dripping cellar at midnight, and it was cool to work out how to set up our world and perform it so it came across in that context. It would be fun to put together a show in a self-storage facility, if you could move some of the walls around. You could surround the stage with a maze, perhaps.

2. You have a unique sound, compared to lots of other bands at the minute, who influences you and your music?
Thank you. I like specific gestures rather than general texture, in both words and music. I like singers who are not very good at singing, and develop a more distinctive style of their own as a result. I like music that you can rely on to dance to, where the changes and shifts are for the benefit of the audience, not the musicians. I like songs that clearly have a specific meaning for the singer, but that are also open to being understood many other ways by listeners. Some people who I think do these things include Pet Shop Boys, Talking Heads, Pulp, Chic, Laurie Anderson and Curtis Mayfield.

3. What process did you go through writing and producing 'Where Is The Money' EP?
The words and music are written separately. Sometimes I write a whole song and bring it to the band, other times there will be one little phrase that we play over and over for a long time, then we go back and chop up the recording and find words to fit and make it into a song. The important thing is writing much more than you need, and throwing almost all of it away.

Random Q:

Annoying habits?
Saying 'I don't know'. 

'Where Is The Money?' Review:
Starts with a great beat and builds to become even better! Ed's words and lyrics seem simple but are rather genius and compelling. The overall sound is very reminiscent of The Feeling and you can hear the inspiration of Talking Heads and Laurie Anderson. This track is unique to most songs around at the minute and it's nice to hear something so original in the 'pop' genre! One to have on repeat and tap along to, especially in this sunny weather! 

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Check It Out!

Chart: Ghost - Ella Henderson

'Ghost' is the debut single from British singer/songwriter Ella Henderson. The track is taken from Ella's upcoming debut studio album 'Chapter One' and is currently sat at number one in the iTunes Top 10 Singles Chart. You might recognise Ella from X Factor 2012, when she finished sixth, however, it's clear that result didn't mirror the talent she has, she should have at least been a finalist! Enjoy this one! 

Live Performance: Hopeful - Bars & Melody

This live performance comes from Britain's Got Talent finalists, Bars and Melody. Leondre Devries (Bars), 13 and Charlie Lenehan (Melody), 15, were placed third in the contest this year. The singing/rap duo were invited to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show before the semi-finals and seemed to be a hit there too! Bars wrote the verses himself from real life experiences, which not only shows them to be great artists, but also shows penmanship! They also mix it up with Twista & Faith Evans' 'Hopeful', perfect!

Cover: The Hardest Part - Bryce

'The Hardest Part' is one of Nina Nesbitt's favourite tracks from her debut album 'Peroxide'. Here the song is covered by the incredibly talented, American singer/songwriter, Bryce, who performed alongside Lauren Aquilina back in 2012, on her first headline tour. They covered 'Yellow' by Coldplay, which is also another great cover to check out! (I also suggest you go check out Bryce's Youtube channel - you won't be disappointed!)

YouTube: Story Of My Life - The Piano Guys

Originally a One Direction track, 'Story of My Life', peaked at number two in the UK and number one in many other countries. Covered here by Youtube hits The Piano Guys, consisting John Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson and Al van der Beek. They post piano and cello renditions of popular songs and classical pieces. This particular cover is also accompanied with a rather heartwarming video! 

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