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Conflicts: Save Live Music Venues. (20/06/14)

Today's blog post is different to previous uploads, but it's probably one of the most important ones I've written for this blog. It covers things that are threatening music as we know it, whether that be live music/music videos or upcoming artists and bands, as well as independent labels in the industry. 

So, to start us off... Two independent live music venues facing the possibility of closure, due to new neighbours complaining. The Boileroom, Guildford and The Blind Tiger Club, Brighton. 
Firstly, I find it incredibly frustrating that people will move directly opposite, above or next door to live music venues and complain about noise etc. when surely they'd think that was a possible problem?! 
The Boileroom, Guildford
For me, The Boileroom is my local gig venue and I go there at least every few months, I find it a well-kept and managed venue and one that offers a safe and enjoyable atmosphere to all ages, as well as a large variety in genre. Boileroom is a family run venue, which opened in 2006, it's a venue that provides a much needed creative space for the local community, they encourage, support and nurture local bands and upcoming talent. Since 2013, over 25,000 music fans have walked through their doors, many organisations and schools have hired the venue. They've also hosted charity fundraising events for the likes of Macmillan Cancer Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust, Oxjam and so many more. On top of all this, they hold free events monthly and encourage under 18s to go there and create a safe environment for us.
Owner, Dominique Frazer was awarded the Trude Adler award in 2010, for their community approach to running a live music venue with sensitivity, insight and consideration for the local community, which they continue to do. In 2012, Dominique was also nominated for the Community Spirit Individual, under Local Heroes Community Spirit Awards, voted for by local radio listeners. Clearly appreciated by the local community, not just friends and I! 

The Blind Tiger, Brighton
The Blind Tiger Club in Brighton was founded in 2011 and is another independent live music venue under threat. They were involved in the Great Escape Festival 2013, using their venue for gigs included in the line up. Now, receiving backing from Brighton's MP, Caroline Lucas, has been a big movement for this venue, however they still need support against the people who moved in above, whom are now complaining about noise, surely it doesn't take much to do a bit of research about where you're moving to? 

It would be a massive shame to lose these music venues, especially as they work as hard they can to restrict unnecessary noise etc. 
Venues for live music are becoming more restricted for choice, closing independent venues like The Boileroom and The Blind Tiger Club, leaves a big gap between open mic nights at pubs to venues holding 750 people. This makes it increasingly difficult for upcoming artists and bands to perform live and gain an audience in a traditional way. 

The Boileroom specifically, have supported many of my friends as well as loads of artists/bands I follow. It's my local place for gigs and reviews, monthly dose of live music and one I don't want to have to take off my list! I'm sure regulars of The Blind Tiger Club feel the same way! 

If you would like to support these venues, and others like these, please sign and share the two petitions linked below, it will only take a few seconds of your time, and could gain you millions of seconds listening to live music in a venue you enjoy! 

The Boileroom, Guildford:

The Blind Tiger Club, Brighton:

Thank you for reading! Please sign and share! 

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