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Review: Isle of Wight Festival (15/06/14)

I ventured to the Isle of Wight on Sunday for the Isle of Wight Festival 2014, I was looking forward to the line up in general, smaller stages and main stage (was a little gutted I missed Biffy and Chilli Peppers on Friday & Saturday though!)

Whilst walking to the Big Top Stage, I passed the Strongbow Garden during Corona's set, I only heard their cover of 'Summertime Sadness', but I heard was great and I noted their name down to Youtube later, definitely wasn't disappointed!

Pylo (Big Top Stage)
I got to the Big Top Stage and Pylo were on, I hadn't heard any of their stuff before but their sound reminds me of Kings of Leon. They showed a mix of softer rock ballads, as well as faster, rockier tracks that were ones to dance to! Some of the guitar layers reminded me of Little Comets, with vocals on point throughout their set.

I headed backstage of the Hard Rock Rising Stage and chilled and played table football with Amber Run playing the Big Top in the background - wasn't complaining! I love their sound anyway and was loving chilling listening to them! They manage to have a chilled but heavy vibe and the crowd (as well as me) were thoroughly enjoying it!

We went on a walk to Main Stage, whilst heading that way, we heard a bit of Olivia Sebastianelli, I'd never heard her before but really enjoyed what I heard. (The song linked below reminds me of '21 Guns' by Green Day, love it!)

Ella Eyre (Main Stage)
Got to Main Stage just in time for Ella Eyre to start her set, I admire her vocals and love her music, so to see her live and in a festival too, just added to the atmosphere. I only stayed for a few tracks because of supporting a different artist, who's stage time clashed, but what I heard from Ella, I really enjoyed! She started with a nice catchy track, which seemed to get everyone in the right spirit. She then performed 'Deeper' and 'If I Go', which were also brilliant tracks, I found it a shame that more people didn't know of the tracks/know the words to be able to join in and add to the overall atmosphere!

Robbie Boyd (Hard Rock Rising Stage)
Headed back to the Hard Rock Rising Stage to see Robbie Boyd, he was great live! A folk-pop artist with a backing band and a set of great songs, what more could a rising stage at a festival need? He has just released his debut album 'So Called Man', and he sang a few songs off of it, a personal favourite was 'Orion's Belt', had a rockier tone to it. 'Under My Skin' from the 'Under My Skin EP', was also performed very well, solo, just Robbie and his guitar. His album is definitely worth a listen, he had a well-sized crowd watching him at the festival, and no doubt Robbie's one people will be watching as well as listening to in the future!

Passenger (Main Stage)
After Robbie's chilled, festival style set, I headed back to the main stage to hear some more chilled folk and acoustic sounds, this time thanks to Passenger... I turned up as he started 'I Hate', which is a song I love anyway and to hear it live and adapted to the Isle of Wight Festival made it even better! To hear the crowd cheering along to what they agreed with, made his performance brilliant and one to tell people about! He then went on to cover a snippet of 'Wake Me Up' and merged with guitar into 'Let Her Go', (the amazing song, that radio overplayed and killed), but hearing it live and performed with a twist, really freshened the track for me. After, Passenger played '27', he showed raw emotion in this track, raw emotion and frustration was shown and this highlighted his penmanship of the lyrics in this song. 'Whispers', the title track from his fifth studio album followed, it's a mellow and chilled track, parts were sung acapella, another filled with frustration. Then 'Scare Away The Dark', a truly beautiful song about technology taking over, another well written track from him.

Fall Out Boy (Main Stage)
Fall Out Boy were on the Main Stage next and these guys had been on my list of artists/bands to see live for a very long time, so for it to finally happen, I couldn't really believe it! They performed loads of tracks, mainly from their most recent album 'Save Rock and Roll'. 'The Phoenix', 'Alone Together', 'Death Valley' 'Young Volcanoes', 'Just One Yesterday' and others were performed from their recent album and went down really well. They also performed the classics, 'This Ain't a Scene, It's An Arms Race', 'Sugar We're Going Down', 'Dance, Dance', 'I Don't Care'. They also chucked in a unique cover of 'Beat It', originally by Michael Jackson, they put a pop-punk/rock twist on it. They finished their set with their biggest known songs, 'Thnks Fr Th Mmrs' and 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)', which went down incredibly well with the crowd.

Kings of Leon (Main Stage)
Headlining the Main Stage on Sunday was Kings of Leon, they performed a mix of tracks from their past three albums, Only By The Night, Come Around Sundown and their most recent album Mechanical Bull. They played 'Temple', 'Use Somebody', 'Wait For Me', 'Radioactive', all my favourites and finished with the almighty overplayed on my local radio, 'Sex On Fire', but it sounded insane live with every one in the crowd singing along. All of their tracks were performed really well, everyone joined in and sang along. They were definitely the right choice to close the evening with, the guitar was effortless and yet sounded brilliant and made the songs grow even better.

We headed towards the camping section and a firework display with 'All You Need Is Love' playing in the background. We also went via the Big Top Stage to catch five minutes of Travis, which was a pretty good set (what I heard of it anyway!)

Overall, a great day and a brilliant line up! Definitely a well set out festival, with a variety of genres in music and food/merch available, all the staff and security were friendly and helpful, which is always a nice addition to any event!

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