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What I'm Listening To... (24/06/14)

The past couple of months have included exams, (kinda) finishing sixth form, a fair amount of live music and lots of amazing times with friends. I can't really describe what I've been listening to recently by genre, it's sort of been 'sunset and driving' music, so without further a do...

All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran

I think I've got an unhealthy obsession with this song, the soundtrack it's for and the album it's on. Ed Sheeran is back with another amazing album 'x', I bought it yesterday and haven't stopped listening to it since. However, this specific song really stands out and I've been listening to it since it was released on Youtube for The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack. The video mirrors the beautiful lyrics etc. that the song offers with Ed's vocals.
Moth's Wings - Passion Pit

I've listened to 'Moth's Wings' and Passion Pit in general for a few years now, but came across it again a few weeks ago on Spotify. The track's from Passion Pit's first full-length studio album 'Manners', which is a great album! It's been used on many TV shows, such as Gossip Girl, Big Love and So You Think You Can Dance, as well as appearing in the FIFA 10 game and the film, Life As We Know It. 
Liar - Kimberly Anne

My artist of 2014, I still need to see her live, but Kimberly Anne is one of my favourite artists at the minute. I've loved all of her songs, but I'm really loving her latest single 'Liar' from her upcoming Ep 'Liar'. The drums, guitar, vocals and lyrics come together so well and I can't wait to hear the rest of the EP. 
View - Pylo

I came across these guys at the Isle of Wight Festival the other weekend on the Big Top Stage and I may have fallen in love with their sound, they're nice guys as well! Both this song and it's video are great, the song reminds me of a mix of Bon Iver musically and Kings of Leon vocally. The video has insane cinematography and lovely settings and views... (funny that!)
The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

I have listened to these guys from their debut album 'From Under The Cork Tree', I've always enjoyed listening to them, and in the last year, I haven't listened to enough pop punk/rock, which has always been one of my favourite genres of music. Seeing these guys at Isle of Wight re-kindled my love for their music, I'm loving this song from their recent album! 
Less Than Friends - Robbie Boyd

I got to meet this lovely fellow at Isle of Wight, I've had his album on repeat since, it's a great pop folk feel good album, and has some great summery tracks. This song has a catchy vibe about it and I've had it stuck in my head for the past week! 
Wide Awake - Josh Record

Another artist of 2014 for me, this year Josh is due to release his debut album, and I can't wait, I've been following him for a couple of years. It's been really great watching him gain a bigger audience over this past year and get radio plays on BBC Radio 1 etc. He has harmonious vocals and all his songs build into dreamy pop tracks. 
America - Razorlight

This song is on a playlist at work that seems to get played a lot (and I'm not complaining!) It gets us all singing along, it's a true classic from 2006 and I can't get it out of my head! 

Up Again - Clean Bandit ft. Rae Morris

Clean Bandit's 'New Eyes' album has been on repeat in my car the past couple of weeks and this is my favourite song, I like both Clean Bandit and Rae Morris and again, have listened to them for a couple of years. Definitely an album for Summer 2014! 
Helios - Emily & The Woods

I've loved Emily & The Woods for years, however, they hadn't released anything in the past year, until a few months back, this EP seemed to slip under my radar and I only discovered it earlier today, I love it! Great video, great sound and such a chilled vibe. 

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