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Feature: Tusks (12/08/14)

Tusks, real name Emily Underhill, is an electronic/indie/ambient producer and vocalist from London. Emily's self-released two EP's 'Snow' and 'Fly' and has just released her next EP 'Ink' under her new project, Tusks. She has collaborated with many artists and has received lots of radio play. Tusks has also had a string of gigs this year as well as playing The Secret Garden Party and has a fair few left this year too!

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I started playing the piano from when I was tiny, my parents had one in their house, so I used to play around on that.

2. What is the most inspiring/gig/concert/festival you've been to?
Seeing Amon Tobin was pretty magical - he has an incredible live visual show with this massive set of cubes built around him that appear to move throughout his set, it's amazing to see if you get the chance.
I think overall I prefer tiny intimate gigs though when artists are still small, it seems more real and personal.

3. What have you been listening to lately?
So Long, See You Tomorrow - Bombay Bicycle Club
Youth - Daughter
All I Want - Dawn Golden
Display - Phoria
Chandelier - Sia
Remnants - Jack Garrat
Come Down To Us - Burial

3 Questions for Tusks:

1. Where do you think your music is most popular, America, Asia or Europe and why?
My music seems to be most popular in America - I'm not sure why and it's the only continent that I haven't actually been to... Everywhere seems to be becoming more interlinked though as blogs become more prominent in promoting and sharing music, so I guess it's pretty evenly spread out everywhere.

2. If you could only listen to three albums for the rest of the year, what would you choose and why?
1. So Long, See You Tomorrow - Bombay Bicycle Club: It's just one of the best albums I've ever heard. I've probably listened to it every day for the past months and I'm still hearing new parts in each song and they haven't got old, it's so uplifting.
2. The North Borders - Bonobo: Again I've listened to this album so so many times and I'm never bored of it. I love how he mixes orchestral elements and vocal samples with beats and creates this uptempo relaxed vibe. First Fires is another level - the key change towards the end with the strings is probably one of my favourite parts of any track.
3. If You Leave - Daughter: I saw Daughter live and Elena's personality on stage actually annoyed me quite a bit but the lyrics and production on this album are so amazing. I listened to it when I was in Melbourne last year and it always takes me back there - Youth has to be my favourite.

3. What process did you go through creating 'Dreamcatcher' musically and visually?
'Dreamcatcher' was a bit of a different process of writing to previous songs - I wanted a song that was more beat based so concentrated on writing the beats first then letting the more melodic aspects come after. The song's about a really hard, annoying, confusing situation so by the end I just wanted distortion to come in and take over everything and not have to think about it anymore.

Random Q:

Favourite season and why?
Summer. I love being outside and really want to go travelling again. I've just got back from Secret Garden Party and am heading to Outlook in September so there's still a good few months left!

'Ink' EP Review:

This EP has a very chilled vibe, with slow melodical piano pieces in 'Burn', there's haunting vocals in 'Ink', great guitar in 'Answers', which echoes Daughter - definitely not a bad thing. 'Dreamcatcher' summaries the sound of this EP and Tusks rather nicely, it's been released with a music video (linked below). The only possible slight downside is that the tracks seem similar, however, if you listen closely, you can tell they are pieced together very differently and all have a slight unique sound. The deep lyrics are varying throughout the tracks - which should give you a reason to listen to all of them. The EP also houses two remixes, 'Dreamcatcher (Bodhi Glitch Remix)' and 'Ink (Koda Remix)'. 

Tusks' Links:

Check It Out!

Chart: Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz

This chart hit comes from Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz. It was a popular track over a year ago in Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Finland, whilst the duo were known as Envy. Then later, international releases under their new name hit charts hard, around the world, it's peaked at #1 in the UK Singles Chart, as well gaining chart success all over the world. 

Live Performance: Chocolate - The 1975

'Chocolate' is a song by British indie pop/rock band, The 1975. The third track from their eponymous debut studio album. The single peaked at #19 in the UK Singles Chart. These guys are well known for their insane live sets, so here's a little insight! 

Cover: Radioactive - Jake Bugg

Originally by American rock band, Imagine Dragons, this song is the first on their debut album, Night Visions. The track received two Grammy Awards nominations, winning one, it also peaked at #12 in the UK Singles Chart and #3 in the US Billboard Hot 100. Here, it's covered by upcoming British singer/songwriter, Jake Bugg - Enjoy! 

Youtube: Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is a 19 year old, South-African born Australian actor, Youtuber and singer/songwriter. He is well known in the Youtube community and has more than two million subscribers. After the success of Troye's 'Fault In Our Stars' song, he's now releasing his debut EP 'TRXYE', here's the single - I'm obsessed! 

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