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Best of 2014. (30/12/14)

I thought I'd put together (some of) the best songs from 2014 - obviously, these are what I enjoyed/think deserve a place in my Top 20, if you loved any other songs that you think should have made it in here, comment them below! The following are in no particular order and I honestly feel all songs mentioned in this list are worth a listen to, there's also five that didn't quite make the listen noted at the end. 

Chandelier - Sia (Live on Ellen)
I became obsessed with this song after its release in March this year, specifically this performance. Her vocals are so raw and full of emotion coupled up with a live performance of the music video, this is my favourite of the year, quite easily, even if it has been overplayed, I can still listen to it without wanting to rip my ears off. Well played Sia. 

Busy Earnin' - Jungle
Whilst everyone is raving about 'Uptown Funk', I'm still listening to the soulful sounds of this song, released in April. I feel like this is one of those songs a lot of people heard without it being overplayed/talked about, it didn't do great in the charts, but a couple of slots on TV shows gained the track and the band some much needed and deserved air time to share their sound. 

Hideaway - Ben Howard
Both Ben Howard and Kiesza have had a good year, however mix the style and sound of Ben Howard with the structure and lyrics of Kiezsa and you have a wonderful track that I can't stop listening to. This is one of my favourite live lounges from 2014 and Ben has shown he can make any song his own, yet again. 

Centuries - Fall Out Boy
I saw Fall Out Boy live at Isle Of Wight Festival 2014, after many years of waiting to see them live. 'Centuries' is the incredibly catchy lead single from their upcoming album (released January 2015) and hearing a couple of other songs from the album has made me excited to hear the rest of it. 

1998 - Chet Faker
In the past year I have listened to a lot more electronica music, Chet Faker has become one of my most listened to artists of 2014. My ears have heard this song a lot and they're not getting tired of it yet, I also got his album 'Built On Glass' which is worth a listen, there's a good mix of downtempo and trip hop style sounds on there and sums up his work pretty well. 

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
I'm not one to listen to the charts much, especially if it's filled with overplayed, sometimes irritating tracks, like 'All About That Bass' and this song. However, whenever it comes on it gets me singing along and I don't exactly hate it, the underlying message is good and better than most of the 'talked about' tracks of 2014. I think it's a song for everyone and Taylor did well with her album, even though this isn't my favourite track from the album, it was a turning point for a swift move (excuse the terrible pun) from country to more pop based tracks and it did quite well. 

Flutes - New World Sound & Thomas Newson ft. Lethal Bizzle
When it comes to orchestral instruments in dance music I'm usually hooked (when played and mixed together well). Even though the original version of this song was released just over a year ago, this version featuring Lethal Bizzle was only released a few years ago, and it's still pretty good! Enjoy this one, it's a little different :) 

Water Fountain - tUnE-yArDs
Speaking of a little different, in the last couple of months I've really enjoyed listening to tUnE-yArDs (typing that out was fun...) put together percussion, bass, synths, vocals and 'interesting' lyrics and you've got yourself some seriously good and catchy music. I can't really describe their sound, but it's filed under 'worldbeat' and 'experimental pop', which I think fits it well... Here's them performing this brilliant song live on Jools Holland in October. 

Sedated - Hozier
2014 has been a big year for Hozier, and I see 2015 being even bigger, his lead single from his debut album, (which is easily one of my favourite albums of the year) has been in the Top 40 for over 20 weeks now. 'Take Me To Church' however that was released in 2013, so I didn't feel it counted, here's one of my favourite tracks from his album 'Sedated' instead, and just as good! 

Luna - Bombay Bicycle Club
'So Long, See You Tomorrow' was another of my favourite albums this year, this song as well as 'Feel' are the ones that stand out to me. Bombay Bicycle Club have released some great music this year and they've been doing well on the festival circuit too. This track features vocals from Rae Morris, who will be a big name next year. 

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
As soon as Ed released the music video for this track it was a favourite for many people. The whole of his second studio album 'x' is great and the singles he's released have all done well and received praise from all over the world. 'Thinking Out Loud' peaked at #1 in the UK Singles Chart and has been performed by Ed at many festivals and on a fair few TV shows. 

I Found - Amber Run ft. London Contemporary Voices
Thanks to The Mahogany Sessions (and Amber Run) I came across London Contemporary Voices and fell in love with this version of 'I Found'. I've seen Amber Run twice this year, and both times they've been great. I'm hoping more people get to hear their sound next year, they're gonna be big one day for sure! 

Listen To The Man - George Ezra
'Listen To The Man' is the most recent single from George and just like his others, they are catchy and one of the reasons I love George and his sound is because of the individuality he brings to the charts. This song specifically is great and has a brilliant music video featuring Sir Ian McKellen, which makes it that little bit more amazing. 

Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan
It's been a big year for the musicians on YouTube too, leading the way, is Troye Sivan. If you haven't heard of the name, you will soon! He's a 19 year old Australian singer/songwriter and actor, currently working on his debut studio album - which if the EP is anything to go by should be a brilliant selection of songs. 'Happy Little Pill' became part of my soundtrack to my summer. 

Digital Witness - St. Vincent
'Digital Witness' was released in February 2014, from St. Vincent's eponymous fourth album - which has been dubbed one of the best albums of 2014 by most critics. I'd agree it's a great album, I have listened to it quite a bit, but I really like this track, it's repetitive lyrically, but that highlights what she's trying to say, and doesn't take attention away from the instrumental track that lays underneath her vocals, which I like. 

Little Monster - Royal Blood
If Royal Blood don't get main stage at at least one festival in 2015, I will be disappointed. These guys have blown up this year, after hearing them getting radio play from Fearne Cotton, I knew I wanted to hear from Royal Blood. Their whole album is pure brilliance and I can listen through the whole thing without skipping a song (pretty unusual for me). 

Stones Around The Sun - Lewis Watson
2014 was the year we saw (and heard) Lewis Watson release a debut album after many EPs filled with sad songs - not complaining at all! I've seen Lewis a couple of times this year too and each time I've seen him live, I've always been able to fully immerse myself into the atmosphere of his gigs, which is pleasant. This song as well as 'Halo' stand out from his album 'The Morning' and hearing both live confirmed that to me even more. 

No Rest For The Wicked - Lykke Li
Swedish singer/songwriter Lykke Li has surpassed herself with this track. It's also pretty cool that the vocal track on the final version of the song is from the demo, there is a rawness and honest layer to her lyrics, whilst the track is pop like but still 'alternative enough' - I already hate myself for saying those last two words :/ Still, this track shows Lykke Li and her music off and makes you want to listen to more. 

Ghost - Ella Henderson
After her (I feel)  unfair voting out in X Factor a couple of years ago, Ella has hit back with one of the biggest albums of 2014. There is a mix of upbeat pop tracks and piano ballads with powerhouse vocals. 'Ghost' was Ella's debut single and it peaked at #1 in the UK Singles Chart, she's performed live on many popular TV shows and did a brilliant live mash up with Labrinth at BBC Music Awards. 

Berlin - Sam Smith
Sam Smith has also had a big year, he has been nominated (and won) loads of awards this year and it's not gonna stop now. All of the singles from his album have gone into the Top 10 of the UK Singles Chart and this cover is one of the most popular amongst the Live Lounge covers from 2014, it definitely set the bar high at the very start of the year. 

5 Other Songs to Mention:
Hunger of The Pine - Alt-J (link)
Drown - Bring Me The Horizon (link)
Walking With Elephant - Ten Walls (link)
Zombie - Jamie T (link)
Try Happiness - Daniel Gidlund (link)

Thank you to everyone that has supported/read Music In Time during 2014 and here's to (hopefully) even better things in 2015... 
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