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Conflicts: 'I Liked Them Until They Got Popular...' (06/01/15)

This is a phrase I hear all too much, and unfortunately I said it about one band recently and regretted my choice of words instantly. It isn't really a fair comment to make to the band, artist or genre of music.

A lot of the time musicians that get popular are signed to 'major labels'. This tends to mean they are converted into a 'mainstream' act and their sound changes, sometimes for the better, other times for the worst. They often seem to disappear for months on end with no uploads or music, this will usually be because they are writing or recording for an album, unfortunately this can seem like forever, and a lot of people get forgotten about until they drop another album... 

First of all, artists/bands get popular, it's the process of progress in their career and you should be happy for them, they're getting to do something they love/are good at for a living. However, with this comes change, as they get bigger, their audience grows, meaning there's more people to connect and communicate with, more people to fall in love with them and more people to fall out with. 

Usually, artists will have a breakthrough with a single or a couple of tracks from an album/few EPs, meaning they will gain supporters that will have only heard those songs. This tends to bring a slight change in style, a signed record deal amongst other opportunities that could taint the original sound. Personally, I don't feel this is a bad thing, however, others do, and this is when the phrase 'I liked them until they got popular' is often used. 

Along with becoming popular can also bring traits that could be misinterpreted as being 'divaish', for example, selling meet and greet tickets at an inflated price, when once upon a time they would have been a free half hour after a gig, or not replying to comments or tweets as much as they used to. But when an artist/band becomes bigger it's not realistically possible, (although meet and greet ticket prices could be squashed). Intimate gigs might be cut by management, claiming the act 'too big for that now', which is unfortunate as this is usually how it all started. 

Then you have the select audience, who believe an artist/band can become too mainstream, and therefore not 'alternative' enough for them, which is fine, everyone has their own taste in music and if something is getting played 24/7 on the radio, you're ears are going to get a little sick of it. 

Most of the above mentioned reasonings for people to say 'I liked them until they got popular', aren't fair. You can't blame it on them becoming popular; they either changed their sound, or became too divaish etc. however, to the musicians, stay grounded and don't forget where it all started... 

Check It Out!

Chart: Night Changes - One Direction

This is the most recent single from popular boy band, One Direction. 'Night Changes' is the second single from their fourth studio album 'Four' and peaked at #7 in the UK Singles Chart, even though this single hasn't done as well as previous tracks, their album went in at #1 in the UK Albums Chart and the music video for the song has over 40 million views and they released a popular acoustic version too (which is pretty good!). 

Live Performance: Blame It On The Boogie - Ellie Goulding

So, in England (or at least our house) it's a tradition to watch Jools Holland's Hootenanny at New Year. This year, it all picked up a bit more again and there were lots of great performances, more of which you'll hear I'm sure... This is one of my favourites from the evening, Ellie Goulding singing a classic Jackson 5 track, which is still a party anthem now. Enjoy this one!! 

Cover: Castle On A Cloud - April & Myles

A favourite of Music In Time's, April and Myles, have started off the new year with a stunning cover of 'Castle On A Cloud', from one of the worlds most popular and most performed musicals, Les Misérables. I can't really say much else about this cover, they'll do the rest... :)

Soundcloud: Next Time Don't Forget - DJ Sabotage

Here's something a little different that I've heard about recently, a drum and bass track with a difference from a previous ACM student, it's got more of a melody to it than other d'n'b you hear and personally I really like it and hope you do too... 

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