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Feature: Tom Mitchell (29/06/15)

Growing up in a musical family, Bristol-based singer/songwriter Tom Mitchell started playing piano and guitar at a young age and wrote his first song aged 15. Tom worked with and accompanied Duffy on some memorable gigs across 2006/07. He then spent a few years performing across the country with the likes of the Cadbury Sisters, Juey and John Madden. 2013 then saw Tom go it alone musically and release his debut solo album 'New World'. Since then, his song 'Michael's Garden' was used by Pandora Jewellery to advertise one of the ranges in 2014, swiftly followed by the release of his 'Things That I Need To Undo EP'. His recent high profile support slots include Mark Morriss (The Bluetones), Mikky Ekko, Winter Mountain and John Murry, making Tom one to watch. 

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I started playing the piano at about eight and learned a lot about music theory, which really helped when I then picked up a guitar at the age of 11 and really began my music life proper! 

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
Mark Knopfler live in Birmingham in 2010 comes to mind. Amazing to see my absolute guitar idol still on amazing form going into his 60s in a reasonably intimate environment. 

3. Who have you been listening to lately?
Belle & Sebastian, The War On Drugs and Johnny Flynn have all been mainstays in my collection of late. 

3 Questions for Tom:

1. Where do you gather songwriting inspiration from?
Memories, dreams, the news, my friends, my enemies (!) - anything is fair game when it comes to inspiration.

2. Who would you most like to write/collaborate with and why?
Elliott Smith, may he rest in peace. A truly exceptional songwriter... I'd love to see how his mind worked when it came to putting his thoughts into song. 

3. Your song 'Michael's Garden' was used by Pandora Jewellery in one of their adverts last year, what process did you go through writing it and did it differ from the songs on your album 'Stones'?
'Michael's Garden' is very different to most of my songs in that it doesn't really tell a story of make a point. It has three verses - one is about a dream, one is about a memory and one is about what was going on around me in the room while I was writing the songs. I'll leave you to guess which is which! I came up with the ride before the words but they just kind of flowed once I got started. 

Random Q:

Most played song on your iPod and why?
Absolute Beginners by David Bowie. 
The perfect quality pop song. 

'Stones' Review:
'Stones' is a brilliant collection of songs, folk with aspects of rock, pop and even country at times mixed in. 'Shadows In The Water' is upbeat, old school folk, with 'Fifty Trees' building into another great track, brilliant for singing along to. 'Lockdown In 5' focuses in on Tom's stunning guitar playing and dreamy vocals, allowing you to shut out surroundings and really listen to his music. 'Aim' is slightly steadier and I found the count a little irritating at times, as it ran all the way through and distracted me from the guitar and vocals, however, the lyrics are incredibly honest and the guitar is beautiful. 'Stones' is a great song, rocky and melodically good, reminiscent of those 60s/70s pop folk songs that would get people singing around a campfire or at a festival. Closing with 'St. James' Gate' picks it up and finishes on an upbeat track. Overall a great, chilled LP that although is great as background music can be listened to from start to end with no distractions, solely listening to the intricacy of each track.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Rewind #3 (26/06/15)

With this rewind, we take a quick look back at new releases/projects our previously featured/spotlighted musicians are working on. A lot are on tour or have a full summer ahead of them with festival sets and others are working on albums, like Kimberly Anne,  Lewis Watson and Meadowlark, as well as many others. 

Our second featured artist, Jamie Willetts, is still doing great and his online following is growing. He's uploaded loads of covers to his YouTube channel, and they're getting better and better, he's going in the right direction and I'm really excited for his future. Here's one of my favourite recent videos of his... 

April Keen has been busy with college, but has been finding time here and there to do live sets and post snippets of new songs with Myles over on her Facebook page (here) but for now, here's a live cover from a couple of months ago. 

Next to update you on his Maddy Storm, she's had a string of live dates in the past couple of months, and in April she shared this new track, Maddy's been recording new tracks recently and hopefully they'll be ready for our ears very soon... 

George Barnett, has been very busy in the past few months too. First of all he's now going by 'AKA George', he's also in the middle of a new project, releasing a new song on the first Friday of every month, it seems to be going really well and he's producing great music! There's a free download of his latest track 'Give Your Heart A Gun' here

Another musician working on a new project is Joe Lewis-Brown, who is now part of 'south coast metal' band Nebraska. It's a contrast to his solo music, but it's still bloody brilliant! Get ready to listen to this, it's loud, angry and fantastic! This is their latest track 'Anxsomnia' taken from their forthcoming EP...

Imaginary Future has released a brand new album 'Sunlight' recently. It's wonderful all the way through and features vocals perfectly layered with his own from Kina Grannis. Here's a music video for the track 'Forever On Your Side', catchy and perfect for summer. Enjoy! 

Indie pop band, Lake Malawi, released their debut EP in May, and it's great! It's indie pop at it's best, can't wait to hear even more from these guys! This is the music video for their track 'Aubrey', and if you wanna check out the EP you can download 'We Are Making Love Again' here.

One of our favourite bands, Meadowlark, have gone from trio to duo since we did our spotlight blog on them, but they're still making fantastic music and are even in the process of writing their debut album, exciting times! For now, here's their latest EP 'Dual' (download link here) and their music video for 'Fly'... 

We'll finish off with Summer Heart, May saw him release his latest EP 'Thinkin Of U', it's brilliant, as usual and definitely worth listening to and buying. (iTunes)

Thanks for reading! 
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Music In Time Blog's 2nd Birthday Giveaway!

So, the past year has been pretty big for Music In Time Blog, we've seen growth in readers and content! To say a big thank you, we're celebrating our birthday with another giveaway... 

All you have to do is like and share the giveaway photo on our Facebook page (link here), there will be four winners and the deadline is Thursday 2nd July at 6pm. 

Up for grabs are: 
signed Lucy Spraggan CD
Little Comets CD
signed Mia & The Moon CD
signed Jamie Willets EP
Rae Morris postcards
Meadowlark wristband
Music In Time Blog notebook
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A Music Tag w/ Evan (24/06/15)

As it's Music In Time Blog's second birthday tomorrow, I decided the 'special blog post' this year would be a music tag, some might find it interesting, others might find new songs to listen to and some others might skip this one and wait for the giveaway post tomorrow, or the rewind blog on Friday, or head back Monday for a feature, whichever you choose, that's cool! It's not a specific music tag it's a mixture of Zoe London and Lily Melrose's 'Soundtrack To My Life', Random-paradise's '20 Qs about music' and a couple of others thrown in, both of the tags I will link down the bottom. 

1. Favourite band/artist at the moment?
That’s a hard one. Quite often I’ll have one CD that I’ll have in my car and that’ll be it, but I’ve kept having my iPod on shuffle, I’m on a bit of a Florence & The Machine hype again (mainly her Lungs album). I’ve been playing a lot of Shura recently as well, her slightly earlier songs like ‘Just Once’ and ‘Touch’ are two I’m really enjoying listening to at the minute.

2. Song you listen to when working?
I don’t have one particular song or artist or even genre, but I guess when I was doing revision I veered towards Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Lykke Li and Sleeping At Last; a lot of dream pop.

3. Favourite songs of all time?
There’s so many! I think over the years I’ve gained a few that I don’t go a day without listening to though. ‘Lose Yourself - Eminem,Little Lion Man- Mumford & Sons, Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap, Kings & Queens- Thirty Seconds To Mars,  Kites - Amber Run, End Credits- Chase & Status, ‘Wait - M83, ‘Closer- Kings Of Leon and ‘Keep- The White Raven are on that list.

4. Musician/band you wish was still around/together?
That’s a hard one, as luckily a lot of artists or bands either ended with a fair amount of music to get me through the years or are still together/around. BUT My Chemical Romance reuniting and releasing new music wouldn’t go a miss and of course one of my all time favourite artists Amy Winehouse.

5. Name five or more flawless albums…
I couldn’t narrow it down to five, there are so many albums I can sit and listen to all the way through and enjoy every single track. Back To Blackby Amy Winehouse is definitely up there, along with ‘Demon DaysGorillaz, Last Night On EarthNoah and the Whale, LegendBob Marley, ‘1000 Forms of Fear’ – Sia, ‘The Morning’ – Lewis Watson, ‘You Really Got Me’ – The Kinks, The Trick To LifeThe Hoosiers, 'From Eden' - Hozier, ‘UnguardedRae Morris, ‘5AM’ – Amber Run, ‘Only By The Night by Kings of Leon aaand Violator’ – Depeche Mode.

6. A band/artist you’ve never seen live but want to?
Again, there’s too many, Florence and the Machine because I’m sure she’d be phenomenal live, Korn because they’re Korn, Ellie Goulding and Bastille for the music and performances, so full of energy and I guess Avril Lavigne for foetus Evan.

7. Song with the most memories attached to it?
I don’t really have songs that I attach memories to and even if there are any, they don’t really have more than one memory attached. I guess ‘One More Angel In Heaven’ and ‘Any Dream Will Do’ from Joseph, reminds me of being little, when I’d perform the whole soundtrack in my grandparent’s sitting room. ‘We Are Young’ - fun. was my secondary school leavers song, but again that was only played twice and I just associate leavers with that song. ‘All I Want’ - Kodaline, has got a couple of memories attached via our uke club at sixth form and the fact that for half a year, every time I saw one of my friends (which was nearly every day) she’d sing it; I grew to hate the song. Also, my friends and I went on a trip, which meant eight hours in a car, we were stuck in traffic on the way home or something, the car was quiet, Little Talks - Of Monsters & Men came on and everyone shouted ‘HEY!’ in unison and that has now become a thing we do.

8. Favourite musical?
That’s changed as I’ve got older. When I was younger it was easily Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, I knew all the words and my Mum would sing me ‘Any Dream Will Do’ to get me to go to sleep. Then there’s Cats. I’d have a film night at my grandparent’s every now and then and I’d get to go to the video shop and choose one to hire, I went through a phase of always choosing Cats, another one I learnt all the words to. Now, it’s got to be Wicked. The soundtrack and technical production is incredible, plus you can’t beat anything linked to Wizard of Oz.

9. Songs you listen to when you’re sad?
I’m one of those people that will usually listen to sad songs when I’m sad, to embrace the sadness haha. Halo by Lewis Watson, ‘Jessica by Nina Nesbitt, ‘Youthby Daughter, ‘Numb’ by SOAK, ‘We Don’t Eat’ by James Vincent McMorrow, ‘Liloby Lauren Aquilina, ‘5AMby Amber Run and Up Again by Rae Morris are on my feeling sad playlist. If I do want to be picked up, Keep Your Head Upby Ben Howard is perfect.

10. First concert you ever attended?
I can’t remember for definite what my first concert was, but I do know it was either Van Morrison at Bournemouth Pavillion or Gary Numan at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Contrast of music I know, but I vaguely remember both being really good, so not a bad start to my live music experiences.

11. Top five most played songs on your iPod?
(I found these surprising, but I guess they have been taken from the past five or so years).
1. SaeglopurSigur Ros
2. Who You AreJessie J
3. RoslynBon Iver & St. Vincent
4. Made Up Love Song #43Lewis Watson
5. Sweet Disposition The Temper Trap

12. Favourite TV/Movie soundtrack?
Hard to pick one, but easy to name two for each. Murray Gold is an absolute genius and has created the perfect soundtrack for Doctor Who and even though I don’t watch it, bands and artists I listen to a lot are always being played on Vampire Diaries, so I guess that’s a natural favourite. Movie soundtracks are easy. Submarine and Where The Wild Things Are.

13. Favourite song lyrics?
Again, there’s so many! I think it would have to be the first verse of ‘Saturn’ by Sleeping At Last, it’s the main meaning behind half of my tattoo and yeah it’s a comforting thought. ‘You taught me the courage of stars before you left, how light carries on even after death. With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite. How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.’Last Hope- Paramore also includes a favourite ‘it’s just a spark, but it’s enough to keep me going’. Whole songs lyrically that I love are ‘Drag Me Down’ - Lauren Aquilina, ‘Halo’ - Lewis Watson,Jessica’ - Nina Nesbitt,Carry Me’ Wayward Daughter and ‘Who You Are’ - Jessie J.

14. What’s your musical highlight?
Depends what you mean by musical highlight, I think one of my biggest has to be Isle of Wight Festival last year, I got to see and review so many of my favourite artists and bands as well as come across new ones. My gig highlight would have to be between Amber Run at Scala (because they were incredible live and Meadowlark supported) and Rae Morris at Wedgewood Rooms, another incredible gig. As for a Music In Time Blog highlight, I think in general being able to share upcoming musicians music and watch them grow has been great to see, but I guess, doing Q&As with artists like Lucy Spraggan, Stacey Solomon and Sleeping At Last have been pretty huge for me and being asked to review James Bay’s album, yeah it’s hard one to define just one moment for sure!

15. Song you’d have at your funeral?
That's a weird one and would depend on what vibe I was going for and I’d probably end up squeezing all three in somehow, ‘SaturnSleeping At Last, ‘One Last TimeFrank Hamilton and ‘End CreditsChase & Status or for comedic value to sum up my rapping skills ‘Lose Yourself’ – Eminem. I don’t know really. What a morbid one to finish the questions on!

Thanks for reading! 

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Spotlight: Eternal Death (23/06/15)

Hailing from Scandinavia, duo Eternal Death, consisting of singer/songwriter Elin Berlin and producer and songwriter Johan Angergard. They have forged their own version of Sweden's electro pop; it's full of grit, death and sparkling pop melodies. Eternal Death have found previous success with their critically acclaimed debut single 'Head', which saw them gain support from the likes of Pop Justice and Indie Shuffle, their single 'Fade' gained support from The Line Of Best Fit and their latest single 'Violence' was released earlier this year and their self-titled album followed soon after. 

'Violence' Review:
It's an incredibly catch song, once you've heard it for the first time it's hard not to play it again and again. It's intense, atmospheric and yet the synths make it bouncy enough to be an upbeat song that could stand out as a trademark track, however their album is full of brilliant tracks too and is a perfect  balance of darkness mixed with just enough light. Sinister electro pop at it's best.

Eternal Death's Links:

Check It Out!

1. Too Little Too Late - Mi'das
Previously featured singer/songwriter Mi'das has just released his second single taken from his 'Stronger EP'. He's said 'this song is about being afraid of getting old and having regrets about how you lived your life, about making too many compromises and not following your dreams'. It's a powerful track starting with piano and his wonderful vocals building with guitars and a steady rhythm to a brilliant song. There's influences of soul and gospel in there too, which makes it impossible not to listen to all the way through! You can download the single from iTunes here.

2. What You Don't Do - Lianne La Havas
'What You Don't Do' is the latest song from British recording artist, Lianne La Havas and it comes from her forthcoming second studio album 'Blood'. The album is due to be released on 31st July (2015) and is a step away from her previous sound and a step towards a perfect mix of neo soul, jazz, pop and reggae. I've had this one repeat since the video was released 24 hours ago. 

3. Hey Mama - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack
French DJ and producer, David Guetta returns with yet another chart hit, this time working with singer and rapper Nicki Minaj, recording artist Bebe Rexha and production from DJ and music producer, Afrojack. The song is the fourth single from Guetta's sixth studio album 'Listen' and has peaked within the Top 10 in 15 countries! 

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Monday, 22 June 2015

Spotlight: Hein Cooper (22/06/15)

Australian indie musician and songwriter, Hein Cooper, was discovered in 2013 by Franz Shuller (Half Moon Run's manager), whilst playing a small gig in Sydney. Signing to Indica Records shortly after, he's gone on to tour with Half Moon Run and Thelma Plum and has performed at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, festivals throughout Australia and more recently played slots at Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City in the UK. 'The Art Of Escape' is the debut track from Hein Cooper's self-titled EP which was released earlier in the year. 

'Hein Cooper - EP' Review:
The EP opens with 'The Art Of Escape', a beautiful song, with intricate guitar, reminiscent of Newton Faulkner and wonderful vocals. Contrasting that a little is 'The Real' an intense electronic 'dream pop' track; you can hear the influence of James Blake, however Hein Cooper still pulls it away as his own unique sound. I think it just stands out from the others as my favourite from the EP. Next is 'Luna Sky'stunning short but sweet track, full of layers held to a steady beat. The EP closes with 'The Art Of Escape (Tora Remix)', it's Hein's wonderful vocals from the original track, with a Flumesque twist and it works brilliantly. 
The EP is perfect for chilled evenings and you can easily invest the 10-15 minutes of the EP solely to his music and escaping into it. The lyrics stand out throughout the four tracks, incredibly well written and explore themes of change, escapism and transformation. A brilliant EP from the first note to the last beat. 

Hein Cooper's Links:

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Feature: Cajsa Siik (19/06/15)

Cajsa Siik is a Swedish artist, born in a fishing village outside the town of Umeå, she ventured on her musical path, which led her to Stockholm, her new hometown. Her music has been included in various American shows, Criminal Minds, Awkward and Ravenswood to name a few. She released latest album 'Contra' in October last year and started off 2015 with a double A side single release 'State Of Low/Change Of Heart'. With support for the album from Noisey, NME and BBC 6Music; Cajsa Siik is now looking to cement herself as one of the standout voices for the year ahead. I caught up with her earlier in the year ahead of the single release 'State Of Low', now 'Change Of Heart' is out too, and they're both brilliant songs!

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I was five when I started playing the cello. So I got involved in music quite early. It was just a natural part of my life and I found my way to express. It also created a will and a need to express. I didn't really like to perform and I remember that music felt very private... like I had a special 'thing'... or a world that was just my own.

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to??
Hard to pick one. I remember going to this festival in my hometown Umeå, Umeå Open... I'd just started to write music and I was wide open... There were so many people out and I couldn't find my friends anywhere... I ended up at this concert by Swedish artist José González. I was just blown away.  It was so intimate and powerful. I remember thinking that I wanted to keep on writing songs and start to perform and maybe one day play this festival myself. And this year I did. Somehow a milestone...

3. Who have you been listening to lately?
I just got back from a tour in Italy. I bought three albums: Bjork - Vulnicura, James Blake - James Blake and John Lennon - Imagine.

3 Questions for Cajsa Siik:

1. Why/how did you decide to create music within the genre you do?
I haven't really looked upon it as an active choice. I guess it could have a lot to do with the music you're exposed to growing up. I've always been drawn to strong melodies and certain voices. Those voices that have a soul. The combination of lyrics and melodies that just hits your in the face. Those songs that were provocative and create the feeling of understanding and belonging... When I started writing songs I'd played classical cello for many years... but it was when I discovered the guitar and my own way to combine melodies with words that really felt I was on to something...

2. Who would you most like to write/collaborate with and why?
To me, writing songs is quite a lonely process. But I would like to try with others one day... When I meet the right person. Lately, I've been contacted by songwriters and producers that want us to collab and even if I'm a bit slow with making decisions I'm open minded. I think a collab session with Justin Vernon and Beyonce would be interesting... I would invite them to the island Norrbyskär in the north of Sweden. Where I’m at right now. Bowie can come too! Perhaps we could go fishing, drink loads of wine and talk about something important… take it from there.

3. What process did you go through creating ‘State Of Low’ and is it any different from previous tracks?
Every track is different and has their own agenda. ‘State Of Low’ was written during the same period as my second album ‘Contra’ but when recording it I felt that it wasn’t a part of the album. But it’s still a part of that period of time. ‘State Of Low’ was actually one of those songs that needed a bit of extra time… Like a person that it takes a while to get to know. You find new layers as time goes on. Recording it we tried out different ways to play it and experimented a lot. I wanted it to feel both hopeful and hopeless… I wanted to lean on a steady beat and let the vocals be effortless and honest. I wanted it to be strong and fragile, suggestive and real.

Random Q:

Major or minor chords?
Water or food? The sun or the moon?
I have to go with suspended chords...

'State Of Low/Change Of Heart' Review:
'State Of Low' starts slower and grows into a great song. I love the use of strings and percussion in the track, but to me the lyrics really stand out in this song, they're honest and highlight the underlying intensity and openness of the single. 'Change Of Heart' contrasts 'State Of Low' with a stronger bass line and a skippy electro riff over the top throughout. The song builds as do the layers of harmonies, again the lyrics are honest. I think this is my favourite release from Cajsa Siik yet! Both these songs show that Cajsa Siik isn't afraid to challenge herself and it also shows she deserves to be put up there with the female artists making it big in the charts at the minute. If 2015 isn't the year for Cajsa Siik, 2016 will be. 

Cajsa Siik's Links:

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Feature: Swiss Lips (18/06/15)

After gathering huge acclaim for their breakthrough single 'U Got The Power' back in 2013; Manchester based electro-pop band Swiss Lips deliver their debut album. Having shared the stage with other artists/bands such as Ladyhawke, Bastille and Blur. Now opening 2015 with their latest single 'Books' and self-titled debut album makes the band one to watch and this could be their year to shine. 

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
I picked up my Dad's guitar when I was around 15 and got pretty obsessed with it. For a long time I just wanted to be a guitarist but then realised I wasn't really good enough so started ti focus on singing and writing songs when I was about 12. 

2. What is the most inspiring gig/concert/festival you've been to?
Tough question. Probably Beck at Brixton Academy when I was a little kid, his show was so full of energy and unpredictable. I was mesmerised. Me and my mate Maj waited for him outside like fangirls. He sat on the kerb and talked to us about music for about 15 minutes and took my shitty demo CD off me. I'm still waiting for him to call me with his thoughts. 

3. Who have you been listening to lately?
Gaz Coombes' new album is terrific. Also been listening to Earl Sweatshirt, Nirvana, Champs, Boxed In, Sufjan Stevens. 

3 Questions for Swiss Lips:

1. You've shared a stage with many artists and bands, but who would your dream collaboration be with and why?
I'd like to make something with Kanye West and his crew. On a production level Yeezus totally blew my mind. I love how nasty and progressive it is. His music is a big inspiration. 

2. What is your favourite track to perform live and why?
'Forever'. It's a brief moment of calm in our set and I have to put a lot into the vocal to get it right, it's satisfying I guess. 

3. What process did you go through creating 'Books' musically and visually?
The song was built around a demo idea from Luke then added to with ideas from Tim and mainly lyrics/production from me. It took a long time to get right. It was the only majorly collaborative effort on the album and so is us at our best and purest I think. Visually we had a really strong idea for the video but that mainly came from the attitude and 'call to arms' nature of the lyrics. 

Random Q:

Favourite place to be in the world and why?
Tokyo, because it's like stepping into a dream. 

'Swiss Lips' Album Review:
The opening track 'Books' is by far my favourite song from the album, the production is great, mixing 80s electro sound with recent 'indie' aspects. It definitely paves the way for the rest of the album. Their breakthrough single from 2013 'U Got The Power' follows on well, another upbeat and memorable track. 'Honey' and 'Diamonds' are fit the typical electro sound mould, with brilliant synths and percussions, seeming simplistic but almost futuristic. Next is another favourite of mine, 'Over and Over', musically it's got a bit of everything you'd want in a solid electro pop song and how this hasn't had more support I'm not sure. It's a 'tune'.
'In The Water' is reminiscent of CHVRCHES and holds a brilliant bass line and the overlying bells and synths are great. Musically, I really love this track, however lyrically, I feel it could have been stronger. Another highlight of the album for me is 'Forever', a chilled track with a steady beat that you can just sit and really listen to and escape into. 'Carolyn' is another upbeat track, with solid vocals, a gritty bass and bouncy synths. 'Kid' starts cinematic and grows into a fantastic electronic track full of layers and the album closes with 'Running Away', allowing to focus on the lyrics, ending on a more poignant note and definitely seems reminiscent of 80s electronic with incredible guitar sections.
It's a brilliant album and one of my top albums from this year so far, nearly every song could stand alone as a single and I'm already excited about their next album. You can listen to the whole album here:

Swiss Lips' Links:

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Spotlight: Daniel Johns (17/06/15)

Having previously enjoyed five #1 albums (which sold over six million copies), with childhood friends - his band Silverchair. Who are now on 'indefinite hiatus' after collecting more ARIA Awards than any artist in history and leading Daniel to become the only person to be voted APRA's Songwriter of the Year three separate times by his peers. A struggle to create fresh work together meant Daniel stepping out on his own and trying a completely new approach. Daniel Johns was 'silent' for eight years, always communicating through music, rumours started after he removed himself from radar, but now he's reinvented himself alongside a new sound with his latest album 'Talk', which is out now.

'Talk' Album Review:
This album is a perfect combination of tracks with smooth vocals and slower, more intense and atmospheric songs, subtly powerful tracks like 'Preach', 'Dissolve' and 'New York' contrast the upbeat yet chilled feel of 'We Are Golden' and 'Going On 16'. Whilst songs like 'By Your Side' and 'Sleepwalker' offer a greater insight into Daniel Johns' lyrics. The lead single from the album, 'Cool On Fire' is full of strong synths pulsating through the track with a catchy rhythm, brilliant vocals and allows the listener to fully zone into the song, especially with the simplistic but filled music video. It's both musically and visually genius. Some of the tracks remind me of Chet Faker and Flume's work and this highlights how far Daniel Johns' could and hopefully will go.

Daniel Johns' Links:

Check It Out!
We're swapping up the style of our check it out section, there will be three tracks each week, a mix of chart tracks, covers, remixes, YouTube hits, classics or just brilliant songs we think you should listen to!

1. Yank Me Out Of Neutral - Kinetics
Sweden based Kinetics, have been releasing a series of indie rock songs since late 2013 and have now compiled them into a vinyl EP together with new track 'Yank Me Out Of Neutral'. The song is 'Swedish indie at it's finest all the way through' and features back up vocals from upcoming singer/songwriter Melina Borglowe. Oh, and the video features the band struggling through a forest, all dressed as Chewbacca... (listen to the EP on Spotify here.)

2. This May Hurt - Auction For The Promise Club
The Cornwall indie-rock three piece, Auction For The Promise Club, recorded their debut EP at Abbey Road Studios and received recognition across the country. Zoe White Chambers (singer/guitarist), Toby White Chambers (drums) and Perran Tremewan (guitars/keys) have performed at the likes of Bestival, Boardmasters and headlined the Emerging Icons stage in the Olympic Park on the opening day of London 2012 as well as many other events. Now with support for previous releases from BBC and 6Music, XFM, Absolute, Rolling Stone and many more they release their latest single 'This May Hurt'. (download link here.)

3. Jailhouse Blues - Smokey Joe & The Kid ft. Blake Worrell
Smokey Joe & The Kid are two beat makers from Bordeaux, bringing together hip hop, bass music and groove melodies from the early 20th century. Percussion solos played with scratch, beats and melodies performed with MPCs; everything played live. They've been ripping up stages around France and Europe since their debut album in 2013 and also released two critically acclaimed EPs last year. Their latest track features US 'puppet master' Blake Worrell, a former member of German 'Puppetmastaz' (also worth a look and listen) to add some lyrical depth to the track. It's genius and a must see live. (live dates here and EP download here)

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