Friday, 4 September 2015

Check It Out #2 (04/09/15)

Music In Time Blog went on a little adventure up to Scotland for a few days to catch the last couple days of Fringe... I think now would be a good time to apologise for no blogs for a week or so, but we're back and we're on track for some brilliant music to be shared and some new exciting plans are in the works for a couple of music events... but more on that soon... For now, here's a Edinburgh special of 'Check It Out...' Enjoy! 

1. Oh Brother - Sophie Burt
Sunday was our first full day in Edinburgh, and I've been following Sophie and her music for a while, so to finally be able to see her perform live and at The Famous Grouse House; it started off our trip well! Unfortunately, Sophie wasn't feeling too well and performing with a sore throat is never fun, but she still gave a great set, filled with originals and covers. She's got an exciting announcement on Sunday, so stayed tuned for that and help her get to 700 likes on FB... (here). Here's one of Sophie's beautiful originals, recorded live at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh. 

2. After Ever After 2 - Paint (Jon Cozart)
Sunday evening, we headed to Jon Cozart's 'Laughter Ever After' show. It was everything I'd expected and more... It was basically a live highlights reel of his work and channel, with some added extras too. His set up was four backing screens, a table, a microphone and a piano with pieces of paper and a cup thrown in for good measure! He showed us a few of his earlier videos, a performed his viral videos live, my favourites were 'After Ever After 2' and 'Harry Potter in 99 Seconds', he also performed originals which were a lot more 'singer/songwritery', and a song about The Hunger Games, which made me laugh. He also addressed YouTube culture, which was interesting from a musicians side of things and opened it up to the audience for a quick Q&A. It was a great show and would highly recommend anyone saw him live because the skill and talent he has for what he does is highlighted even more live. 

3. A Few Miles More - Little Waves
Edinburgh Fringe is also a great time to catch performers busking, so we headed down the Royal Mile and came across Little Waves, unfortunately near the end of their set, but we heard enough to know we liked them and really enjoyed the music they were making! They're a four piece indie band from Glasgow and fingers crossed you'll be hearing more from them on Music In Time Blog soon... For now, below is a song from their latest EP 'The Sink' and here's their FB link.

4. Beyond The Moon - Willy Arq
We finished our trip with an evening at an open mic night at The Blind Poet and left feeling inspired and in awe of talent from young artists. Listening to the words of people wanting to make a difference in the world; Willy Arq stands out for that exact reason, as well as creating brilliant music, his words mean a lot and he's standing up for individuality, equality and everything else that is good in the world. Enjoy this one... FB link:

Two other people I would like to give a quick mention to, are Lailana Shouly and Theo (Monotonous), both are frequently found doing open mic's around Edinburgh and don't currently have anything online, however, their voices deserve to be heard, as do their work... 

Thanks for reading!

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