Thursday, 10 September 2015

Check It Out #3 (10/09/15)

Today, I have five brilliant tracks from YouTube and Soundcloud, all forthcoming or recent releases that I feel deserve a listen and a download. All different genres, so I'm sure everyone will be able to find one track they like in this mix!

1. Oceans - Semantics
Forming in August 2014, Semantics are a collaborative of four individuals, Aidan Willis (guitar), Rob Lilley (vocals and guitar), Liam Moore (drums) and Josh RB (bass). After releasing 'Games' back in February, they're back with their latest single 'Oceans' and it's fab! With a solid and steady start it grows into a true rock song, you can hear influences from post-punk and new wave. These guys are definitely a band to watch and enjoy. (They've got a live gig on 7th October (2015) at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham, so if you're around, go see them live!) 

2. Favourite Song - Sami Switch
'Favourite Song' is just one song from London's very talented Sami Switch and his EP 'Solace'. The EP takes listeners through a remarkable two-year absence that left Sami homeless. Incredibly original, the EP is a perfect mix of rap, spoken word and soulful vocals. It's an honest story of a young man fighting for a place in the world, and it's more than worth a listen. (EP HERE)

3. Hardships - Nadia Nair
'Hardships' is the new single from Sweden-based artist, Nadia Nair. Blending genres, experimenting with styles and mixing sonic fields pushes her to achieve a level of distinctiveness whilst still remaining true to her vision. You can download the single and an instrumental version here.

4. Little Lies - Vanilla Edit
Stockholm-based Vanilla Edit, is here with her debut single 'Little Lies', it's a pop ballad with distinctive hints of should and R'n'B. If you need a way to stay in the spirit of summer or would just like a brilliant track to listen to on repeat - here's your song! (and you can grab a copy here)

5. 45 Friends - Jingo
'45 Friends' is the B-side to Jingo's most recent release 'Ghost In The Machine'. Both tracks were lifted from their highly anticipated forthcoming EP (25th September). For now, enjoy this favourite track (not for the faint-hearted) from the four-piece alternative rock band...

Thanks for reading! 

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