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Feature: My Cruel Goro (19/10/15)

My Cruel Goro is Andrea Maraschi (vocals, guitar, programming), Andrea Marcellini (bass) and Tommasi Adanti (drums). The first two met nine years ago and have been making music together ever since, they were then joined by drummer Tommaso and formed the band in 2014. Hailing from Italy and currently based between there and Reykjavik, Iceland, the three piece have been gaining attention and support from national press in Italy and others all around the world. 

General Questions:

1. How old were you when you started getting involved in music and how?
Andrea Maraschi (AM): I got involved pretty late, actually. I was kind of 15, 16. Then I was blown away by a couple of albums; a few months later I was already trying to write songs with a wrecked guitar I had at home for some reason, even though I didn't know any chord, yet.
Andrea Marcellini (Ama): Since I was a child. Don't remember exactly. But I first picked up a guitar at age 14 maybe?
Tommaso Adanti (TA): I was 12.

2. What is the most inspiring musical performance you've ever seen?

AM: Jeff Buckley, any live you may find on YouTube. Pure talent. Pure honesty.
AMa: Blur performing at Alexandra's Palace, London in 1994. The bit when Damon Albarn jumped from the stage onto the crowd changed my life ahaha. I still treasure the original VHS on a shelf in my room. Good memories.
TA: Muse at San Siro Stadium, Milan (Italy) in 2010.

3. Who have you been listening to lately?

AM: My Cruel Goro, of course.
AMa: Nick Drake, The Smiths, Grandaddy, Slaves, Suuns, Wolf Alice and the latest Libertines' album.
TA: Same old stuff. Arctic Monkeys, Sex Pistols, The Ramones...

3 Qs for My Cruel Goro:

1. What do you hope people get from your music?

AM: Energy. A pop song is a good pop song as long as it lets you forget about your problems for three minutes. This would be the best thing I could ask for.
AMa: I'd say just a bit more awareness with regard to the 'dark side of the moon', if you know what I mean. Of course, I also hope people could have a good time listening to the EP.
TA: I want our music to make peoples jaws drop. And I want people to feel like an army tank's just run over them.

2.  Which decade inspires you the most and why?

AM: Early 90s. From there comes the bands that changed my life; there I find the reason why I'm still here, playing and singing along.
AMa: It's hard to just pick one. I'd say the late '60s, late '70s which gave us punk and well, the '90s.
TA: I'd say the '70s and early '80s.

3. What creative process did you go through whilst creating your debut EP?

AM: It was pretty natural. I wouldn't call it a process, it just happened. Writing is quite simple; the hard part is going through an experience that may motivate you to write a song. It's life, turning into something minimal and direct like only a pop song can be.
AMa: Do you agree Tommy?
TA: I do.
AM & AMa: Good boy.

Random Q:

If you could go to the moon, which song would you play first and why?

AM: Hmm, wonderful question. There would be many, but maybe 'Bittersweet Symphony'. For some reason, it still gives me goosebumps any single time I hear the orchestra fade in and grow. Also, it makes me trip. I go to a thousand place every time, back in time. It's ridiculously perfect... and he has got a ridiculously fantastic voice.
AMa: I'd say... 'Dancing In The Moonlight' by Toploader. You know, the song is an invitation to join some dancing, but I'm quite shy to do something like that in front of other people. So I guess it could be cool being on the moon on my wn and dancing like a freak for the first time!
TA: 'Bliss' by Muse for that synthesiser at the beginning of the song. It just makes me feel so dizzy and lightheaded as if I were tripping out in space.

'My Cruel Goro EP' Review:

This is a really fantastic three track EP; it not only summarises My Cruel Goro but also shows other bands how to do alternative/punk/grunge/rock right... With an emphasis on intense and gritty guitar sections, smashing drums and heavy bass lines underlining high energised vocals, each track on this EP allows the listener to get completely lost in the sound. The stand out song for me on this release is the closing five minute track, 'Glue Buzz', it's got a bit of everything in there including a microscope on some incredible instrumentals... Definitely a band set on their sound and knowing where they want to take it! 

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