Monday, 9 November 2015

Spotlight: Reptile Youth (09/11/15)

Reptile Youth began as a duo comprised of Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen and Essen Valløe and has turned into a music collective; with different musicians alongside Mads front and centre, taking over stages and recording studios. Throughout 2014, Reptile Youth's musical 'tour de force' spread far and wide and fast, and now they're back with a view to firmly cement their place in the scene, having already caught the attention of Noisey, The Guardian, Clash and The Line Of Best Fit amongst many others. They've just released their brand new video, which is directed by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen and it's turning heads everywhere. 

'Arab Spring Break Part I & II' Review:
Wow. Both tracks work perfectly with this video, the narrative of the two go hand in hand and together create an emotionally intense and powerfully contrasted story. They build alongside each other and differing moments and yet separately could mean two completely different things; but put them together and with a brilliant video, the team work and thought that has gone into this is quite simply fantastic and inspiring. To the rest of the music and directing scene, take note. 

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