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Spotlight: Vanessa Carlton (29/04/16)

Vanessa Carlton is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her debut single 'A Thousand Miles', after it reached #6 in the UK Singles Chart and #5 in the US Billboard Hot 100. She has since released four albums and three EPs and now Vanessa returns with her fifth studio album 'Liberman'. This album reflect her current state of mind since moving from NYC to Nashville, marrying her husband John McCauley and having a baby girl. The album's title stems from a colourful oil painting by her grandfather, 'Liberman' being his given last name, meaning 'honourable man' and 'my beloved', which Vanessa found to be a fitting title to describe the music.

'Liberman' Album Review:
'Liberman' is a fantastic release from start to finish. Opening with 'Take It Easy', which has more of an electronic focus compared to previous songs, it's a great track with a pulsing atmosphere to get easily lost in. 'Willows' follows on well offering a slightly different side to Vanessa's music, a steady track with beautiful piano, deep and powerful rhythm, and emotive lyrics, definitely one of my favourites from the album. 'House Of Seven Swords' is a delicate song, with a mystical edge - reflected in the music video. Vanessa's vocals float lightly over the stunning piano presenting the well crafted lyrics with the respect they deserve. The darker and more intense sound of 'Operator' is reflected again in the accompanying music video, and is a welcome contrast amongst the lightness of the other songs on the release. 'Blue Pool' is another hauntingly atmospheric track, with more of a focus on classical piano. 'Nothing Where Something Used To Be' and 'Unlock The Lock' create wonderful soundscapes, reminding the listener of the likes of Enya, lots of layers and as usual wonderful vocals from Vanessa. 'Matter Of Time' and 'River' are stripped back and infused with folk, both highlighting Vanessa's talent for not only carefully crafted lyrics but also her skill of storytelling (especially in 'River'). The album comes to an end with 'Ascension', the perfect finish, a beautiful piece of music; traditional piano meets dream pop, creating a stunning soundscape. 
A fantastic release, with varying and contrasting styles and tones of alternative music throughout the album. 

See Vanessa Live:
3rd May: The Lexington, London (SOLD OUT)
4th May: Lantern, Bristol
5th May: SWG3, Glasgow
6th May: Band On The Wall, Manchester
8th May: Melkweg, Amsterdam (SOLD OUT)
10th May: Lille Vega, Copenhagen
11th May: Privatclub, Berlin
12th May: Stadtgarten, Cologne
13th May: Queer Festival / Karlstorbahnof, Heidelberg
15th May: Les Nuits Botanique, Brussels
17th May: La Fleche D'Or, Paris
18th May: Scala, London

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